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Cleaning out the closet...

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I hurridly got ready, without once looking at the clock-I still had 30 minutes before I had to go by the time I was done.

I moved to the living room and looked at the couch, laughing. Pete had folded it back into the sofa (with some obvious diffuculty on the pillows) and foled the blankets and layed them in a pile with the pillows on the recliner-what a gentleman. The house phone rang.


"Hey Roxy, it's mom."

"Hey mom....what's up?"

"I was hoping I'd catch you before work, do you think you and Taylor could help me..." Her voice trailed off. I knew what she was talking about, mom had been dreading it since Bethany died-going through her room.

"Yeah, me and Taylor will stop by at five okay mom?"

"Alright, take care, love you.."

"Love you too mom, bye.."

"Bye." I hung up the phone. I didn't want to do this tonight, but it had to be done.

This would be so much easier with Pete...



The interview went fine, but had a lot of uncomfortable questions-most concerning my suicide attempt. It bothered me because I couldn't just be open with people about that yet. I had really only fully told Patrick, Joe, Andy, and Roxy. I looked at the clock on my dash- 4:32- now why didn't I think of THAT when I was with Roxy?


I dialed her number into my sidekick.


"Hey Roxy, it's Pete."

"Oh, hey..." She sounded slightly depressed today.

"What's up?" I asked, in te I-can-tell-your-upset-what's-wrong kind of tone.

"Nothing much, I'm about ready to go to my mom's and clean out Bethany's room.." I could hear her hold back the tears.

"Hey, it's'll be fine.." It was hard doing this on the phone.

"Pete...I don't know if you would want to but-do you want to come with me and Taylor? You don't have to but if you want-"

"Sure, I will." I didn't care if things between me and Taylor where rough, I wanted to be there for Roxy.

"Thanks Pete, it-it really mean a lot...really."

"Don't mention it-I'll be over soon okay?"

"Alright. Bye.."

"Bye." I made my way to Roxy's, reciting words in my head like a freshman before his first date.

She opened the door.

"Hey!" It felt good to see her smiling.


"We're going in Taylor's car..if that's okay.."

"Yeah, it's fine.."

"Alright." Taylor appeared in the doorway behind her.

"Hey." I said, trying to hide the anger I obviously still had for him.

"Hi.." He brushed past me into the driver's seat of his car. I took a spot in the back seat and was joined by Roxy.

We got to what I supposed was her mom's house 5 minutes later.

Roxy's mom was at the doorway, 5 seconds after we rang the doorbell.

She was no taller than Roxy with dark brown hair and blue eyes. She was just an older version of Roxy, with different hair. She was looking at me.

"Roxy...who-who's your friend?"

"Oh-mom-this is Pete-Pete Wentz." Her mom stood in the doorway, sort of gaping at me.

"P-P-Pete Wentz?" She asked on the verge of tears.

"Nice to meet you.." I said gently, extending my hand. I tried not to bring up the whole yes-I'm-Pete-Wentz-from-Fall-Out-Boy thing.

"Nice to meet you too, um, are you-?"

"Mom-let's go." Interrupted Roxy, I smiled at her hoping to show I didn't care about the whole Fall Out Boy thing, she smiled back and followed her mom down the hallway. Roxy opened a door and walked into Bethany's old room. It was painted dark blue with a few posters on the wall, most consisting of promo-posters-nothing from teen magazines which made me fell a little better. Taylor appeared behind us with boxes.

"Well..I guess we start here..." Roxy's mom looked at Taylor, I realized her and Roxy had been whispering and looking at me, I blushed a little. Roxy walked over to the closet, Taylor and her mom started under the bed, I crouched down next to Roxy.

"This is so hard.." She whispered, I hugged her and started to put clothing into the box with her. Tears silently came down her face, I wanted to wipe them away so badly.

We finished with the clothes, it was a little awkward handling underwear, but the closet only containted clothes. Roxy walked acrost the room to a small desk and grabbed another box, placing CDs into it. I helped her and forced back a smile at her sister's music taste, The Academy Is..., The Cure, Linkin Park, Green Day, Blink-182, Fall Out Boy, and a few other bands, apparently Roxy and Bethany shared a lot of music interests.

When we finished with Bethany's room we all sat down in the kitchen. Roxy's mom began to cook while the rest of us sat in silence.

"So Pete, what do you do for a living?" Roxy's mom asked. Roxy cringed.

"Ummmm..I have a career in music.."

"Really? Are you in a band?"

"Er-yeah-I'm the bassist in Fall Out Boy..."

"Bethany loved your band." Her mom said quietly. I got up and decided to be a man. I walked over to the stove and gave Roxy's mom a hug, which obviously took her mom by surprise. She broke the hug and looked me up and down and nodded.

"You're a good person Pete."

"Thank you."

Dinner was different. There was occasional laughing, but not so much because Bethany was obviously still on everyone's minds.

We left Roxy's mom's with hugs and "take cares" and piled back into the car.

I climbed into my car and turned the key in the ignition.

"PETE! Wait!" Roxy was running down her driveway with her bag. She opened the car door and threw her bag in the back.

"Taylor and Tristan want some alone time tonight...can I stay at your place tonight?" I chuckled.

"Do I have a choice?" Roxy hopped into the seat and slammed the door.

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