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This was no Accident

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Well Andy make it to her house without fainting?

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Chapter 4: This was no Accident

My stomach was doing flips, and nerves were tingling. I finally reached her door, I stood there for a while trying to muster up the nerve to knock. Finally out of no where my hand rose and knocked. “Hey” she said opening the door. “Hi” I stuttered. “Well are you going to come in are I bring the TV to you?” she said sarcastically. “Oh...Um… I’ll come in” I said stumbling over the threshold. “Are you okay? You look a little feverish.” She asked. “Uh… oh no, I’m fine” I said trying to cool myself down. “Okay well which movie do you want to watch?” she asked pointing to her enormous DVD collection. “Wow, what a collection. And it doesn’t matter what we watch.” I said making my way to the cough. “Okay, how about…” she looked so cute thinking of what to watch. “…Constantine” she finally said holding up the movie. “You like scary movies?” I asked. “Heck yes, they’re the best!” she said putting the movie on and hopping into the cough with me. I made to dorkiest move ever I did the ‘act like you stretching and put your arm over her shoulders’ move. “Wow, the movie hasn’t even started yet” she said looking at my arm. “Sorry” I said taking my arm back. “No, I’m cold now.” She said putting my arm back around her. Okay so maybe she likes dory, if so then she found the right guy. Through out the movie she jump a little and with each jump she got a little closer to me, she was practically in my lap by the end of the movie. “Oh, sorry, I like scary movies because they scare me so bad.” She said getting out of my lap. “No, I’m cold now.” I said sticking out my lower lip. She giggled and walked over to the player and out in another movie. Then she slowly walked back to me, clearly deciding whether or not to sit in my lap again. She made her decision and came over to me and sat in my lap. She snuggled into my chest, sending vibrations down my spine. “Ashley, I know I haven’t known you long but I think I like you.” I said wish that she didn’t hear me over the movie. She looked up and me with her beautiful blue eyes that were outlined in green. “Andy, I think I like you too” she said. I leaned down to kiss her. I felt our lips crash into each other. She pulled away and looked into my eyes. “So I’m guessing this means we’re going out officially.” She asked. Her voice sounded like a dream. “If you want us to go out” I said soaking in every inch of her. “Definitely” she said smiling from ear to ear. We watched the rest of the movie, or should I say she watched the movie I couldn’t keep my eyes or mine away for her. “Do you want some ice cream?” her voice broke through my thoughts. “Yeah, thanks” I said. She got up and walked in to the kitchen. I was cold now that she left my lap
My phone started to go of in my pocket. “Hello” I said. “Hey, buddy” Pete said. “What do you want?” I asked. “Nothing, can’t a friend just call for no reason at all.” He said. “No, not now.” I said quickly and quietly. “Oh, Hurley’s get some action.” He said. I closed my phone as Ashley walked into the room. “Who was that?” she asked looking at my phone. “No one” I said slipping it back into my pocket. She was holding two bowls of ice cream. “Here you go” she said handing me a bowl. “I hope you don’t mine that it’s vegan.” She said sitting down beside me. “I didn’t know you were a vegan too” I said. “Yeah, for a couple of years now” She said enjoying her ice cream. “Yeah me too” I said. Wow we have more in common then I thought. “It’s getting late. Do you just want to stay here tonight?” she asked taking our bowls back to the kitchen after we were through. “Yeah I guess I could. If that’s okay with you.” I said following her to the kitchen. “Well if it wasn’t them I wouldn’t have asked would I.” she said turning to face me. “I’ll sleep on the cough.” I said wrapping my arms around her waist. “Don’t be ridicules I have more than enough room in my bed.” She said wrapping her arms around my neck. “Well if you insist.” I smirked. I followed her up to her room and realized I didn’t have any shorts to sleep in, oh well I guess I’ll just sleep in my jeans. She had already changed and got under the covers. I walked over to the bed and started to get under the covers with her when she stopped me. “Are you going to sleep in your clothes?” she asked. “Well I don’t have any thing else to wear. It either sleep in my clothes or sleep in just my boxers.” I said hoping her wouldn’t choose the latter. “Boxers are fine with me.” She said blushing. I smiled and stripped away my jeans and shirt and climbed under the covers with her. She inched closer to me. A wrapped my arms around her and pulled her closer. I saw the wide smile spread across her face again. We kept each other warm thought out the night.

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