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No one else Cared

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Does Pete alway get what he wants? read to find out!!

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Chapter 5: No one else Cared

Pete’s POV
“Umm… Pete what are we going to do now that we have the whole house all to ourselves?” JJ asked crawling around me on the bed. “Umm… I don’t know” I said stopping her and crawling on top of her. “Pete…” she started to say something but I stopped her with my lips crashing into hers. “Ummhmmm” she mumbled under my lips. “Pete, this is not what I had in mind.” She said pushing me off of her. “Sorry JJ, it’s just … nothing… sorry” I said getting off the bed, heading toward the door. “Pete, wait.” She said getting off the bed and walking toward me. I stopped at the door way thinking of way I really had started to make out with her. Maybe it was because we’ve been dating for three months and we’ve only kissed twice. But I know I’ve got to pull my head out of my dick. “Pete, I didn’t mean to push you away like that.” She said finally reaching me. “It’s not your fault I don’t want to rush you into doing anything you don’t want to.” I said turning and kissing her lightly on the fore head. “I know you don’t. That’s why I love you so much.” She said laying her head on my chest. “So what did you have in mind then?” I asked looking down at her. “Let’s call Patrick and I’ll call Sarah, and then can a movie-a-thon” she said with a smile that I couldn’t resist. “Sure” I said pulling my sidekick out of my pocket and JJ went down stairs to use the phone.
“Hey, Patrick” I said. “Hey, Pete” he said. “So do you want to come over to Andy’s and watch endless movies with me, JJ, and Sarah” I asked knowing that the last part would get his attention. “Sarah’s going to be there?” he said excitingly. “Yes, JJ’s inviting her now.” I said walking down the stairs to JJ. “Be over in a second.” He said hanging up the phone. “Sarah’s coming, only after I mentioned that Patrick was going to be here.” She said sitting on the cough down stairs. “Yeah Patrick got excited when I mentioned Sarah. I know what your doing here.” I said poking her in the check. “You do, do you?” she said trying to tickle me. “Yep, you’re trying to get Patrick and Sarah together.” I said trying to me as clam as I could. “Well, actually they already like each other obviously we just need to give them a push in the right direction.” She said in a matter of fact way. She had finally given up trying to tickle me, which I was glad because I couldn’t hold in the laughter much longer. The doorbell rang through the house. “I guess I’ll get that.” I said getting up. “Hey, Sarah” I said opening the door. “Hi, Pete Is Patrick here yet.” She asked almost immediately. “Not yet, he’ll be here soon.” I said rolling my eyes as her walked away. “Sarah” JJ yelled when she entered the room. “Hey, JJ” Sarah said hugging her. Great I’m out number at the moment. They could turn on me at any moment, as these threaten thoughts ran through my head the doorbell rang again. “I’ll get it.” I said practically running to the door. “Patrick, thank god your finally here.” I said opening the door. “Yeah, yeah, where’s Sarah, I saw her car outside.” He said a little nervously. “Dude you’ve got to settle down. Girls are like bloodhounds, they can sense your fear.” I said patting him on the shoulder. “I’m good man. I’m good” he said shaking his arms as to relax him. “All we’re doing is watching movies.” I said as we entered the room. Felt the room warm up a degree or two as Patrick and Sarah made eye contact. Patrick was sweating profoundly. “Hey, lighten up.” I said in his ear as I walked over to the cough were JJ was. “Wow, he looks like he could faint at any moment.” JJ whispered into my ear nodding toward Patrick.
The rest of the night went without anyone fainting. Patrick and Sarah were sitting together on the floor while JJ and I had the cough. We watched every DVD Andy owned. No knowing what else to do Patrick and Sarah went ‘home’, but who really knew where they went. They’re probably hot and heavy right now. ahh no I just did not just think that about my best friend. I quickly shook my head to rid the image from my head. “Pete, are you okay.” JJ asked. “Uh… yeah, I’m fine. I’m going to call Andy to see how his date is going.” I said pulling my phone out of my pocket. “Pete, let the man have his date in peace.” She said putting her hand on my chest and her head in my shoulder. God this girl is going the drive me sexually crazy. “I just want to know how his doing.” I said standing up and walking out of the room quickly. One, to stop the erection I was starting to get from her touch, and two, to talk to Andy alone, ok really the first one was the real reason. “Hello” Andy said. “Hey, buddy” I said. “What do you want?” he asked. “Nothing, can’t a friend just call for no reason at all.” I said trying to think of why he would be so aggressive toward me. “No, not now.” he said quickly and quietly. “Oh, Hurley’s get some action.” I said. The next thing I heard was the dial tone. “He hung up on me. “ I said walking back into the room. “I told you to leave him alone. Now come to, please.” She said pulling her puppy eyes on me. “Dam it you know I can’t resist those eyes.” I said jumping into bed and under the covers. “I know” she said moving closer to me. God dam it woman you’re driving my crazy, I thought before falling sleep with her in my arms.

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