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Divine Identity

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Cult of the X
Chapter 5: Divine Identity


The verdict was in. The X-men had been skeptical about this so called Church of X, but after hearing the story of Xuthasius and Altantis their views were shaken. It seemed too fantastic to be true. They, the controversial X-men, were descendents from the ancient gods of Atlantis who fought in a world that hated and feared them. The parallels were uncanny. The details were striking. And the Church of X was going to great lengths to show them just how much they believed.

After hearing the story from Ayla and Arion, the high priests of the church, they revealed to them a large collection of statues that surrounded the perimeter of the central chamber. Every one of them was tall, eloquent, and finely detailed. Each one of them depicted the X-men standing in a proud pose and at the base was an inscription of what they represented. Like the Greek, Roman, and Norse gods before them, they each had their purpose. And some were quite intrigued by their roles as defined by the church.

“Wow…” said Bobby as he looked up at the 15-foot statue of his past self, “And I used to think art was boring.”

“I like their tastes,” said Jubilee, whose statue was right next to his, “Says here I’m the goddess of feast and festival.”

“Fitting for a party girl,” grinned Bobby, “And they revere me as the God of ice and winter.”

“Just don’t let it go to your head,” laughed Jubilee.

“As if it already hasn’t?”

As the two youths laughed at their new identity, the rest of X-factor gathered around their statues, which were grouped on the eastern side of the temple core. They read each lable in amazement, finding this new feeling of divinity to have great appeal. It beat being called a menace any day.

“Ha! I knew it!” said Tabitha as she read the inscription, “I’m the goddess of sex, wine, and music.”

“Yeah, big surprise,” mocked Ray.

“Oh? And being the god of lightning and electricity is any better?” scoffed Tabitha, “Seriously, I’ll bet I’m popular around here. I wonder if my past self had the same sense of fun?”

“I’ll bet she never slept through English class,” commented Roberto.

“Hey, I think it’s fitting,” argued Tabitha, “Plus, I look hot in Atlantean clothes!”

The others rolled their eyes. Tabitha had long been a free spirit, but now she had an excuse. If she was labled the goddess of sex and fertility, it would only serve to motivate her. But then again, she wouldn’t be Tabitha if she didn’t have at least some of that spirit.

“Oh boy,” muttered Amara, “Now she’s encouraged.”

“You have my sympathies,” said Roberto.

“The god of the sun is lending support?” joked Amara, “I feel so much better.”

“Hey, if I’m the god of the sun and you’re the goddess of volcanoes, I figure we have more in common.”

“How sweet,” said Amara, smiling as she looked up at her statue.

While others were overwhelmed, Amara took it in stride since her homeland, Nova Roma, had similar reverence for the royal family. While they didn’t call her a goddess, they did revere the imperial family in a similar way. But this was somewhat different. It was humbling to be worshipped for being part of the great legacy of Xuthasius and not just for her bloodline.

“This is really something,” said Sam as he read over his inscription, “It says here Ah’m the god of flight.”

“Sounds better than my role,” said Rahne, “It says I’m the goddess of animals.”

“Hey, it’s still something to be proud of,” said Jamie, putting a hand on her shoulder.

“Easy for you to say,” she scoffed, “You’re the god of family and collective unity.”

“Yeah, but it makes sense when you think about it,” said Jamie, “Being my own big group kind of gives me that group spirit.”

“Looks to me like every one of us has our role,” said Sam, “Hell, even some of our friends were part of the club.”

Drawing his attention to a statue of a winged man, his identity was obvious. Just because not everybody the X-men had worked with was present didn’t meant they weren’t part of Xuthasius and his legacy.

“Hey, that’s Warren, isn’t it?” said Rahne.

“Ah figure the wings are a clear giveaway,” said Sam as he read over the inscription, “He’s the god of the sky. With angels wings, Ah I don’t think he’d argue.”

“Lucky guy,” mused Jamie. “Wonder if he’ll believe us if we tell him.”

