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I think that pretty much sums it up. My gods I am having to edit nearly every chapter due to some bug or other! I am sorry

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Elena looked over the side as Tseng motioned them over. The edges of the collapsed flooring expanded out but there were some ladders and beams that they could pick their way down by and Rude went first wondering why his partner’s jacket was there.

They found the jacket to have been ripped apart and bloodied. Elena picked it off the side. She sighed and held it tightly. The air was warm and oppressive. They seemed to be stood on some kind of old platform that looked rusted and tender under the foot. It reminded him of tired old buildings around Midgar just after Sephiroth had hit the first time.

The area was one resounding moan of pain or pleasure and none of them dared to voice the way it sounded. Like a constant hum of tortured beings mixed with semi-climatic states that rounded in to pulsing moans here and there. Arms, legs and torso’s animated from cages as they walked past.

Tseng was grabbed by what appeared to be a child as they walked. Tiny hands came from behind a cage and gripped at his jacket and Elena whacked it with her fist breaking the hold. Tseng nodded his thanks and drew his sword as they moved on.

Elena checked Reno’s jacket pockets. It was definitely his coat as she found some kind of lubricant, condoms, cigarettes, lights, pocket knife… cash? He had gil? He never seemed to have any when he got her to go to the vending… machine… the grumble escaped her lips. The cheap bastard.

“Problem?” Tseng asked her.

“Nothing sir.” She sighed as they moved on. They came to a large iron door. “Well I guess we can try out through here? Sir this jacket is covered in blood. I think he must be hurt.”

“Well then the sooner we find him and Reno the better. Knowing my luck one or the other will end up trying to commit murder.”

“More likely Reno’ll try and get his end away with something.” Rude muttered.

“That something being the President if he thinks he’ll get a pay rise.” Tseng grumbled. Elena was about to ask if sucking dick was how you got promoted but one glance from Tseng and she soon decided against it. Rude suppressed a grin. The dirty redhead would do most anything to please his boss anyway because he loved his job but he found the idea amusing none the less.

The large iron door was locked but Rude shoulder barged it down and arrived the other side. Tseng followed him and Elena took a check behind them before they walked in to the next area. It looked like they had found an exit to the street. Ash was raining down and several black crows hissed at them before taking flight. Opposite them large gates had fallen open, one swinging on its rusted hinges in the wind.

“Check the front.” Tseng ordered and Elena wandered over and looked through the gates. “There is a small boat that seems to lead to that strange boathouse on the Island Lake. There is a dirt road leading in to a forest. Either way it looks like more crap.”

“No sign of blood trails either way?” Tseng asked coming up to meet her. Rude kept checking as they went.

“No sir…” She looked at the boat. “That’s only good for two.”

“Then woods it is.” Tseng said and got a light from his pocket. “I’ve seen less cheesy horrors than this entire town.”

“You obviously haven’t been to Reno’s for a ‘lad’s’ night.” Rude mumbled and followed him pulling a light of his own and keeping hold of the cleaver.

“Sounds like I am the one that got the better deal.” Tseng smiled turning to check on the other two. He suddenly realised that Elena was not with them. “Elena! Elena!”

There was a silence and Rude looked at Tseng. Then the sirens started again…
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