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No this is Not the Last Time

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Andy searches for someone to love.

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Chapter 2: No this is Not the Last Time

As the night lingered on her image kept popping in my head. Pete has been on the phone with Jay-Jay the whole night. Ever since tour ended and Pete decided that he didn’t want to live with his parents anymore he’s moved here. Under my roof, and using my stuff, and his stupid dog has destroyed everything, and I mean everything. Form my favorite pair of drumsticks to the corner of the cough. Even though he’s a little rambunctious sometimes I can’t ever kick him out. If it wasn’t for him this band might not have ever been noticed.
I was walking upstairs to go to my room when I passed Pete’s, it sound like he was still on the phone with Jay-Jay. “I love you, no I love you more” was coming from his slightly ajar door. I quickly opened it and busted up their conversation. “Hey, no lovey-dovey jumbo in my house” I said. “Shut up Hurley you’re just jealous” he said hanging up his phone. “No I’m not” I lied. I was jealous. He had someone to love and to talk to. I’ve never actually fell in love before, well until today but I don’t even have her number or last name. So there was little chance of ever seeing her again. I walked to my room thinking of her again.
I woke up the next morning and sit a goal for today. The goal was to find that girl and get to know her better. However, I didn’t know if she would be at the sub shop again today or where she would be. Not letting that last thought penetrate my good mood I wondered down stairs to the kitchen. Pete was already in there. “Hey” I said walking over to the cabinet for a bowl. “Hey, sorry about last night” he said in between bits of his cereal. “No, I’m sorry for barging into your room. Even though it’s my house you still deserve your own life. And you were right.” I said pouring milk in the bowl of cereal. I looked up at him and he looked slightly confused. “Right about what” he asked. “About me being jealous of you and JJ” (yeah I’m switching to that instead of Jay-Jay!) I said finishing off my bowl. “But I’m going to try a fix that little problem today” I said grabbing my keys. “I’m off to the sub shop you want me to pick you up anything for latter?” I asked. “Uh… yeah sure. The usual is fine” he said still staring at me in confusion. I left before he could ask anymore questions.
It seemed to talk me longer to get there then it did yesterday, maybe because I had a more important reason to go there than food. Know I would probably be sitting there for a while I stopped by a used book store to pick up a couple of random books to pass the time. I final reached my final destination and walked in. the shop looked pretty deserted. See as it only opened ten minutes ago I see why. She wasn’t there yet so I ordered mine and Pete’s food to go and walked over to the table I inhabited yesterday. What made me so eager to meet this girl again was alarming to me. I have never felt so powerful about anything, ever.
The lunch crowd came and went with no sign of her appearance. Many of the workers were now giving me strange looks, but no one ever came over to confront me about why I’ve been here since nine this morning. I was about to give up all hope of ever seeing her again when and beautiful brunette walked through the door. I tried to hide behind my book. Even though she was the reason I came here, I suddenly felt my heart start to race and my temperature rise. I peered over the book just to get a glimpse at her. Okay now I’m starting to feel like a stalker. She apparently saw me when she came in because she made her way to the table next to me. “Hey” she said, looking at her sub. I put the book down in defeat. “Hi” I said. “So you come here just to read too?” she asked looking and the book I was attempting the read. “On occasion” I said putting the book back in the bag. “So what’s the occasion?” she asked. I stopped to think of what she was talking about. “Oh, um… Pete’s driving me crazy with his dog” I said watching my words afraid of slipping that he has a girlfriend. “Aww… is hemmy that bad.” She asked. “You have no idea how bad he is” I said. We had a pretty interesting conversation about literature and everything in between. What seemed like an hour she finale broke the conversation. “So I guess I should go now” she said getting up. “Yeah me too.” I said getting up with her. We walked out of the shop together. “So I live this way” she said pointed in the opposite direction of my house. “Hey I live that way too.” I lied. “Cool, we can walk together.” She said smiling. “Yeah” I said. We reached what I guess was her house because we stopped. “So this is it, bye” she said turning to open the gate. “Wait, here’s my number if you ever want to go out sometime.” I said handing her a piece of paper. “Thanks. Well bye now” she said. “Bye” I said as she disappeared behind her front door. I made the long way back to my place and crashed on the cough rethinking today’s events.
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