“Do you really think ANYBODY would believe us if we told them we’re the incarnations of ancient gods?” said Rahne, “Evan would laugh his butt off if he found out he was the God of the earth and rocks.”

“Point taken,” sighed Jamie, “But I think Scott’s brother wouldn’t mind. It says on his statue he’s the God of the sea.”

“Well he already thinks he is, so why spoil it for him?” laughed Sam.

Even though they were warming to the idea of being gods, it was still an extraordinary notion. If anybody outside this island heard about it, they would probably laugh. But this was a different world. They were actual gods incarnate. And the more they explored, the more intrigued they grew.

“I think Remy has a new appreciation for mythology,” said the Cajun mutant as he looked up at his statue, “Says here I’m de god of chance and game. I’ll bet de gamblers pray to me and so do de femmes.”

“Oh please, why would any woman revere a guy for games of all things?” joked Rogue.

“Guess de rest o’ Atlantis knew how to have fun,” shrugged Remy.

Rogue rolled her eyes. Remy was cocky enough, but now as the descendent of a god he had all the more reason to be.

“Just mah luck,” she muttered, “He walks around actin’ like he’s a god and now part of its actually true.”

“I’m sure you’ll have a lot of fun vith zhat,” joked Kurt.

“Shut up,” she muttered, “Why are you so chipper about this? Ah thought ya were supposed to be the religious one?”

“I am,” said Kurt as he gazed upon his statue, “It’s just nice seeing zhat for some people, I’m not a monster. According to zhis, I am zhe god of adventure and bravery. I am also lauded for my faith in greater forces, vhich I guess can be a reflection of my belief in god.”

“Sound a hell of a lot better den a demon,” remarked Remy.

“Amen, mien friend,” smiled Kurt.

Even though he was Catholic, Kurt couldn’t help but take comfort in knowing there were people who didn’t brand him a monster. Instead of being a demon, he was someone people actually took comfort in rather than being repulsed by his appearance. He often tried to bring comfort to others by talking about his faith in God. Here he accomplished that for simply being who he was. It did conflict with much of his Catholic ideology, but this was in many ways a different kind of faith. It was okay to be intrigued by it.

“You boys are takin’ this too seriously,” remarked Rogue.

“Aw, come now cherè,” said Remy, slipping his arms around her waste, “Don’t tell me ya ain’t happy with bein’ de goddess of de night. Dat’s a pretty nice role. I think it suits ya.”

“Glad ya think so, swamp rat,” she said, managing a smile, “Just feels weird, ya know?”

“Ja, I know zhe feeling,” said Kurt, looking over the inscriptions, “Zhey even pay close attention to our lives. I mean look at zhe story here. It says here ve are zhe children of a deceiver, but ve broke away and joined zhe noble path.”

“Sounds a hell of a lot like breaking away from Mystique if ya ask me,” said Remy.

“Well nobody asked ya,” remarked Rogue, “This is just…it’s a lot to take in. Atlantis, Xuthasius, living gods? Seriously, this is stuff is pretty deep.”

“You zhink zhat’s a bad thing?” wondered Kurt.

“Not entirely,” said Rogue, her voice full of uncertainty, “Ah just have a bad feelin’ about this.”

Rogue’s concerns were valid. Even Kurt and Remy couldn’t deny it. This whole deal seemed too good to be true. And given their past luck, there was always a chance this whole thing would turn on them. But they didn’t want to worry about such things now. For a single moment, they weren’t just freaks living in an oppressive world. For once, they were worshiped and beloved. It was a whole lot better than being scorned.

“My God,” said Kitty as she gazed upon her statue in awe.

“You look good as the goddess of purity and spirit,” commented Piotr.

“Aw, you’re sweet,” she smiled, grasping his hand and giving it an affectionate squeeze, “You are, after all, the god of strength and protection. It’s nice knowing my boyfriend has a title like that going for him.”

