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I guess I’m dreaming again

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ashley goes crazy.... for pete?

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Chapter 11: I guess I’m dreaming again
Ashley’s POV
The guys are about to go on stage for their third performance of a three month long tour. Yes I said three months of touring, and it’s only the third day. I’m going crazy on the bus. Pete keeps staring at me and the sexual tension is so thick between everyone you could cut with a butter knife. The guys returned to the bus after the show. “Hey” we said to them as they entered the bus. ‘We’ being the girls. “Eww…Andy your all sweaty” I said as he hugged me. “I know. Don’t you like it.” he said hugging me tighter. “Arg… no, not really” I said pushing him off of me. “Fine, I’ll take a shower.” He said getting up. The rest of us were sitting in the lounge/ living room. Pete sat next to JJ but was staring at me. God I wish he would stop. I love Andy not him. He is damn hot and he makes my heart flutter but I love Andy, I love Andy, I love Andy. I repeated this in my head until Andy came back. He sat next me and hugged me. “Umm… you smell good” I said cuddling up next to him. “I’m glad” he said smiling. “Alright, now you ‘mister I’m going to sit a record by not taking a shower for weeks’ go take a shower.” Jess said to Joe. We all laughed and were very relieved that someone spoke up. “I just couldn’t sleep in the same bunk with him for another night if he didn’t take a shower soon. I’d rather sleep with Hemmingway.” She said went Joe exited the room. “I heard that.” Joe yelled from the bunk area. After we all finished laughing hysterically at Joe we settled back down. I was so comfortable in Andy’s arms I must have drafted off to sleep.
my dream
“Do you want take a shower with me” said Andy holding out his hand. I follow without giving it a thought. We walked into the tour bus bath room. He had turned the water on so that it was just right. I hopped in and he followed. I caressed ever inch of his tattooed body. I leaned up to kiss his beautiful lips and opened my eyes to catch a glimpse of his beautiful eyes. When I opened them I didn’t see Andy’s eyes but I saw Pete’s. I quickly pulled away. “What’s wrong Ashley? Don’t you love me?” he asked moving closer toward me. The walls around me melted and I wasn’t standing in the shower any more I was in a concreted room with both Andy and Pete. “Don’t you love me?” Andy said. “No you love me more” Pete said. “No love me” “no love me” they were getting closer and I was trapped in a corner. “I love you both!” I shouted. “Ashley, Ashley, Ashley.” They were both repeating my name and the walls were trembling. They melted once again.
end dream
“Ashley, wake up” Andy was shaking me awake. “Ashley, are you okay?” Pete asked beside him. I quickly rubbed my face and pinched my arm trying to wake my self up. I got up and ran in to the bathroom and locked the door. This can’t be happening. I can’t love Pete no way Andy’s the only one I love. I splashed water on my face. Thoughts were running though my head. Did I say anything out loud? Did Andy know I had feelings for Pete? Did Pete know I had feelings for him? I stomach began to ach and I leaned over the toilet. There was banging coming form the door. “Ashley open the door!” I heard Andy yell. “Ashley please open the door.” He yelled again. I threw up and then slid down the wall in front of the toilet. How could my world turn so topsy-turvy in so short of time? Everyone was still banging on the door to get me out. I couldn’t face anyone right now. Maybe if I just stay quiet they’ll get a clue to leave me be. However, that didn’t work. The next thing I know the door was being knocked down by the whole crew. “Ashley, babe, why didn’t you open the door.” Andy asked running toward me. I just sat there. He hugged me and I crumbled in his arms. I was crying uncontrollable now. “Andy I can’t take this bus any more” I said in between gasps for air. “It’s okay, shh” he soothed me. “I’ve got an idea” he said. I looked up at him. “Why don’t we get a hotel room at our next stop and just me and you stay there?” he said smiling. I nodded in acceptance. I was relieved by his suggestion and got up off the floor and followed him in to the bunk area. He started to go into the living area but I stopped. He turned around and knew what I wanted. He came over to me and we both got into our bunk and talked and cuddled. He kissed my forehead. I looked up at him and suddenly remembered that I had thrown up just moments ago. I quickly got up form the bunk and run into the bathroom. I grabbed my toothbrush and quickly brushed my teeth again. I returned to Andy shortly after. He was smiling widely at me. “What, I didn’t think you’d want to kiss someone with throw up breath.” I said climbing back in bed. “Now were was I” I asked. “Oh yeah” I said leaning up the kiss him. “Umm… mint freshness.” He said kissing me again. We started to make out. His hand went up my shirt and I ran my fingers through his long hair. He unsnapped my bra and I grabbed his hand. “No, wait until tomorrow in the hotel” I said redoing my bra and I lay beside him.
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