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4 Friends live together in a House. 1 of them has a secret. Written By Jessica, Karli, Kelsey, and Michelle. Rating for future chapters. Lots of cursing.

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A/N:This story is an experiment between me and my friends please tell me if you like it. If you do then It shall continue.


Karli reached for the alarm."SHIT!" she fell. there was a loud thump.

"Karli?Did you fall off of the bed again?" Screamed Kelsey from the other bedroom.

"Yeah. What else is new?" Karli yelled.

"Your such a dork!" Yelled Michelle.

"Hey Jessica didn't Insult me today!" Karli screamed while getting up.

"You fucking whore you woke me up again!!!!!"Jessica roared angrily.

"Scratch that!" Karli yelled.

They all walked into the kitchen and sat down to eat breakfast.

"Hurry Up! We only have 45 minutes to get to the movies!!!!!" Said Michelle.

"OK" Karli said consumed in her magazine.

"I'm Not Going."Said Jessica.

"What!!!"Kelsey said. She Walked over to Jessica and slapped her.

"I don't want to... I ... I don't feel that well" Said Jessica

"Okay Bitch Whatever"Karli said.

"OK well lets get dressed" Michelle said. 20 Minutes later Karli, Kelsey, and Michelle Left the house. About 10 Minutes after they left the doorbell rang. Jessica got up off of her fat ass and Answered the fucking door.

"Hey sexy."Frank Iero said.

I sure hope you did. This chapter written by Karli Dischner. Give her some props!!!
And tell her that she has a fat ass not me.
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