“Yes, I too find it encouraging that we all bear such qualities in the form of reverence,” said Beast, whose statue was right next to Kitty’s, “It says here I am the god of knowledge and learning. And remarkably, I am very popular with young children.”

“Guess they think of you as a big teddy bear,” joked Kitty.

“A most curious title given my history,” he said, remembering back to his teaching days, “But I’ll take it.”

“I know. I can’t wait to tell Danielle she’s the goddess of dreams!” said Kitty, “I wonder if her people have legends like that Orion Prophecy.”

“It’s an interesting possibility,” said Beast, his keen mind running through the vast possibilities, “It makes me wonder just how valid this prophecy is. After all, if history really is repeating itself, then who is to say those horrible images of war we saw aren’t poised to follow?”

Kitty and Piotr exchanged looks. Beast had a good point. If this prophecy was true, then what could that mean for the future? The tale of Atlantis was full of bloodshed and war. Even though it led to peace in the end, there was no getting around those horrifying images of the conquest of Manthus.

This Orion Prophecy said the world would face the same great upheaval. The signs were already present. Mutant hatred was rising, Magneto had conquered Genosha, and the world was nearly destroyed by the Phoenix. Was it just coincidence? It was possible, but standing on an island where an entire society revered them as gods made it difficult to discount.

“Wow…” said Jean as she looked upon the statue of herself.

“You okay, Jean?” said Scott, whose statue was right next to Jean’s.

“Yeah, I’m fine. It’s not enough I was once possessed by supreme. Now I’m actually worshiped as one,” she said with a half smile.

“Guess that gives you a leg up on us,” shrugged Scott, smiling as he slipped his arm around his wife’s waist.

Jean let out a deep sigh. The experience with the Phoenix had affected her on many levels. And here she was standing before a statue that celebrated her connection with the Phoenix. It didn’t sit well since the experience was so intense. They seemed to pay a lot of attention to the Phoenix, even if it was a difficult memory for her.

“According to this, you’re connection with the Phoenix makes you the goddess of creation and destruction,” said Scott, reading over the text.

“Big surprise there,” she muttered.

“It also says the Phoenix is connected to the sacred flame that consumed the bodies of Xuthasius and his students. You’re a figure of passion and comfort that many people, especially mutants who can’t control their powers, pray to in hopes of overcoming the same hardships you did.”

“It would be more flattering if I wasn’t still dealing with it,” said Jean, hugging her shoulders at the difficult memories that lingered from the Phoenix.

“But that’s what makes you strong,” said Scott in a warm tone, “They go on to say the only thing more infinite than her power was her passion. Sounds a hell of a lot like the Jean Grey I know.”

“Says you,” said Jean, giving her husband a warm smile.

It was surreal in a sense that she had answers to something that had been bothering her for years. She had lost control of her powers and was subjugated completely by the Hellfire Club where she descended into madness and nearly destroyed the universe with her rage. But her passion could not be snuffed out even by such grand forces like the Phoenix. And like the story said, she overcame it in the end with the help of her friends and loved ones.

“You should be proud of your accomplishments, my lady,” said Ayla, joining the couple as they gazed over their statues, “Your example offers hope to even the most disheartened of beings who feel their lives are beyond control. We speak of you and the Phoenix as a true triumph of heart and spirit. And to this day it remains one of our most popular tales.”

“Doesn’t make what I went through any easier,” she muttered, giving her husband’s hand a firm squeeze.

Ayla’s expression shifted and she humbled herself before her lords.

“Indeed. Forgive me for my ignorance,” she bowed, “But you have so much reason to be proud of your heritage. The both of you hold a great place in our society.”

“What do you mean?” asked Scott.

A smile formed on the elder woman’s face as she reached forth and took their hands.

