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Chapter 25: Alone Together Alone

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Chapter 25: Alone Together Alone

Abby’s POV

Pete took me home. The boys had been staying with Patrick’s mom since the accident. “Thank you, Pete. I don’t know what I would do without you this last month.” I put my purse and keys down. I felt a pair of arms around me. “What are you doing?” “Just finishing what we started at the hospital.” “Pete, stop.” He started kissing my neck. “Abby, I’ve wanted you when I first seen you in that café. You were so messed up and I wanted to take care of you.” “Is that why you raped my husband?” “I’m sorry about that. How many times do I have to apologize. I wasn’t in my right mind. Turn around.” I turned around in Pete’s arms. “What?” “I want to make love to you.” Pete kissed me. I pushed against him, but then it felt so good. I ran my fingers through his hair. “Oh, Pete. Take me.”

Pete and I kissed our way to the bedroom. He ran his hands under my shirt. I took his shirt off and ran my hands up and down his chest. I kissed him all over. I then took my shirt off and led Pete to the bed. I took his jeans off and grabbed his member. He sucked in a breath. I moved my hand up and down on him. “Abby, stop. Oh god.” I took off my jeans, bra, and panties. I climbed on top of Pete. “Are you ready?” “Yes, Pete.” I grabbed him and slid my body over him.

Pete’s POV

I could believe what Abby and I were doing. We both loved Patrick, but we both needed this or did we? If Brendon or Ryan found out about this, Melanie would be gone from Abby and Patrick. And Patrick. Patrick is in a fucking coma. What am I doing?

“Pete, are you alright?” “Yeah, I’m sorry. I’ve just wanted this so much.” I kissed her. She moved up and down on me. I knew I wouldn’t last long. “Abby, I can’t go on much longer.” “Me either.” She smiled at me. She had the most beautiful smile. “Oh god, Abby. I’m coming.” “Pete, oh Peter. Yes, right there.”

After we both came we just looked into each other eyes. After awhile I leaned back with her. “Are you alright?” I asked. “Yeah, why?” “I don’t know. You just seem quiet.” “What am I going to tell Patrick? I feel awful, but I don’t. Am I terrible?” “No.” I kissed her. “You would say that. Will you stay the night? I hate sleeping alone.” “Sure.” I fell asleep with Abby in my arms. It was the first time in months that I fell asleep right away.

Abby’s POV

It’s been three weeks now that Pete and I have been sleeping together. Every time I say it’s the last time, but I find myself in bed with Pete. During the day I visit Patrick. I feel like a horrible wife. I am a horrible wife. What am I doing to my husband, marriage, and children. Hell, even Pete.

Here I sit, holding Patrick’s hand. He is still looking so pale. “Hello, Abby.” I look up. It’s the devil himself. “Hello, Brendon.” “How is Patrick?” “Like you care.” “Maybe not, but I want to know if I need to be worried.” “Worried about what?” “Well, if it’s just you, you’ll break down for the fight for Melanie. You won’t be able to handle it all. And there’s another thing.” “Oh, and what’s that?” “Pete has been spending a lot of time at your house. I wonder what your dear hubby would say. His best friend and wife fucking while he is in a coma.” “Screw you. You know nothing.” “Are you sure? Maybe you should close your curtains.” “Are you spying on me?” “Talk to you later.”

When Brendon left I was sick. I ran to the bathroom and threw up. I sat on the bathroom floor crying. After a few minutes I got up and washed my face. I walked over to Patrick. “Hey honey. I miss you so much. Please wake up. I’m going home now. I’ll be back in the morning. The boys send their love.” I kissed him and left.

Going home I knew I had to tell Pete to leave. “Mommy.” “Hi Skylar. Where’s your brother?” “In bed. Pete is reading him a story.” “And why aren’t you in bed?” “I escaped.” “Funny. Come on.” I took Skylar to the bedroom and tucked him in.

I walked downstairs. “Hi, Abby.” “Hi, Pete. Thanks for watching the boys.” “No problem.” “Pete, I need to talk to you.” “Alright. Come here first.” I knew it was a mistake. I walked into Pete’s arms and kissed him. Next think I knew we were in bed.

“Abby, I’m falling for you.” “No, Pete. You can’t.” “I’m sorry.” Pete was on top of me going in and out and I realized I was falling for him too. But I still loved Patrick. Pete fell on top of me. “Amazing as usual. Now what did you want to talk to me about.” “Nothing.” I went into his arms. “You’ll have to leave before the boys wake up.” “I will.” He kissed the top of my head.


“Abs, wake up. The phone is ringing.” “Oh. Okay.” I reached for the phone over Pete. “Hello?” “Mrs. Stumph.” “Yes.” “There’s some news on your husband.”

I wrote this chapter.
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