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Chapter 26: We Find The Defendant

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Chapter 26: We Find The Defendant

Abby's POV

I got news on Patrick today. Apparently he's awake now but not well enough to leave the hospital. My court hearing against Brendon and Ryan was also today which meant I'd have to go it alone. I wasn't to sure that I wanted Pete to come with me. After all that's been happening between Pete and myself. I didn't think it would be wise for Pete to come along with me today. Pete however was thinking the exact opposite of me, he made a big fuss over it. In the end I decided to take him with me. Melanie was there when I arrived with Pete at the courthouse. She was being interviewed by the juvenile judge. I saw her walk away and she didn't even smile at me, not good. I followed where she was walking to with my eyes. She walked over to Ryan and Brendon who embraced her sweetly. Our case was finally called in. "Patrick and Abagail Stumph versus Brendon and Ryan Urie Ross for the custody of Melanie Stumph Urie Ross. " The first question that was slapped upon me was if the young man I had with me was my husband. I had to say no. "Well then who exactly is he?" "If I may your honor I can tell you who that young man is." The voice that dripped of revenge and evil had spoke.” Very well Mr. Urie you may proceed." "That is Peter Wentz my boss, and he's been filling the needs of Abagail since her husband is in a coma. You see what I'm getting to is, she’s cheating on her husband because he's in a coma. What kind of mother like that can handle a teenager?" A smirk rested on Brendon's face as the judge told the jury to come to a verdict.

Brendon’s POV

I couldn't stop smiling still humming, "You're Crashing But You're No Wave" to myself. Abby was the defendant after all, Ryan and I brought the case on her. Melanie was ours and given the evidence; her giving up Melanie, Patrick's suicide attempts, her cheating with Pete, and of course the fact that Mel loved Ryan and myself. After about fifteen minutes the jury came in the verdict was announced. "We find the defendant Abagail Stumph incapable of taking Melanie into custody, custody is granted to Mr. Brendon Urie and Mr. Ryan Ross." As soon as we got out of the court house I jumped as high as my thirty year old legs would let letting out a loud whoop of success. Melanie hugged me happily while Ryan bent down a bit to kiss me. I said it before and I'll say it again, I always get what I want.

Abby's POV

I stood at Patrick's hospital room door. I hadn't seen him awake yet. "Abby, honey come in." His voice was soft, sweet and full of love. "So how'd it go?" Patrick was not a stupid man. He knew that the hearing was today. I only had one problem, how the hell am I supposed to tell him it's official that Melanie no longer belongs to us?

Kendra wrote this chapter and I'll be writing the next chapter.
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