“Surely you know that the story of the Phoenix would not have ended as it did had love not been such a predominant force. It is clear to anyone who looks over the course of your lives together. You two share a bond that is widely celebrated as the purest love two people can attain. The story of the Phoenix, in addition to being one of hope and struggle, is also a great testament to the power of love. In fact, our rituals for marriage involve prayer to you two in hopes that we may bask in the purity of the love you two share.”

Scott and Jean exchanged looks, moving in a little closer knowing their love was celebrated with such reference. They knew better than anybody how powerful love was. It was because of that love that Jean overcame the overwhelming power of the Phoenix. Their love for each other was great, but now it felt even more special now that it had a touch of divinity. It showed that their love was truly meant to be and despite all the troubles they had faced over the years, they had the bond to help them through it all.

“Amazing,” said Jean, a smile forming on her face, “If I hadn’t actually become one with a cosmic entity, I never would have believed it.”

“And if I hadn’t seen it, neither would I,” added Scott, “Sure makes all those doubts we had back in high school seem foolish, huh?”

“Tell me about it,” said Jean, laughing at such memories, “Glad we have the forces of the divine on our side.”

“Me too.”

Holding hands, the two lovers gazed over their statues with pride. Unlike the others, the large figures of Cyclops and Jean Grey stood close together. And between them, their hands were entwined, symbolizing the unity these souls shared. It was a unity Scott and Jean embraced.. However, it was quickly becoming more than that to them and the rest of the team.

Even the Professor was beginning to look convinced as he gazed over his own statue, which stood tallest of them all. Alongside Logan, Ororo, and Laura his fascination grew and so did his curiosity.

“Charles Xavier, embodiment of Xuthasius the wise,” he read on the inscription, “God of wisdom, peace, and enlightenment. His did his deeds as a mortal and died an immortal. We shall all treasure his gifts.”

“Well spoken, my lord,” said Arion, standing besides the Professor.

“It’s…overwhelming,” mused the Professor, “To think I am worshiped as a god takes quite a bit of humility to accept.”

“Don’t tell me you’re takin’ this that seriously, Chuck,” said Logan, still skeptical.

“How can I not, Logan?” said Xavier, “Prophecy or not, it is a strong belief shared by these people. We cannot afford to just brush it off.”

“Ah hell,” groaned Logan, watching as everybody else seemed swayed by this story.

Looking over at Ororo and Laura, he grew even more worried. Even they believed this crazy mythology. Sure, it had its parallels, but it was just too much. How could they be incarnations of gods? It just didn’t make sense.

“Goddess of the weather,” smiled Ororo as she looked up at her statue, “If I wasn’t already one back home I might actually be surprised.”

“Guess that means you also have a leg up on everybody else,” said Laura, her eyes fixated on the statue of her and Logan, “It says here I am the child prodigy of Wolverine, the warrior god. I’m also worshiped as the goddess of loyalty and familial bonds.”

“That should come as no surprise, Laura,” smiled Ororo, “With the way you’ve taken to Logan as family, I think it’s a rightful title.”

Laura smiled back at Ororo’s encouragement. Even though they weren’t related by blood, she had been like a mother to her since Logan had adopted her. They worked through a lot of difficulties early on, but she was there for the both of them. Laura often wondered if it was because of her that her father and Ororo were growing close. She often wondered if it would lead to something more, but she figured it would be better to let things unfold as they should.

“Rightful or not, it still doesn’t make this crap true,” said Logan.

“Oh come on, father,” argued Laura, “You can’t discount everything. It does seem to fit in a ways.”

“That’s the reason I think its bullshit,” quipped the former living weapon, “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say it was just some legend taken one step too far.”

“Yes, I see your point, Logan,” said Ororo, not taking her eyes off her statue, “But having been a goddess in my own right, I think you fail to see the point.”

“And what point is that?” said Logan, still skeptical.

“It’s not a matter of legend. It’s a matter of faith. Even if these tales are fantastic in their own right, it doesn’t take away from their spiritual power. It only takes people who are willing to embrace it.”

