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the Little things give you Away

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Chapter 10: the Little things give you Away
*1 Month Later*
Andy’s POV
The bus was picking all of us up at my house. All eight of us, I’m sorry all nine of us (Hemmingway) were waiting in my living room. I was getting a little nervous all of us on one bus could bet a little missy, junk wise and love wise. But as long as I’m true to Ashley, she’ll be true to me, I hope. A horn honk came from outside. The bus had finally arrived. We loaded all of our equipment and then claimed out bunks. “No, that’s my bunk you ho” Joe said to Pete. “But I hate sleeping on the top bunk.” He whined. “But I like to sleep on the top bunk.” JJ said. “Me too” he said throwing his bags on the top bunk. I shook my head, he can be so easily convinced to do something it’s pathetic. “So where are we sleeping” Ashley asked behind me. “I don’t care. Do you like to sleep on top or bottom.” I said without thinking of how I said it. Her face started to turn red. “I mean bunks, top or bottom bunk?” I said correcting myself. “Bottom is fine.” she said smirking and placing her bag in the bunk. Okay this might not be so bad. All the guys were sharing a bunk with their girlfriend and Hemmy had the whole cough to himself. “So this is it. We’re really going on tour with you.” Sarah said when we all retreated to the makeshift living room. “Yep, it’s too late to turn back now!” Patrick said kissing her on the cheek. We were off to our first stop, Iowa. “So what do you do on a tour bus?” Jess asked. “Play video games, watch movies, umm… lay around.” Joe said while playing a video game.
The girls went off into one corner to get to know each other better. I not know if that was a good thing or not. I went over to their group and sat down, “what are you doing?” Ashley asked me. “Sitting with you girls” I said acting all girly. They started laughing. “What can’t a guy know what his girlfriend in talking about?” I asked her. “Sure” she said. “Well, then what are you girls talking about?” I asked. “Guys, periods, and make up” she said. “Yeah, I can’t relate to any of those topics. But you might want to talk to Pete about make up.” I said turning toward Pete. “Hey Pete, do you have any make up tips of us.” Ashley asked laughing. “Ha ha very funny” He said staring at the TV. “Well, I guess not.” I said. I got up and left them to their little gathering and returned the guys. “Hey, you want to play Hurley.” Joe asked. “Sure, why not” I said taking the controllers for him. I won three out of the four games Pete and I played. “I quite” Pete said getting up and walking toward the bunks. “Fine Patrick you want play.” I asked him. “No, that’s okay.” He said looking over his computer, which he has been on since we left. Joe also refused to play so I turned it off and retreated to the cough. Hemmingway came up to me and rested his huge head own my leg. “Hey, runt” I said scratching behind his ears. He finally retreated to the bunks with Pete. I was left in the room with Patrick sucked into he’s laptop, Joe fiddling with his guitar, and the girls in the corner. “I’m hungry” I said getting up. “We have no food” Joe said. “Hey driver can we stop at a gas station to stock up on food?” I asked the bus driver. “Yeah, sure” he said. We pulled up and stopped. “Food run!” I yelled. Everyone ran off the bus and into the gas station, they grabbed every kind of food in the store. I grabbed tons of chips and drinks. We reloaded the bus and started on the road again.
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