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Chapter 22: I'm Having Another Episode

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Fall Out Boy/Panic At The Disco

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Abby's POV

I fell asleep after hours of tossing and turning. The guys still had a show to do. I woke up to yelling. I got up and went to the front of the bus. There was Brendon and Ryan. "What's going on? Keep it down." I said. "She's gone. Where do you have her?" "What? We don't have her. What do you mean she's gone?" Patrick came over to me. "After their set they went back to the bus and Melanie wasn't there. Some of her stuff is missing and some money." "No! Patrick we just found her." I went into his arms and started sobbing. "Shhh. Baby, it's alright. We will find her again. Pete and I are going to look for her." I looked up at the man I love. "I'm sorry." "For what?" "For giving her up. If I didn't none of this would be happening." "Stop. Check on the boys and try to rest. I'll come back with her. I promise."

Patrick's POV

I wanted to punch Brendon again. He was always smirking. I think he was actually happy Melanie left. Pete and I went into different direction's. I checked the airport. No one was helping me. I was getting madder and madder. My phone went off. "This is Patrick." "I found her. We are at the bus station." "How is she?" "Alright. Not too talkative." "Okay. I'll be there in a few."

Pete's POV

I closed my phone. It was still amazing how much Patrick had forgiven me. I don't think I would of. "By the way I'm your Uncle Pete. Your dad will be here in a few minutes." "He's not my dad." "I know things are crazy right now, but Patrick and Abby love you so much. They never gave up on you." "I have two daddies that I love. I don't need another daddy." "Give your mom and dad a chance. It's been hard on them. Things happened to them that no one should of had to deal with." She still just stared at the ground.

Patrick came running to us. I got up from the bench. "Good luck." "What?" "She's stubborn like her old man." "Thanks. Can you tell Abby? I'm going to talk to her and then go back to the bus." "Sure thing."

Patrick's POV

After Pete left I walked to Melanie. "Hey there." She looked up, but didn't say anything. I sat on the bench. "What do you have there?" "It's a teddy bear. Thank god I didn't get my brains from you." "I know it's a teddy bear. Does he have a name?" "Patty. Don't get any ideas. It's just a coincidence that your name is Patrick and the teddy bear is Patty." "Your mom got a teddy bear when she was pregnant. She named it Patty." "Why did you give me up?" "I didn't know your mom was pregnant. I was on the road for three years. It was hard for her. She thought she was doing the right thing. We have been looking for you ever since I got back." "Didn't mommy love me?" "Honey, it was the hardest thing she had to do. We went through some really hard times, but we never gave up on you. We knew we would find you."

Melanie looked at Patrick. "Were you ever close to finding me?" "Once. You mom and I got married and before the honeymoon we found out where you were. We went there, but you were kidnapped. I was in the hotel when I heard on the news about a girl being kidnapped and I thought to myself that I didn't want that to be you." "So my daddies kidnapped me?" "Yeah. I'm sorry." Melanie went into my arms. "I want to see mommy." "Alright."

Melanie and I walked to my car and I got her in and walked to the driver's side. I pulled out on the street. "There are some Cd's in the glove compartment if you want to listen to music." I said. "Okay." Melanie took some out. "You like Prince?" She asked. "Yeah. Do you?" "Yes." She smiled at me. Melanie put in 'Purple Rain'. I glanced down at my daughter. She looked like her mother. I looked back on the road and seen headlights coming our way.

I wrote this one. Kendra has the next two to write...:)
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