Logan didn’t have a response for that. Ororo had a way of putting things into the right perspective. Even though he found it hard to believe these fantastic stories, he could not deny their power. Arion, Ayla, and everybody else on the island took them very seriously. It was not an easy phenomenon to just up and cast aside.

Turning his attention to his own statue, Logan thought about their predicament. Here they were on an island where they were worshiped as gods. They were the reincarnations of beings from an empire that much of the world thought was a myth. No matter how unbelievable it seemed, there was no denying its power.

“You look good as the God of warrior spirit,” smiled Ororo, moving in closer to ease his tense state.

“Don’t push it, darlin’,” said Logan.

“Well you do. And whether you believe it or not, you should be proud.”

It didn’t alleviate his concerns, but the beautiful weather goddess had a way of making the Wolverine feel better. Looking up at his statue, he couldn’t help but be wonder what effects this knowledge would have on them. It was already leaving a mark on the team, but this was just the beginning.

“I hope our monuments are to your liking, my lord,” said Arion with a smile.

“Yes, well…it’s rather overwhelming,” said Xavier, still trying to maintain a level head.

“I would imagine so,” said the high priest, “But now that you have the answers you sought, might I ask what your plans are? Do you wish to return to your institute or would you like to stay with us a while longer? We would certainly honor your presence here and we could use your assistance.”

“I have given it some thought,” said Xavier, rubbing his chin deep, “Tell me, where exactly are the records you found in Egypt?”

“In this very temple, of course,” answered Arion, “Except we don’t allow the public to view them in their entirety. Much of the relics are too sacred to risk being stolen or misused.”

“I see,” said Xavier, still fixated on his statue, “What about the Orion Prophecy? Is it there as well?”

“It is. But it’s a very large piece of text. We’ve translated a great deal, but there are still details we have yet to decipher. In fact, it has been a precarious point of contention within our church because not everybody agrees on the true meaning.”

Professor Charles Xavier was not easily swayed by fantastic claims, but with something this grand that involved him and the rest of his students he couldn’t let it go unnoticed. There had to be more to this story and he wouldn’t believe it completely until he had something hard to convince him.

“I assure you, my lord,” said Arion, “If you wish to stay, our people will ensure your time here is as pleasant as possible. We’d be more than happy to share what we found if you would honor us so.”

However, before the Professor could respond, Logan cut in.

“Whoa, wait up, Chuck,” said Logan upon hearing the Arion’s offer, “Don’t tell me we’re actually sticking around.”

Others quickly joined, the idea of staying on an island where they were worshipped as gods holding a great deal of appeal.

“Oh come on, Mr. Logan!” said Jamie, “Why not make it a vacation or something?”

“Yeah, and besides, it might be best if we lie low until the insanity back in New York dies down,” said Kitty.

“But wouldn’t that only make things worse?” reasoned Scott, “Knowing the media, they’ll use our disappearance as confirmation that we were involved.”

“Ah let Magneto and his Genosha boys handle it,” scoffed Gambit, “Ya know how it’ll go. People will exchange threats, but won’t do anythin’ in the long run. That’s politics for ya.”

With a disgruntled groan, Logan was outvoted. This was the first place they had visited where mutants weren’t in danger every waking hour. He couldn’t blame them all for wanting to stay, but that didn’t make it safe in his mind. These people were really out there. They thought they were gods. Even if it’s not as bad as being a menace it’s still a threat. But nobody else seemed to see that.

“Please Logan?” said Jubilee, giving him the puppy dog eyes she had perfected.

“Yeah, pretty please?” said Tabitha, going along with it, “You of all people could use a vacation.”

Shaking his head in exasperation, the Wolverine knew when he was defeated. It was bad enough everybody believed this fantastic story, but sticking around would surely bring more complications.

“It ain’t my call,” sighed Logan, “It’s up to you, Prof. If ya wanna stay, then that’s what will do.”

“In that case, we will remain here and monitor media activity from a distance,” said the Professor assertively, “In the meantime, I would like to study the Orion Prophecy.

