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Chapter 21: Shattered Dreams

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New beginnings.

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Patrick's POV

The girl in front of me said her name was Melanie and was about the same age as my little girl. She looked so much like Abby at that age. Was I dreaming? "You said your name is Melanie?" "Yes, Melanie Urie." "Oh, you are Brendon and Ryan's little girl." "Yeah. They said I could come to the meet and greet." "It's alright, hun. I want you to meet someone." I took Melanie over to Abby. "Abby, this is one of my fans. Here name is Melanie."

Abby's POV

I looked at Patrick. Why would he bring one of his fans to meet me. I looked at the girl. "Oh my god. It's Melanie." I started crying. "Patrick, it's her." Melanie was looking at both of us. I seen Brendon and Ryan come over to us. Why were they coming over? "What's going on?" Brendon asked. "This is our daughter." I said. Melanie was looking at all of us. "I don't know you. These are my daddies." "No, honey. I gave you up for adoption. I have regretted it ever since." Melanie looked so confused.

Patrick's POV

"Let's go in the back." We all went into the dressing room. "Melanie is not your daughter. She is ours." Ryan said. "No, I know her from anywhere. She is ours. I gave birth to Melanie." Abby said. Melanie looked at Ryan and Brendon. "Is that the truth?" "Yes. Patrick and Abby are your real parents." Brendon said. Melanie looked at Abby and me. "Why? Why didn't you want me?" "We were too young and I was on the road. Abby didn't know what to do. You belong to us. We are your real parents." Melanie got the fire in her eyes that I only seen in Abby's when she got mad at me. "So what if you're my real parents! You gave me up! You were never there! They may not be my real parents but at least they've been there."

Melanie started crying and went into Brendon's arms. "I want to go home, daddy." She just broke my heart into a million pieces. "Ryan, take her to the bus." I watched Melanie leave. "Listen Patrick, you have no right to Melanie. She is ours now. She knows of no one besides us. Leave her be." "Brendon, if you think we are going to forget you have another thing coming. We haven't given up on her. As each day passes that's another day she isn't in our lives. Yes, we have two children, but they haven't taken the place of her. We will get her back." "Try me, Stumph."

That was it. I punched Brendon in the nose. I heard a crunch and then felt blood on my hand. Brendon looked at me and ran towards me. I seen Abby rush the boys out. I kept punching Brendon. The last 11 years of not being in Melanie's life got to me finally. I was on top of him punching away. I felt someone pull me off. "Let me go." "No, stop. We'll work this out." Pete and Joe had me. Spencer and Jon took Brendon out.

Abby's POV

I was on the bus in the bedroom with Skylar and Michael. "Is daddy alright?" Skylar asked. "Yeah, he's just upset with the man. Why don't you two get in your pajama's and get to bed." "Okay mommy." Michael left the bedroom. "Skylar, what's wrong?" "That girl. I heard you and daddy say she is your daughter." "Yes, she is. She is your sister." "Is she going to live with us?" "I don't know. I hope so. I miss her lots." "She looks like you mommy." Skylar came over and gave me a hug. "Thank you sweetie. Now get to bed.

I got into my nightgown and crawled into bed. I heard the door open. "Baby, are you awake?" "Yes." I got up. "Oh Patrick. Your face." I took him to the bathroom and cleaned his face. "What do we do now?" "I have no idea. I'm scared that she won't love us." "Me too. Do you think we should talk to your lawyer." "Yeah, I'll call him in the morning."

Melanie's POV

I was so scared that the woman and man were going to take me away. I held my teddybear. I heard daddies fighting. I was the cause of it. I knew I had to leave. Things would be better for my daddies and I knew I couldn't live with Patrick and Abby. They didn't want me when I was a baby and I didn't want them now. I packed some things and took some money and left the bus. No one had seen me. I didn't know where I was going to go, but it had to be away from here.
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