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I Must Be Dreaming

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New chapter. Summaries suck. rawr.

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"Morning Petey." Roxy came out of her room in her underwear.

"Morning gorgeous..."

She walked over, and pushed me down into the bed, playing with my boxers. Her lips carressed mine passionately---

The scene changed, I was standing in a dark room alone. Horrifying images filled my head, the things I feared, the things I never wanted to see again, what I thought was over...

"NO!!" I jolted awake. Roxy ran out of her room. Fully clothed in pjs this time.


"Sorry, bad dream." I felt like Harry Potter for a moment.

"You okay?"

"Yeah, did I wake you up?"

"Yes, but it's okay. You going to be alright?"


"Don't be." She smiled and went back into her room. I found it hard falling back asleep after that.


Taylor walked into my room.



"I'm going to work okay?"

"Alright mom." I laughed.

"Shut up. I'll see you later. And why is Pete sleeping on our couch?"

"Because I didn't want him to drive home tired."

" the way..nevermind."

"No, tell me."

"Your boyfriend has one sexy body."

"He's not my boyfriend!" I exclaimed a little to loudly.

"Bye!" Said Taylor, running out the door to avoid any awkward moments.

"Roxy?" I heard Pete call from the living room. I heard him get up and open my bedroom door, I pretended my best to be asleep, apparently he didn't buy it.

"I know you're awake." He stood in my doorway.

"What?" I asked sleepily, pretending to wake up.

"I know you were awake. So Taylor thinks I'm sexy?" I just laughed.

"You heard him?"

"Yeah, I heard him all fucking night."

"What do you mean."

"Him and Tristan I suppose."

"Oh shit-I-I'm sorry Pete.."

"It's was entertaining for a while."

"Shut up. You can NOT comment on that to Taylor."

"I wont. I promise."


"Well....I guess I'll go now.."


"I'll call you later okay?"

"Alright.." I said, getting out of bed and hugging him.

"Do you not have a job?" He asked.

"Pete, it's Saturday."

"You never did tell me if you had a job though."

"Funny thing actually.."


"I'm trying to land a job for Fueled By Ramen, and I work at Target right now, but I didn't want to tell you.."

"That's awesome! Why not?"

"I don't want you to help me...."

"Oh, I see. But that's great, I mean, maybe you could tour with us sometime too...I mean if you ever wanted help out with things maybe? Or just be a groupie?" I laughed.

"That would be pretty cool.."

"Well, I'll see you later okay?" He leaned down about one inch and kissed me on the cheek.



"It's actually Monday."

"WHAT! SHIT! I HAVE SHIFT AT 11! SHIT!" I jumped out of bed.


"Oh-sorry Pete..bye..I'll call you later or something okay?"


I wanted her to come on tour with me so badly after the words escaped my mouth. I could always be with her, I wouldn't have to worry about her being angry with me for not calling enough when I was gone. But I realized I was getting a bit ahead of myself.
"That would be pretty cool.."

"Well, I'll see you later okay?" I leaned down and kissed her on the cheek. Catching a glimpse of her alarm clock.



"It's actually Monday."

"WHAT! SHIT! I HAVE SHIFT AT 11! SHIT!" She jumped out of bed. Frantically grabbing clothes.


"Oh-sorry Pete..bye..I'll call you later or something okay?"

"Bye.." I left the room and walked out the door. I started my car and pulled out of the driveway, realizing how much I cared about this girl, how much I cared about her.

I pulled into my parent's driveway. I opened the front door and went into my room, collapsing on the bed, reflecting on last night.

I ask you please just give us
I ask you please just give us...

I jumped in my seat and realized my sidekick was making the sound. It was Joe, I could tell from the ringtone.


"Hey..where were you last night?"



"I was at Roxy's..." I flinched.

"What happened man? How was it!?"

"Joe, I just slept on her couch."


"Yes Joe."

"Oh, well don't forget we have that radio interview today.."

"Oh-right!" See you at ten."

"'s 9:30."

"What?! FUCK!"

"Hurry!" He hung up. I drove my way to the interview.
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