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Chapter 24: You're Appealing To Emotions I Simply Do Not Have

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Chapter 24: You're Appealing To Emotions I Simply Do Not Have

Abby's POV

It had been about a month since Patrick and Melanie were in that accident. My dear sweet husband was in a coma since then. I was scared what if he was like Pete? In a coma for ten years? Melanie hadn't been to visit since the night of the accident, she spent most of her time with Brendon and Ryan. The only one who was with me through this ordeal besides my two sons, Micheal who was 4 and Skylar who was 6, was Pete. He now knew what Patrick must've felt like when he was coma tose about a year ago. To make matters worse Brendon and Ryan were taking the matter of who should own Melanie to court. Normally I wouldn't be afraid of fighting them back, but without Patrick this would be murder. Neither of them seemed to have a care about Patrick who was coma tose in the hospital. Infact they seemed to be using that to their advantage. With Patrick away the Panic! boys will play or something along those lines. Pete was sitting there holding me and talking about how he'd stay by my side in Patrick's place. Then something came over me I just had to kiss him I don't know why but I did but who should walk in just as we're pulling away? Brendon Boyd Urie Ross.

Brendon's POV

"Well well a woman who cheats on her coma tose husband with his best friend I see why you'll win the case now." Every word that left my mouth was dripping with sarcasm. "By the way see you in court tommorrow." I laughed about to exit the room. "Don't think you've won Brendon!" Abby called out to me. "Oh I don't plan to win alone, I've got Melanie and Ryan too. I mean you kissed Pete while your husband is in a coma. As for being kicked off of Decaydance, I don't care. Every record label wants to sign us and even if they didn't I have a family now." With that I walked out of the room singing "You're Crashing But You're No Wave" to myself in victory.

Kendra wrote that one. So now it's up to me for Chapter 25.
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