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Close the Door and Take the Stairs

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Ashley and Andy book a room and ...well... you know the rest!

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WARNING: contains explicit content!!!

Chapter 12: Close the Door and Take the Stairs

Andy’s POV
We had reached our next stop and everyone was up except Ashley. I talked to the guys and told them that Ashley and I were going to get a hotel so that she could rest. “Yeah sure ‘rest’” Pete said after I got through explaining our plan. “Shut up Pete, Andy I think that’s a sweet idea and plus you guys have the day off today” JJ said. “We do” Joe asked. “Yeah, don’t you guys ever look at the calendar” Jess asked. “Why should we, we have you to do that for us” Patrick said, moving away for Sarah quickly. “That’s perfect. What time is bus call tomorrow?” I asked. “You have rehearsal at 10 in the morning.” JJ said. “Great, perfect” I said gliding off toward the bunks to get my shoes. I amazingly didn’t wake Ashley with all my commotion. “Okay guys, I’m going to find a nice hotel and book a room. If she wakes up before I get back tell her I’ll be back soon. Okay?” I said making my way out the door. I stopped waiting on there response. “Yeah, we’ll do” Pete said staring at the TV. Great Pete’s the only one that heard me, I best hurry. You know with out a car this could take for ever. I could call 411 but I have no Idea where we are. I walked back to the bus and pocked my head in. “hey guys, where we are?” I asked. “Holy shit man, talking about giving somebody a heart attack.” Pete said after he noticed I was there. “Umm…we’re in …………” he said. “Thanks” I said closing the door and stepping back to my spot. I called and got the number and address to a fancy hotel. I went to the address just to make sure it was fancy enough and far away for the busses. After the twentieth block I finally reached it. Keep in mine this place doesn’t have taxies or cabs. I walked in and booked the room. It was I the top most floors away from everyone and everything. I of course checked the room out before returning to the buses. When I arrived at the bus Ashley was awake and dressed. “Hey honey” I said walking into the bus. “Hi” she said bouncing toward me. “Are you ready” I asked. “Yep” she said running toward the back to grab her essentials. “Okay, well let’s go.” I said taking her bags to carry. We said bye to the guys and started on our way. “Sorry we have to walk” I said half way there. “Oh that fine, it clears my head.” She said smiling up at the sky. “Glad to see you’re better today” I said looking at her. “I’ll be in a better mood when we get there.” She said smirking. My heart started to pound in my chest when she smiled like that. “You know if you keep smiling like that you’re going to give me a heart attack.” I said laughing. “And why is that.” She said still smiling. “Because, my heart beats faster with every smile” I said. Okay granted it was a little cheesy but it was all I could thing of. We reach the hotel and started toward the elevator. We finally made it to our room. The anticipation was killing me. Ashley immediately entered the bathroom. We had a huge bed in the middle of the room in the shape of a circle. I didn’t know what she had in mind, should I get undressed? Should go see if she’s okay? Or should I just sit here like a dumb ass? I choose the latter of the three. I fell on the bed and stared at the ceiling. For some odd, but yet kinky, reason there was a mirror on the ceiling. She came out and had on some of the sexiest lingerie I have ever seen. “Wow, you look amazing” I said sitting up. I know my mouth was open a little. “And you still look fully clothed.” She said walking toward me. “Well, I’m just going to have to fix that aren’t I” she said climbing on top of me. She started to slip my shirt off over my head to reveal my toned torso. Her hands traveled down to the top of my jeans and started to undo them. I stopped her and she looked at me with a sad look. I pulled her into a kiss and flipped us over where I was on top of her. My tongue rubbing her bottom lip begging for entrance. She allowed and the fun began. My hand was fidgeting with her top. She finally helped and undid it for me. “Are you sure you want to do this?” I asked. “Yes” she gasped. My hands ran over her breast with such seductive motions. With every touch the excitement grew. She let another moan escape her mouth. I smiled into the kiss. She slowly pulled my jeans off. My kisses trialed down her neck to her breast. I then made a bee line down to the top of her panties. I slowly pulled them down and kissed every inch of her skin. He started to kiss the inside of my thighs. She leaned up and pulled my face toward hers. We leaned into a kiss and she lowered my jeans and boxers. She looked down to see my member. It grew harder by the second. I positioned myself on her hips and guided myself in. her back arched and she let out a scream. After a few thrust I felt as if she was climaxing so I stopped, I didn’t want this to be over to soon. She flipped us over and she began to caress my ‘member’. Fireworks went off inside me. She took me in fully. I couldn’t hold in anymore I exploded. I saw her swallow hard. I smiled at her and flipped her on her back. Since I had already climaxed it was only fair I let her. I let my tongue caress her ‘area.’ She bucked her hips toward me so I went farther. Soon after she climaxed and we lay next to each other, out of breath, wanting more.

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