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Only in this Room

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Andy gets the call of a life time!!

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Chapter 3: Only in this Room

I woke up the next morning with my face soaking wet. I reached my hand to my face and found in covered in dog slobber. “Hemingway!” I yelled. The English bulldog came galloping in to the room with a smug type grin on his face. “Stop licking my face” I said patting him on the head. I walked to the bathroom to wipe off the dog drool off my face, but he door was locked. I knocked on the door. “One second” a female voice said. Who’s in my house, I asked myself. So I went to the upstairs bathroom, but it was locked to. So I knocked again. “Hold up a second” this I knew it was Pete. “Pete, who’s in my downstairs bathroom” I asked through the door. “Oh, that must be JJ” he said opening the door. “Wow, dude put some clothes on next time before opening the door” I said covering my eyes. Even though everyone and their mother as seen his junk, I don’t want to have the treat of seeing it in person. “Oh, sorry” he said grabbing a towel behind him. “Now, why is she in my bathroom?” I asked, trying to shake the previous image out of my head. “I invited her over last night, since you crashed out on the cough and fell asleep, I thought you wouldn’t mind” he said walking to his room. “Hold up, you’re telling me I came home and slept the whole day?” I asked. “Yeah, luckily I found my sandwich or it could have turned ugly.” He said putting on eyeliner. “You mean you didn’t even make sure I was okay?” I asked getting a little frustrated. “Well I knew you were breathing, so I didn’t think there was anything seriously wrong with you” he said looking at me. I rolled my eyes and walked out of his room. “Hey wait how did it go yesterday, did you find her?” he asked from his room. “Yeah” was all I said. I debated whether to use Pete’s bathroom or wait for mine. I walked in to his and saw eyeliner pencils everywhere and about four straightening irons. You know, I thing I’ll wait on mine, I said to myself. I turn to go back down stairs and run into JJ. “Oh, sorry” I said to her. “Oh, it was my fault” she said skipping off toward Pete’s room. Those two are so different from each other, I thought. “Hey tell Pete to keep his dog in his room at night.” I said to her as I made my way down stairs. All this to wash off dog drool I mine as well take a shower. I walked into my bathroom and saw the exact same scene as I saw in Pete’s. “Okay maybe they were perfect together” I thought out loud.
After getting out of the shower and getting dressed my phone started to go off, my heart jumped out of my chest. “Hello” I said picking it up. “Hi, is Andy there” Ashley’s sweet voice rang through my ears. “Yeah, it's me” I said after regaining my grounds. “Oh, hey, I didn’t recognize your voice.” She said timidly. “Good so over obsessed fans won’t know who I am” I said with a little laugh. “Yeah, I guess that’s one way the do it” she said. “So I was wondering if you would like to come over and watch a movie or something” she asked. My heart did a summersault into my throat. “Uh… yeah sure, I’ll be over in a minute” I said panicking. “Okay, great. See you soon” she said hanging up the phone. “Pete, I’m going out.” I yelled upstairs. “Okay have fun” he said. I heard JJ giggling in the background. Yeah, I’m definitely not come back for a while, I thought walking out the door to her house.

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