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Chapter 23 Make Me Strong Like You

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Fall Out Boy/Panic At The Disco

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Melanie's POV

I was about to yell watch out, but it was far to late. I felt a pair of arms embrace me and the truck hit us head on. The force of the impact sent us flying through the back window. As we fell we ended up rolling down a hill. I lost count of how many rocks I rolled over and that cut into my skin. I looked at Patrick, my generic father. His hat and glasses had fallen off but he wouldn't let go of me. How? How could he love me like this? He didn't know me. At the bottom of the hill was a body of water I knew we were going in and sure enough we did. It was cold and fridgid. He let go of me. Why? I don't know but he also pushed me towards the surface. I paddled myself to the shore, but would he get out? The truck that had collided with us was calling 911. I walked up the hill and collected his hat and now broken glasses. When the paramedics arrived I told them. "My generic father is still in the water!" They went in and got him out. His lips were hued blue. I know I didn't know him but I didn't want him to be dead either.

Pete's POV

With the help of Abby and Ryan, I am desperatly trying to convince Brendon to at least talk to Patrick. "Oh Brendon grow up you're 30 years old now. Melanie is his daughter." I challenged. "By blood yes, but however Ryan and I raised her!" "Which was wrong! You should've given her back to us! You have no idea what Patrick and I went through looking for her!" "Then well I guess it's your fault for giving her up" Ryan sneered. I should've figured, he would ultimately take Brendon's side. They were married now after all. The sound of my cell ringing distracted me. "Hello?" "Peter Wentz?" "Yes this is he." "We got your number on an emergency contact card, you need to come to hospital right away." I swallowed there was only two people that listed me as emergency contact, my brother and Patrick. "Why is that?" "We have Patrick Stumph here." "I'll be right there." "Pete who was it?" Abby looked at me. Even Ryan and Brendon did, the fight forgottten. "Patrick's in the hospital." When we arrived Melanie was there and instead of flinging herself to her mother she ran for Ryan and Brendon. "Daddy it's all my fault! If I never ran away we wouldn't have gotten into the accident." She had a few noticeable cuts and bruises too. "Sush baby girl it's okay." Ryan rubbed her head. We were all allowed to see Patrick in the ICU. He looked pale, almost blue and had cuts everywhere. "See?! That's all my fault he let go of me in the water and made me swim up to the surface." Melanie cried into Brendon's chest. He vaguley frowned. "Everything will be alright Melanie. Have faith ok?" Before I completely broke down I heard Melanie whisper to her two fathers."Make me strong like you." Then I lost it I felt as though I missed everything in my best friend's life being coma tose for ten years. Abby broke down next to me and I wrapped her in a hug. Melanie looked down at Patrick's fridgid form and whispered. "I'm sorry I wasn't strong like you."

Kendra wrote this chapter. And she will be writing chapter 24.
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