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A Dollar for Your Insides

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pete has a plan for the party. and joe gets a girl!! read and find out more!!

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Chapter 8: A Dollar for Your Insides

Joe’s POV
The most beautiful girl I have ever seen just walked into the room and my heart just leapt into her hand. Her hair just below her shoulders and parted to one side, just sit off her gorgeous eyes. “Hey, Andy and Ashley” I said looking at Jess desperate to know her name. “Hey Joe” they both said. “Oh, Joe this is Jess” Ashley said noticing my glaze. “Hey Jess, I’m Joe” you idiot, Ashley already said your name. Great I look like an idiot now. “Hey” she said. I sat on the floor next to her. So maybe she likes idiots. Pete, JJ, and Sarah walked in to the room followed closely by Patrick. “So, Patrick, what are we doing tonight?” Pete asked. “Well. Since we’re all finally here, I guess… I don’t know what the fuck you do at parties.” he said. “Oh, rickster, you are one lucky guy to have a friend like me.” Pete said getting up from the floor and patted Patrick on the back. “I am” he said looking at his evil smirk on his face. “Yep, I have plenty of party games up my sleeve.” He said rubbing his hands together. “I have a feeling this well cause damage to my house.” he said putting his hand to his face. I knew this would be a fun night with Pete picking the games. “How about, naked hide and seek, no, no we’re a little to sober for that one right now” he said thinking out loud. Even though that did sound fun, I could picture it now, me and jess sneaking off to a room and ‘getting to know each other a little better’. I was soon hit in the head by someone I looked up and saw Ashley with her hand over my head. “What” I mouthed. “Stop day dreaming about Jess” she mouthed back. I turned my attention back to Pete who was still thinking out load on what to play. “Okay, okay I got it, how about spin the bottle until we get drunk and then naked hide and seek?” he said looking and all of us. “Fine” we all said. I think I was the only one excited about this. So Pete chugged a beer so that we had an empty bottle. “So who’s going first?” I asked as we all gathered around Patrick’s table with a couple of beers in hand. “Umm… first I must warn everyone that I’ve never drank before so this is a first” Ashley said. “Yeah me too” jess added. “Great you’ll get buzzed faster” Pete said. They both gave him an evil look. “Okay, I’ll go first” I said taking the bottle and sipping it hoping that it would land in Jess. But it landed on Sarah. I looked at Patrick and stated the rules. “Since we’re all still sober we’ll stick to kissing.” I said to reassure Patrick I wasn’t trying to take he’s girl. He nodded and I leaned in to kiss her and returned to my seat. Sarah took the bottle and spun. It landed on Patrick. Lucky bastard, I thought. Patrick’s spin landed on Andy, they just hugged. “No you have to kiss” Pete said. He had already had a few beers. By the time everyone had gone we were all little buzzed. I wasn’t as much but I could fake for this. We decided that it was now or never so the girls went in to the bathroom together to shimmy out of their clothes while us guys just stayed in the living room the undressed their. The girls slowly came out of the bathroom, trying to cover them selves up. “Ladies that’s not going to work for long” Pete said scanning JJ. I had already spotted Jess in the back of the group. She looked amazing, but scared out of mind. Apparently they weren’t as buzzed as the guys were. “Okay, you ladies go hide first and we’ll come and find you.” Pete said. As they all left the room Pete turned to us. Note: we all had our hands over our packages because I’m sure none of us swung that way. “Okay guys we’ll each find our own girl, Joe and Jess, Patrick and Sarah, me and JJ, and Andy and Ashley, if you happen to find someone else’s girl don’t tell anyone. Oh and I say you can do anything you want after you find them.” Pete said. “Deal” we all said. After giving them a while to hide well we set off to find them. I opened the first door I came to and saw JJ on the bed I closed the door and continued down the hall. I opened the next door and saw Jess hiding under the covers. I quietly walked in and got under the covers with her. She quickly tensed up and moved away. I felt that she didn’t want o do what I want to do so I got out of the bed. “It’s okay we don’t have to do anything. You can go get dressed if you want. She still had the covers over her head. I finally thought of why so I grabbed a pillow off the bed and put it front of me. “Okay I’m covered” I said. She slowly moved the covers off her head. “I’m sorry Joe, it’s just I have this trust I made with myself.” She said after seeing that I was covered. “It’s okay, I respect that.” I said. “I really like you though.” She said with a smile spreading across her face. “I like you too” I said sending her a smile. She got off the bed with the sheet wrapped around her. She handed me the comforter so that I could be fully covered. We walked down the hall and she went into the bath room and got dressed. I got dressed too. “I guess I wasn’t as buzzed as I thought I was.” She said coming out of the bath room. “Yeah I wasn’t drunk at all.” I said tying my shoes. “But you still got naked.” She asked astonished. “Yeah, but being on tour all the time make you do crazy stuff” I said. We walked outside. Everyone seemed to have found their partners. Jess was getting tired and she had ridden over here with Andy and Ashley. “I wish they would hurry up. I’m so tired.” She said yawning. “I could take you home and call Andy later to tell him I took you home.” I said. “That would be great.” She said still smiling. Her smile has yet to go away it was very contagious. It made anyone want to smile at her.
We arrived at her house and she was already half dead to the world, so I helped her to the door and up the stairs. I out her in bed and started to leave but her grabbed my arm and pulled me down with her and put her arms around me and snuggled in. “well I guess I’m staying for the night” I said. She nodded yes into my chest. “Okay I’ll call Andy in the morning” I said wrapping my arms around her.

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