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Chapter 20: The Day After Tomorrow

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New Beginnings

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Pete's POV

I woke up in the ICU. I see Patrick sitting there but he looks...different. "'re awake! Thank God!" Patrick's voice sounds deeper. A small boy comes running in at this point. "Uncie Pete! You're awake" "Whoa lil buddy who are you?" I ask confused. "Pete this is Skylar Stumph my son" "He's so long have I been out?" "Ten years" Patrick answered. "That means you're 33 and I'm 38...Oh man!"

Patrick's POV

I laughed Pete was back alright. Abby came in after that and we caught up.

It had been almost a year since Pete's "comeback". We finished the album we were working on when he went coma-tose. We were actually on tour and ready to promote it. We decided it would be better to bring our boys in panic! with us. Micheal was playing a game with Andy and Joe. Pete was rehearsing the bass lines and speaking parts. Abby was sitting by my side kissing my softly every now and then.

The other bands finished their sets and we took the stage. After we finished we got showered and got ready for a walk around meet and greet.

No one's POV

"Daddy can I go to the meet and greet?" Thirteen year old Melanie asked her dad. Ryan looked up after looking at Brendon. "Go ahead sweetie" Brendon smiled. Even if Patrick and Abby recognized her,she was his and Ryan's now. Melanie walked inside to see the dark haired man from her dreams. He had about hundred girls around him. Then she saw the man and lady from her dreams. The ones that she looked like. 'Have I been dreaming about Fall Out Boy the whole time?' She thought to herself. "Hi Patrick" She walked up unknowingly to her father. "Hi sweetie what's your name?" Patrick asked reaching for the poster she was offering. "My name is Melanie"

cliffhanger and remember this is by Falloutpanicgirl. Yes years have gone by and we needed more drama ;]
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