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5 Minutes Alone

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Night 2: House of Wentz.

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The car ride was quiet. I turned up the radio and focused on the road.

"Soo..." Roxy laughed.

"So what?"

"Shh...I'm trying to start a conversation.." I looked in the back seat. "What's in the boxes?"

"Bethany's stuff, her CD's and clothes at least...since they fit me."

"Oh.." Of course most guys are at a loss of words around girls, but this was really hard.

"Pete-losing Bethany was hard and all, but you don't have to be so careful around the subject, it doesn't hurt so much anymore, I can talk about it without a breakdown."

"Sorry." She slapped my shoulder. What was that for?!"

"Don't apologize, you didn't do anything wrong!"

"Sorry." I couldn't help but laugh, this was my habit. She made a frustrated noise and laughed.

We got out of the car in my parents driveway and she grabbed her bag from the back seat.

"Want me to get-"

"I'll get them tommorrow."

"Alright." I unlocked the front door and switched on the light.

"Your house is creepy at night."

"It is isn't it?" She walked upstairs to my room and threw her bag on the bed.

"You sleeping there?"

"I dunno, all I know is you're NOT sleeping on the floor again."

"Well I'm not leaving you alone."

"Then where do you suggest we sleep?"


"Then where do you suggest we sleep?" I asked Pete. He threw my bag on the floor and flopped onto his bed, smirking.

"There is no way in hell-" He grabbed my right leg with both of his legs, fucking former soccer players and their damned skills. I toppled on top of him.

"Asshole." I muttered.

"Look, I can sleep on this side-" He rolled over a few inches and turned on his side. "-and you can sleep on that side!" I let out a frustrated sigh.

"Fine." I got off the bed and grabbed my bag and walked into his bathroom, changing into a Green Day tank top and black shorts. I walked out of his bathroom-penis."

"Whoa!" He yelped, I covered my eyes and ran back into the bathroom. Damn, that was like 6 inches-wait-why the hell am I thinking about this? And anyway I was kind of far away and-why the hell am I thinking this?!"

"Er...I'm done.." I walked out of the bathroom, he was blushing...HARD. I'm sure I was too.


"It's fine." He said laughing. This is where things get awkward. I turned off the light and laid down on his bed, curled against the wall. I felt the matress elevate as he laid on the other side.

It's hard sleeping when you're sharing a bed with an inzomniac.


"YES! I KNEW IT!" I jolted awake, Roxy rolled over and groaned. "DUDE I TOTALLY KNEW THEY WOULD SCORE! OH YEAH!" Joe was jumping up and down excitedly, Andy looked like he'd rather be somewher else.


"What?" He whined.

"We didn't-"

"Don't make excuses Pete, I knew from the day you told me you liked her you guys would fuck sooner or later." Fuck. Joe's big mouth.

"What?" Fuck. I forgot Roxy was there. She looked partially offended, partially confused, and somewhat angry. Oh no.

"Joe-what the hell are you-why-we aren't-" I couldn't think of words. Not. At. All. Joe figured it out and his face turned into an oh-shit-please-dont-kill-my-ass expression.

"Joe, Andy, could you leave for a minute?" Roxy asked. Joe and Andy were out the door, slamming it behind them.

"Roxy-seriously-I didn't really-I'm not-"

"Did you just plan to fuck me? Did you think I was that kind of person?"

"NO! Roxy-not at all-I" Be a man Wentz, be a man. "I care about you, and Joe...Joe doesn't quite understand that completely." She still looked mad. "Roxy...please don't hate me, I didn't want this..."


"Why what?"

"Why me? I'm not hot, I'm not a scarlet, I'm not famous..."

"No Roxy, you're not. You're beautiful, and you have a great personality, and you make everything better, and you make me forget-"

"-Everything wrong in life?" She finished for me, her eyes welling up with tears.

"Everything." I pulled her close to me, which I thought could have been a mistake, but was proven wrong.

"I love you." I said quietly. She looked at me with those beautiful eyes. I kissed her softly, she kissed back and buried her head in my chest.



"Don't leave me." I smiled.

"All alone? Never."

"Score?" Joe squeaked from the doorway. I nearly got whiplash looking at him.

"GODDAMMIT!!" I hurled myself out of bed.

"Ok, ok, five minutes, I got it." Joe slammed the door, I heard him run downstairs and the screen door slam.

"Five minutes alone?" Roxy asked in a fake nervous voice.

"I ask you please..." I growled.
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