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The Turks embark on yet more investigations... Hope you are enjoying :D

Category: Final Fantasy 7 - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst,Crossover,Horror - Characters: Elena,Reno,Rude,Rufus Shinra,Tseng - Warnings: [!] [V] [?] - Published: 2007-08-12 - Updated: 2008-02-16 - 685 words - Complete

Elena walked out with the other two and in to what looked like a storage area in the library. She wondered if she really was destined to fight with Reno or had they stepped in to some parallel dimension where it had already happened. Either way she felt incredibly bad about the idea of it. Cocky as Reno was she rather liked him.

Rude opened the door and got ready to look around the next area. The library seemed to be constructed alongside a large mansion and Tseng took the point as they moved in to a hallway. The area was cold and full of more discarded furniture and rubbish.

“I feel like making a Reno comment here.” Rude pointed out and smirked. “Where’s the porn section?”

Elena laughed as they moved on in to the mansion and Rude carried on. He was hoping that they were going to find the others and pretty soon. The Turks worked best when they were the ones in charge. Somehow it seemed like the town itself was in charge.

Elena opened the doors to the downstairs living area. The musty furniture had signs of once glorious material but now they were faded and worn. Dusts and cobwebs covered the room. The Turks moved in and Tseng watched cautiously for signs of movement.

They came in to a large drawing room with a centre table. In there was a book that had been left for guests to sign. Tseng flipped through the pages and spotted the last entry had been made apparently some twenty years before the last date he had seen anywhere else holding records.

“This place is really quiet strange.” He mused aloud. “I do wonder why everyone has abandoned the town. Well what looks to be anyone sane might have.” He looked at the names. He didn’t recognise any of them. He marked that as a good thing.

They searched the bottom floor and found the large expansive kitchen. Curiously in the fridge they found several cans of diet coke that looked as though they had been recently placed there. Rude opened one and checking the date he tentatively drank. It was cold and fresh. He downed the can and threw the tin at Elena.

Elena squealed and threw it back at him but Rude ducked. The can struck the wall and Tseng looked over at them both for a moment before noticing that the entire kitchen seemed to be the only clean place they had stumbled upon so far. Elena and Tseng took up drinks and Tseng ran the water from the taps. Whatever the place was he was sure that the clean area marked something important.

“Are we going to stay here or move on boss?” Rude asked after a lengthy silence and investigation of the kitchen. Rude flipped the cleaver around his wrist a few times with a smirk and kept it to hand. It seemed rather well weighted and might provide use in a fight.

“I think we should move on.” He said looking out of the large windows. “Though where we are to look next I would have no idea.”

“Well Reno and bars are usual but to be honest,” Elena stopped as she opened the next set of doors. “it… we…” she suddenly came to a stop.

Tseng moved behind her. He looked at the large expansive drop down through her feet. He stepped back pulling her with him. Underneath it looked like a complex dungeon. Below creatures that might once have been human writhed in caged devices. Torso’s without heads moved and surged against restraints they could not best and featureless faces screamed out begging for attention.

“We are not going there are we?” Elena said as Tseng peered over seemingly quiet interested.

“I wonder what it is.” He muttered.

“No, we have to find Rufus!” Elena argued. “I mean Sir, our objective…”

“No you are right.” He said sounding almost disappointed. Then he spotted a familiar looking bloodied blue jacket hanging in a cage. “But it seems there are further clues down there.” He pointed.
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