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The Ward

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Here we go...

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“The file says that the patients we’re looking at were in ward four at the back. Seems that is some kind of mental health ward.” Reno smirked. “Didn’t need to be told our mental faculties were in question. We’re Turks.” He laughed.

“Reno.” Rufus warned him in a low growl. “Where is Ward Four?”

Reno looked at the map and made a mental note of where he was going. They travelled along the dark corridors and took out torches. It was curious that outside was supposed to be daylight but there were no signs of it in the halls with their boarded up or filthy windows.

Reno took to scraping the EMR along the wall but one swift jab in the ribs from Rufus soon stopped it. They moved through what looked to be an old reception for Ward One and the two of them stood and looked at the mess. There were body parts strewn across the floor, not that either of them were in the dark about seeing that before, but they looked to have been ripped apart by hands. There was a large and bloody trail down the middle of the corridor where something, or things, had been dragged.

The whole place looked like a water bomb filled with blood had exploded!

“What the hell is this place?” Reno sighed and kicked something by his boot. The stumped arm flopped with a horrid splat in to the wall. Reno looked around and then back to Rufus who had a similar expression.

“Looks like we might be in more trouble than I could have imagined.” Rufus said and then a broad grin broke out. “Excellent.”

“Excellent? Are you off your rocker?” Reno looked at him. “Seriously we don’t even know where the fuck we are!”

“All the better. When we do we shall be ready.” Rufus said the same sick smile on his face as the day he faced Kadaj and his brothers. “Let’s see what clues we have here.”

Reno rolled his eyes, this was going to end up in a mess regardless. If Rufus wanted to investigate and make some big adventure out of it he was going to end up in pain. The President would most likely end up okay as usual. Like the whole thing with Vincent and Deep Ground. He mumbled about that too. He was left running about the office with Tseng and they had nothing to do with the fieldwork as Rufus sat in the hospital.

They moved towards the Ward. There was no collected ward area with beds just rooms that appeared more like cells. Reno looked at the plaques outside it and wondered why the medieval system was still there. He wondered then how long since the place had been abandoned. It was a silencing though even for the cocky redhead.

“Here.” Rufus looked at the door to the room, which had Alex named on it. He looked through a little glass panel. There in the room on the bed was a set of rank clothes, some shoes near a bucket and a strange iron mask that looked to have covered the entire face when worn. “They kept kids here?” He looked amazed.

“Sounds even more charming than the prospect of dinner and evening relaxation with Hojo.” The Turk muttered and went to open the door. He found it locked. He tried to pick the lock but ended up kicking the door in frustration. “What the hell is this an asylum?”

Rufus looked at the lock and guessed it was quite rusted and would not put up a great deal of protest. He pushed Reno aside and shot at it. A bullet rebounded from the lock entrance and Reno had to duck to avoid a shot to his forehead.

“Are you trying to kill me?” He snapped.

“No if I was you’d be dead.” Rufus said and tested the door. It opened on it’s own. He nodded, satisfied.
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