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I won’t let you give up on a miracle

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Andy askes Ashley a question what shall it be? read and find out!

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Chapter 9: I won’t let you give up on a miracle

Andy’s POV
I woke up with Ashley in my arms. I tried to recall last night but was have a bit of difficulty. She stirred and woke up. “Morning” she said smiling. “Morning” I said. “Last night was fun” she said getting out of the bed… naked! “That it was” I said suddenly remembering what all went on. “I wonder what everyone else ended up doing last night” she asked getting dressed. “Probably the same thing we did.” As I said that images started to pop in my head of what everyone else did last night. After I got dressed we walked into the living room. Pete was sitting on the cough, still naked, with JJ. “What the fuck dude.” I said walking in. “what you did have a problem looking at it last night.” He said not bothering to cover up. “Yeah put there are other girls in the room now.” I said nodding to Ashley, who was covering her eyes. “Fine” he said grabbing a pillow. “Better” he asked. “Not really but it’ll do” I said. Ashley finally uncovered her eyes but tried very hard to concentrate on the TV. “I wish Jess would wake up already. I want to go home.” Ashley said impatience. “Oh, Joe called on your cell phone” he said looking out me “and said he took her home last night and stayed with her.” He finished. “Oh, okay, well then I guess we can go then” I said looking at Ashley. “Get your naked ass off of my cough” Patrick said walking into the room. “Geez, no one’s fun sober” he said standing up and walking out, leaving us all with a bad image in our heads.
We left and went back to my house only because we knew Pete wasn’t there. “So this is your house.” She said as we pulled up in the drive way. “Hey, wait. This is no where near my house.” She said looking at me. I gave a slight grin. “I know I just wanted to walk you home that day.” I said hoping that would get me off the hook. “Okay, I guess that’s fair.” She said getting out of the car. “Whoa Hurley, big man on campus are we?” she said looking around. “Not with Pete taking the whole top half of the house.” I said laughing. “So when do you guys go back on tour?” she asked sitting down at the table in the kitchen. “Umm…I think in a month.” I said unsure. “Oh” was all she said. “Oh?” I asked. “Yeah, oh as in ‘oh, that’s cool’” she said playing with the glass of soda I handed her. “No I think it was more like a ‘oh, can I come this time around’” I said. She just smiled up at me over her glasses. “And if it was?” she asked. “I would say ‘I’d have to talk to the guys, but I would love that’” I said smirking at her. She leaned over the table and kissed me. “I haven’t asked yet.” I said. “I know but hoe could they say no” she said so confident, but I wasn’t so confident that they would say yes.
The next day I asked. “Hey guys, I was thinking. Could Ashley come on the next tour with us?” I asked crossing my fingers. They all looked at each other, they turned back to me. “Okay, only on one condition.” They said looking at me. “Ok, what?” I asked. “That we get to bring our girls with us too.” They said. “Wow, eight people on one tour bus. But I guess we could work something out. So deal.” I said smiling. “Awesome!” they all said. We pulled out our sidekicks and texted the girls at the same time.

Andy: they said you can go!
Ashley: awesome!
Andy: but on one condition!
Ashley: What?!
Andy: the other girls are coming too
Ashley: great I’ll have someone to talk two

Great we leave in a month and my life is coming with me! Granted this might be the most crowed tour but it’ll be the best.

reviews are greatly apprecated(?)
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