“But of course,” bowed Arion, “We will show you everything. We owe as such to the living incarnation of the Atlantean gods.”

“Enough with the divinity talk,” muttered Logan, “It’s already goin’ to everybody’s head.”

“Ah don’t mind,” shrugged Sam, “Heck, Ah haven’t had a vacation in a dogs age.”

“Me neither,” said Hank, “And I would very much like to study some of this wondrous technology.”

“Studying on a vacation?” laughed Ray, “Where’s the fun in that?”

“To each his own, I guess,” shrugged Jean, “So if we’re going to be here awhile, where can we stay?”

Arion and Ayla smiled, years of work and research finally coming to ahead. What they had discovered truly shook them, but not nearly as much as it did with these remarkable beings. And whether they knew it or not, they were the key to the world’s salvation.

“That, my lady, we have already prepared,” said Arion, “Come, we’ll show you to the palace.”

“Palace?” said Rahne.

“Man, this place just keeps getting better!” grinned Bobby.

Brimming with excitement over the notion of an actual vacation, the X-men followed the high priest and priestess out of the chamber. Yet as they left, the Professor took one last gaze at his statue. He wasn’t sure why, but he had that feeling in the pit of his stomach that something was off. He didn’t know what it was, but he was determined to find out.


While the X-men explored their new identity as reincarnated gods, the rest of the world continued to reel from the events in New York. Protests broke out in major cities across the world between anti-mutant and pro-mutant factions. The anti-mutant crowd believed the X-men were guilty of attempted assassination while the pro-mutant crowd believed they were set up. Leaders pushed for peace, bringing in the National Guard and issuing martial law to preserve order. But no place was hit harder than the island of Genosha.

Once a vast police state run by an anti-mutant zealot named Cameron Hodge, it was now the only state in the world where mutants were the only citizens. Much of the world classified it as a terror state run by dangerous mutants, but to many it was the only place of refuge. And it was all run by one of the most powerful mutants on the planet, Magneto.

In his main citadel, Magneto watched with growing anxiety at news feeds of global protests for each side. Anti-mutant activists took to the streets and clashed with peace activists who claimed the X-men were being scapegoated. While the worst seemed to have passed, the aftermath was just beginning. And through it all, Professor Charles Xavier and his X-men seemed to have disappeared off the face of the Earth.

“Bigoted fools,” muttered the master of magnetism.

“Magneto?” came a voice from the main entrance to his private chambers.

“Come in, Mystique,” he said in a low tone.

Magneto didn’t look to be in a good mood, but one could hardly blame him. Mystique was just as furious. Her children, Kurt and Rogue, had been in that battle and she had yet to find a trace of their presence. Even though they were estranged, she still hoped they were safe somewhere.

“Three more calls came in from the UN,” she said, hiding her concern under a veil of stone cold anger.

“I already gave them several statements,” replied Magneto in an irritated voice, “Tell them to either accept them or file a formal request with Pietro.”

“That won’t be good enough.”

“I know. They’re looking for answers and they expect us to have them.”

“I already have Wanda leading a covert investigation with the Brotherhood,” said Mystique, “I’m sure she’ll uncover the truth one way or another.”

“Let’s hope so,” mused Magneto, “Tensions are growing. War may be upon us sooner than we expected.”

“Isn’t that a good thing? Isn’t that what you’ve always fought for?” said Mystique dryly.

Magneto sighed, his thoughts drifting back to the path he so clearly laid out all those years ago. At one point, he would have celebrated the possibility of an oncoming war. But after enduring the wrath of Apocalypse and seeing one death too many for his kind, the idea of a bloody war between humans and mutants seemed less appealing.

“What of Xavier?” he asked, changing the subject, “Any word on what happened to them?”

“No,” said Mystique, hiding her concern for Kurt and Rogue, “There were some rather unusual reports though. Stories are floating around of some strange soldiers assisting Xavier and taking him and the X-men away on some crazy submarine that could fly.”

