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Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace

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Andy thinks his found the girl his been dreaming of!

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Chapter 1
"Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz the third, get your ass down here now" I yelled form the bottom of the stairs. "What the hell did I do this time Andrew John Hurley?" he said walking down the stairs. "Did you eat my Veggie-burger?" I asked him. "Psh, no, why would I eat that?" he asked shifting his eyes from side to side. "Damn it Wentz, I told you that was mine" I said stomping back to the kitchen to find something else to eat now that my earlier decision was eaten by the vacuum cleaner of foods. I hate it when he raids the kitchen he'll eat anything and everything. "Look Andy I'm sorry, I got hungry earlier today and that was the first thing I saw" Pete said following me into the kitchen. "That's not the point Pete if it's not your then don't eat it." I said looking in the refrigerator for something to eat. "Whatever" he said slowly walking back up to his room. After finding nothing in the refrigerator that satisfied my craving I decided to go to the sub shop around the corner. "Hey Pete" I said walking up the stairs to his room. "Yeah" he said opening his door. "I'm going to the sub shop. You want to come?" I asked kind of feeling bad for yelling at him earlier. "Yeah sure I'll come" he said closing the door to his room behind him after grabbing a hoodie. We put on a hoodie and sunglasses to hide our face. The walk to the shop was always dreadful now that we're back home form touring and somehow we gained a pretty large fan base. It was difficult to go anywhere with out being trampled on by fans.
After ordering two vegan subs I found Pete at a table in the corner hiding from hormone raged teens. He was facing the wall so that no one would recognize him. "Can I have your autograph?" I asked jokingly as I put the food down. "Very funny" he said looking over his sunglasses, which he was still wearing, at me. I was about to engage in the delicious delight that was yelling for me to eat it when the girl seating in front of us caught my eye. She had brown hair that glistened with red when the sun hit just right, her eyes hidden behind thin black rimmed glasses. She looked fully engulfed in the book that she was reading. She glance over her book and glasses and looked at me. I quickly turned back to my sub and began to concentrate on it again. "I'll be back" Pete said getting up and walking to the restroom. With the empty space in front of me I felt exposed. However, the space was soon filled by someone other than Pete. I looked up form my sub and saw the girl I had been staring at in his sit. "Hey" she said with a big smile on her face. I just nodded. "I saw you looking at me over there" she said pointing to her previous sit. "Yeah sorry about that" I said. "Oh that okay. You're not the first. Just the first one I've ever confronted about it" she said. "Should I feel special now?" I asked in a sarcastic voice. "Ha, you should already feel special" she said still with a grin on her face. "Why?" I asked. "Because" she leaned in closer to me "you're the drummer for Fall Out Boy. Right?" she asked raising one eyebrow and leaning back to her original position in Pete's sit. I gave a slight nod hoping no one else knew that too. I looked at her shirt and believe it or not she was wearing a FOB shirt. "I'm guessing you want an autograph now. Uh?" I asked putting down my sub and wiping my hands off. "nope, I don't" she said. "what?" I asked kind of taken back that a girl who was wearing a FOB shirt and knew who I was didn't want an autograph. "I don't want an autograph. I can see that you both are trying to have a normal lunch and I don't want to be a 'teenie'." She said getting up and started to walk away. "wait, what's your name" I asked. "Ashley" she said picking up her book and belongings and left the shop. Pete came back to his now empty chair and finished his lunch. On the way back home I told him what happen while he was gone. "Dude she walked up to you, knew you, and didn't want an autograph" he said in awe. "Yeah I know. She wasn't like the other fans we've meet." I said staring a head of me thing of her perfect...everything.
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