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Penny for your Thoughts

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joe's bummed and pete's thinking!!!

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Chapter 7: Penny for your Thoughts
Patrick’s POV
Today’s the party, and I haven’t got anything up for it. I made my way to the kitchen to scrap up some food to eat. Living by your self with family three states over isn’t easy. Waking up without someone to say ‘good morning’ to or to go to bed at night without have anyone to say ‘good night’ to is kind of depressing to me. Maybe I should get a dog like Pete no I’m to clean to have a dog. Oh well, I guess I should go get all the party stuff. I got dressed and headed to my car. I drove to the near by grocery store to buy the supplies. I walked in trying to hide my face, like I would ever be noticed but just for precautions. I strolled down the ‘party supply’ aisle and heard my name coming from some where behind me. Maybe if I don’t turn around they’ll just leave me alone. However, they were very persistent. So I slowly turned around embracing myself for the pack of fans that would be behind me. Yet when I turned fully around I wasn’t facing a pack of fans but Sarah was standing there, her curly hair, lying ever so slightly on her shoulder. “Hey, Patrick” she said quietly. “Hi” was all I could mange to say because my heart had leapt into my throat. “So what are you buying” she asked as her eyes glared at my cart. “Oh, I’m having a party tonight, would you like to come?” I asked. “Yeah sure, is JJ going to be there” she asked. “I’m sure she will be” I said. “Cool, what time is the party” she asked. “Umm… around 5-ish” I said. “Okay, I’ll be there” she said walking away.

5 o’clock

I went around the house double check that everything was out and ready. I looked at my watch and plopped down on the cough waiting for everyone to arrive. Soon after I turned the TV on the door bell rang. I walked to the door and as I reached the mirror in the hall I gave myself a look over and then opened the door. “Hi Joe” I said. “Hey Patty” he said gloomy. I gritted my teeth every time he called me that. “What’s got you so down?” I asked. “I couldn’t fine anyone to come with me tonight” he said staring at the TV. “I doubt that” I said nudging him to move over. “Will, I couldn’t fine anyone that wanted to go with me because of me and not the band.” He said. “Now that I can believe, but Ashley said she was bringing a friend with her here, remember. Maybe you’ll hit it off with her.” As finished the door bell rang again. “I’ll be back” I said to Joe. “Hi Andy, Ashley, and Ashley’s friend” I said answering the door. “Hi Patrick, this is Jess” Ashley said pointing to her friend. “Hi” I said shaking her hand. We all walked in the living room where Joe was already sitting. As we walked in I was a spark in his eyes as he caught sight of Jess. He immediately perked right up and got off the cough so that the girls could sit there. “Hey, Andy and Ashley” Joe said looking at Jess desperate to know her name. “Hey Joe” they both said. “Oh, Joe this is Jess” Ashley said noticing his glaze. “Hey Jess, I’m Joe” that poor guy was already stumbling over him self. Of course Sarah does the same to me. Jess giggled a little at Joe and said hey. He resided on the floor next to Jess, I know he was beating him self up inside. The bell rang once again. “Hey, Pete, JJ, Sarah” I said as they made their way in. Sarah stopped in front of me. “Hi, Patrick” she said hugging me. I know she could feel my heart trying to escape from my chest. “Hiya, Sarah” I said. “Glad you came” I said letting go. “I told you I’d come.” She said looking into my eyes. What perfect green eyes she has, I thought. She looked to the side and gave a little smile. “Oh, sorry” I said motioning her to the living room. “So, Patrick, what are we doing tonight?” Pete asked. “Well. Since we’re all finally here, I guess… I don’t know what the fuck do you do at parties.” I said. I thought of everything except what we were going to do when every one got here. “Oh, rickster, you are one lucky guy to have a friend like me.” Pete said getting up from the floor and patted me on the back. “I am” I said looking at his evil smirk on his face. “Yep, I have plenty of party games up my sleeve.” He said rubbing his hands together. “I have a feeling this well cause damage to my house.” I said putting my hand to my face.

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