Magneto cast the shape shifter a skeptical look. Even by his standards, that story was far fetched.

“Don’t give me that look,” frowned Mystique, “I know it sounds crazy, but that’s what they’re saying. Other than that, there hasn’t been a trace of Xavier or the X-men.”

The master of magnetism thought about this for a moment. Having faced the X-men many times before, he knew how resourceful they were. But a story about soldiers and some strange flying submarine didn’t just come out of thin air.

“I see,” he said, turning off the news feeds, “We must look into this further. Xavier is many things, but he is certainly not one to run and disappear.”

“I’ll come along,” said Mystique, “If something happened to them, I have to make sure my kids are okay.”

“Very well,” said Magneto, grabbing his helmet, “We must also prepare. I have a feeling this investigation will take some time and I would very much like some answers.”


Back on Xavier Island deep within the main temple, the obscured figure Isaac secluded himself in the main archives where much of the knowledge surrounding their organization resided. Ayla and Arion were meticulous about keeping the information they found in Egypt secure and orderly. Many officials studied these holy scriptures, but Isaac studied hardest.

He was a lifelong scholar who dedicated his life to prophecy. From Nostradamus to the Bible, he believed that the future of mankind could be predicted and shaped. His entire family was part of the Branch Dividian sect of Christianity, a sect that had deep roots in prophecy. But after the massacre at Waco Texas the group had become discredited and he had to search for answers somewhere else. And after decades of toil, he believed he finally had what he was looking for in the Orion Prophecy

“They’re here,” he mused, “They’re really here. So what’s next? There must be more to the prophecy.”

Frustrated, he combed over books and digitized manuscripts. The volume of information was vast. Most of it was stored in advanced computers that had only recently become active after 10,000 years. They operated differently from contemporary machines, but this didn’t stop Isaac.

“I have to know. I have to…”

He had been at it for too long. His body was finally catching up with him. As much as he wanted answers, he was only human. Rubbing the exhaustion out of his eyes, he turned to some of the other terminals to divert his attention.

Going over the monitors, images of the X-men and representations of their past selves flashed across the screen. Artemis said they were the ones and so far, Isaac was inclined to believe him. But even if they were, that still didn’t answer the burning question. What was next?

Suddenly, he came across an image of Magneto, a man who had been in the news a lot lately. A shiver ran through his spine as he stopped, gazing at the face of the man the world feared.

“Magneto…” he said aloud.

Going back to the manuscripts he had been looking over, he feverishly sought a single passage. He had a hunch. There was something about this man that mattered. He just couldn’t put his finger on it.

Then he found it. It was a small, heavily weathered tapestry engraved on a slab of granite. The text was in an ancient form, but Isaac had been trained to read such words and as soon as he deciphered them, his face lit up.

“By the gods…that’s it!”

Going back over to the screen, he dug deeper into information about Magneto. He noticed there was a small video clip in the archives from news footage that the church kept when monitoring their lords. Curious, he played it.

“This world stands on the brink of a battle the likes of which humanity has never seen before!” proclaimed Magneto before a crowd in Genosha, “We are the strong…born with power that sets us apart from humanity. Yet we are hated and oppressed for our differences. Alone we will suffer, but together we will teach humanity to accept their fate. Let the old order fade and a new arise in the name of Homo Superior!”

Cheers echoed in the crowd. And as Isaac froze the shot of Magneto’s expression, a smile spread across his face. This was exactly what he had been looking for. There wasn’t a sliver of doubt in his mind. This proved it.

“The time is finally here. The corrupt world order of the old shall crumble and Earth shall tremble. The glory of Atlantis will rise again! So it is written in the Orion Prophecy.”


AN: The Branch Dividians are a real sect of Christianity that do have roots in biblical prophecy. Just thought I’d point that out.

Up next: The X-men adapt to life as gods while Isaac makes plans
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