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I Never Told You What I Do For A Living

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Frank's POV

I talked to Gerard, he admitted that he's really freaked out. I hope he's okay. I knew I should probably let him have some time by himself though, so I left him alone in our room. I jumped the last four steps and continued on to the living room, only to find Ray, and Bob, but Mikey was nowhere to be seen.

"Where's Mikey?" I wondered out loud.

"He went for a walk," Ray answered. He moved over so I sit between him and Bob on the sofa. "I think he's really upset and worried."

I didn't need to ask what was upsetting Mikey. I just hoped he wouldn't worry too much. He does that sometimes.

"Maybe someone should talk to him?" I suggested. "We all know how Mikey gets sometimes."

"No. Just leave him alone for now, if he isn't back before dark then we should probably look for him." Bob reasoned. I agreed, there wasn't really much else I could do. I just hope Gerard and Mikey are both gonna be okay.

General POV

A few hours had passed since Mikey left the house.

"I really think we should go look for him, he isn't back yet, it's been a few hours, and it's pitch black outside." Frank said. Ray and Bob both agreed.

"Should we get Gee?" Bob asked.

"Of course," Ray confirmed. "Mikey is his little brother." Ray went uptairs to get Gerard. A few minutes later Bob and Frank heard footsteps on the stairs and stood up as Ray re-entered the room, followed by Gerard, who was looking very pale.

Gerard put on his jacket and handed everyone a flashlight. He led them through the house and out the front door.

"Mikey?" He yelled at the top of his voice. "MIKEY?!" There was no answer, and Gerard turned around. "We're gonna have to go find him."

"We should split up and look." Ray said hastily, he could tell Gerard was freaking out. "I'll go to right side of the island with Frank, you search the other side with Bob."

"But if we all go different ways it'll be easier to find him!" Gerard argued.

"But if we all go separate ways, it would also be easier to get lost. This is a big island." said Ray.

"Fine." Gerard snapped. "Let's go then." The two groups then stepped off the porch and went their separate ways.

Gerard shone his flashlight on the ground. "This would be so much easier if it wasn't so dark."

"Yeah." Bob said.

The two guys walked through the trees, keeping watch for any footsteps or any other sign of a disturbance. After a while the trees got thicker, making it harder to pass through them. The ground was wet and slippery, and there were tree roots winding and twisting in every direction. It had gotten even darker, and their were black clouds overhead. It was starting to rain.

"Great, just what we need," Bob muttered.

"Oh my God, Bob, look!" Gerard whispered. He shone his flashlight on the ground. 'Oh shit,' Bob thought, 'Shit, shit, shit.' Mikey's glasses were lying on the ground, the lenses were broken out and the frames were slightly squat as if they had been trampled. Gerard freaked out.

"Oh no, oh no, Bob, what if he's hurt? He won't be able to see anything without his glasses, he's probably lost, or hurt, or-"

Bob was terrified for his friend. 'Gerard's probably right,' he thought. But he forced and smile and put his arm around Gerard. "I'm sure he's fine, let's try not to worry too much-"

"What? How can I not be worried? My baby brother's lost!" Gerard shot back. He pulled away from Bob and ran ahead, yelling Mikey's name.

Gerard's POV

Damn it, what if I never find him? What if dies out here? I can't let that happen! I just can't...

General POV.

Gerard just kept on running and running, until he dropped his flashlight accidentally as he tripped over something sprawled across the ground and landed in something wet and sticky. Squinting into the darkness, he recognized Mikey's face.

"Thank God you're-" Gerard stopped dead when a wave of realization came over him. It dawned on him that the wet and sticky stuff that he was sitting in was blood. Mikey's blood.

"OH MY GOD! MIKEY!" He cried. He pulled off his black leather jacket and wrapped it tightly around Mikey's chest, to help stop the bleeding. Not that it would help much, since his abdomen was covered in deep gashes, from which dark red blood was flowing freely. Hot tears streamed down Gerard's face, knowing that it was probably too late to save his brother.

"Mikey.." He whispered, wrapping his arms around Mikey's body and pulling him onto his lap.

Mikey was barely breathing, but his eyelids flickered open. "Gee?" His whisper was barely audible. Gerard cried harder. "Gerard, I-" He stopped and started to cough up more blood. Gerard was horrifed. He hugged Mikey and kissed him on the forehead. Mikey stopped coughing. "-love y-you all-" he finished, and then he closed his eyes, and his body went limp in Gerard's arms.

Author's Note: cries aww, poor Mikey. But obviously I had to kill off someone sooner or later, because what's a murder/horror story without any murders? Anyways. REVIEW, please. Any reviews, good ones, bad ones, are welcome, and greatly appreciated.
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