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Ward vs Pyramid

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Reno runs from Pyramid Head and Rufus gets locked in

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“Yo boss really should we go poking around?” Reno said with a moment of clarity as he popped some chewing gum in his mouth and looked at the room. It was too late however as Rufus stepped in and the cell door close. The mobile phones they had began to squeal loudly.

“Very funny now open it.” Rufus said pushing and pulling on the door. Reno looked at the door, which had no lock and tried to shoulder barge it but it would not budge. “Reno…”

“I fucking swear man I ain’t doing a thing.” He said from the other side. Reno heard a strange thud behind him and turned around. “So gotta run. Be back soon.” He said and ran.

“Reno!” Rufus snapped but he couldn’t get out or see the Turk.

Reno wouldn’t have considered himself a coward but he was running. He was running for a bloody good reason too if you asked him! He had spotted the towering beast of a creature coming from the other end of the corridor.

The creature coming up behind him was easily over nine feet tall and he was hardly the tallest of men anyway. It had some kind of metal pyramid over it’s head that looked like a basket or mask and it rounded the corner in a leather butchers apron with bulging muscles over the naked torso. The thing lumbered what looked to be either the hugest sword on the face of the planet or hugest meat cleaver.

Either way the redhead had absolutely no intention of ending up stuck within reach of it. He tore down the corridor and into another one where he flipped on top of what looked like heating pipes and watched as it rounded the corner and carried on towards him. He wondered if he had been spotted but his question was answered moments later when the sword swung towards him.

“Shit.” He mumbled as he narrowly missed it. The Turk’s jacket was ripped and his top was caught in the same place as Cloud’s some years before. He already had a nice scar down there. He was not impressed with getting another cut across it. The blood started to drip down and he launched clear of another wide swing before spotting and open grate and spider climbing through it.

He was now stuck in the shaft but the creature gave up trying to get to him as another figure rounded the corner. The thing looked mutilated and only the size of a child. Reno looked at the thing in mild disdain before the Pyramid Head thing grabbed it in one arm and lifted it clean off the ground. It prodded what he thought was it’s ass and then dragged it down the corridor.

The Turk let out a small sigh of relief before discarding his totally ruined shirt and jacket and then sliding down with the EMR in hand and making his way to Rufus in the cell. He rounded the corner and heard gunshots.

“Damn it why does he have to be so trigger-fucking-happy.” He mumbled. “Fucking shoot this, shoot that…” He moaned and put his hand over the bleeding wound. “No fucking materia and…” He stopped as he saw blood pooling around the bottom of the cell door. The dark liquid was more of a clotted colour than fresh. “Rufus!”

“Reno I’m okay.” He shouted back. “But I really need you to get me out of here.” He added. This cell, things keep crawling through the walls!!

“Sir…” He looked around. There was an office at the end. He burst open the door with one decent kick and started to look for something that might help him to get the President free. He finally found a box with various levels. “Oh for fucks sake! This is more complicated than an orgy to get around.” He kicked the terminal.

Sparks flew out and Reno smacked his head across the desk. Where the fuck was Rude? He was the electronics whiz. He didn’t give a shit about this stuff, he couldn’t beat it or order it around, couldn’t drink it… couldn’t blame some dozy fucker beneath him. Bollocks. He picked up the terminal and pushed a button, he heard something open. Okay so he just had to work out the pattern.

“What the hell are you doing out there?” Rufus shouted as he fired another shot at the strange black shape that was trying to surface. “Reno!”

“Sir!” He pushed a few others. He figured out that in order to get their floor and Rufus door it was a combination of two buttons. He finally got it right and pushing the buttons there was a thud. “Sir! Try it now!” He shouted coming out of the office.

Rufus took one last shot and pulled on the door. It moved and opened a few inches. The blasted thing was stuck. Reno came flying over and Rufus just spotted him and moved aside as he flying-kicked the door and flipped back over. Rufus looked at the half naked Turk and then his own bloodied suit.

“I’m fast loosing patience here.” Rufus commented coolly and put the gun down. The screeching that had been occurring all the way through came to a sudden abrupt halt and both of them realised that the place had gained back its eerie silence.
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