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The Good Things Will Live in Our Hearts

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A new band joins the tour! who is it? read a find out!!!

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Chapter 13: The Good Things Will Live in Our Hearts

Ashley’s POV

We woke up the next morning still entangled in each others arms. “Good morning babe” Andy said. “Mmm… morning” I said stretching and yawning. “What time is it” he asked. I stretched over to where my phone had fallen last night. “Umm… 9:30” I said turning back to look at him. “Shit, we have to be at sound check at ten” he said jumping out of bed. I did the same. Neither of us bothered to take a shower even thought we both probably smelt of sex. We ran down stairs and returned our key. Then we sit off running toward to bus. When we arrived we noticed there was not one but tow buses. “Why is there two” I asked as we walked to the first one. “Hey guys” Andy said climbing the stairs. “Hey” they all replied. “Is there a reason why there are two buses now?” he asked. “Yeah, actually there is.” Pete said taking his eyes off of the TV. I swear he could sit in the same stop for days staring at the TV. “Well, what is it?” I asked. As soon as I asked that question a tall, thin guy walked in from the bunk area. I froze to my spot. “The academy is… are joining our tour?” Patrick said in response to my reaction. “Hi” the guy said sitting on the cough. “Hey, William” Andy said walking over to him and sitting down him self. I just stood there not knowing what to do. I had no idea who the flip The Academy is… were. “Oh, William this is Ashley, my girl friends.” Andy finally said. “Hi, I’m William Beckett but you can call me Bill.” He said shaking my hand. I finally relaxed and sat down myself. “Umm… don’t you guys have sound check or something right now?” JJ pointed out. “Oh yeah, thanks babe” Pete said as they all exited the bus leaving bill there with us. “So girls, how are you enjoying the tour?” he asked finally breaking the uncomfortable silence. “Ok” all of us replied. “That’s good. Oh Ashley you have to meet the rest of the band.” He said to me. “Ok” is all I could think of saying. “I’ll go get them” he said walking off the bus. Once he was out of hearing range the girls began to bombard me with question. “Hey, one question at a time” I yelled. “How did last night go?” Sarah asked. “Wonderful” I said bringing my knees to my chest. “Ooh… looks like someone had a good time” JJ said emphasizing good time, I through the nearest pillow at her. “What? It’s the truth right” she said. I didn’t say anything I just blushed a lot and smiled. “So, what did you all do last night?” I asked trying to change the subject, not that I didn’t want to talk about it but I just wasn’t talking about right now. “Nothing, the guys sat here all night playing video games.” Jess said, sounding pretty sore about it. “Oh, and when TAI got here they came on here and play video games with them.” Sarah added. “Ooh ahh, sounds like you guys had fun last night.” I said jokingly. “Yeah, but we want to hear about your night.” JJ said. Just then Bill came back to the bus. “Whose night?” he asked as four other guys followed, I assumed the rest of the band. “No one’s” I said quickly. “Alright, any way, Ashley this is Mike Carden, Adam T. Siska, Andy ‘the butcher’ Mrotek, and Michael Guy Chislett. Guys this is Ashley, Andy’s girlfriend.” He said. “Hi” I said shaking their hands. They all said hey and sat down. “So, what do you all play?” I asked trying to make conversation. “I sing” Bill said. “I play guitar” Mike said. “I play bass” Adam said. “I play drums, and always call me the butcher” he said. “Okay” I replied. “And I play the guitar also” Michael said. He had the cutest accent. “Where are you from?” I asked him. “Australia” he said. “Awesome” I said. “Umm… I’m going to come clean and say I have officially never heard of you guys before, sorry” I said bluntly. “It’s ok, the guys and gals in formed us that you might not know who we were.” Bill said laughing. “Great I don’t feel as bad now.” I said. “So how do you know the guys” I asked. “Pete signed us about a year ago.” Mike said. “Cool” was yet again all I could think of saying. “So how did you meet Andy Hurley?” Adam asked. “We’ve heard everyone else’s story but you guys weren’t here last night for some reason.” The butcher asked raising his eyebrow. “Wow, I hardly know you guys and I’m already being interrogated.” I said laughing. “Sorry” Chislett apologized. “Oh, it’s ok. Umm… let’s see…” I told them how we meet and that we went to a hotel last night. “Ummuh… at a hotel, uh?” Bill said questionably. “Yeah, is that a crime?” I asked jokingly. “No, not at all.” mike said. “Okay, stop flirting with our girls.” Patrick said opening the door. “We weren’t flirting” they said together.
Andy and I went to watch TAI perform that night before Fall Out Boy. They were awesome. “you guys are pretty good.” I told them as they got off stage and FOB went up. “thanks.” Bill said smiling. That night after all the fans finally left we got on our own buses and started toward our next show. “why does everyone call Andy from TAI ‘the Butcher’?” I asked. “one because he use to work at a butcher shop before the band and became a vegetarian after working there, and two because it would just get confusing if we called him Andy also.” Andy said. “very interesting and very true.” I said. “I’m going to bed.” I said yawing. I looked at Andy and he just smiled. I got in the bunk and heard him say that he was going to bed too. He came in and slipped under the covers with me and started to caress my back sending shiver down it. “last night was a night to remember.” He whispered into my ear. His hot breath against me eye sent shock waves all over me body. “that it was. and we should repeat it.” I said turning over to face him. He had the biggest smile on his face. “… but not tonight.” I said kissing him passionately. “you’re such a tease” he said after we broke the kiss. “I know” I said cuddling into his chest.
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