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Chapter 1

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Frankie and jessica 1/2 of the time and the movies the rest of the time. I think

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"Hey Frank! Whats up!? I havent seen you in so long!!!!!!" Jessica screamed. Frankie Just Smiled.

"I Know. I wanted to see you. We were in town so i decided to come see my girl." Frank said While kissing jesica.

"Wheres the guys?" Jessica asked.


"Mmm okay. Lets go to my room Frankie."

"Ok" Jessica grabbed frankies tie and pulled him towards her bedroom.

Meanwhile Downstairs.

"GOD FRANKIE!" Gerard Yelled. Bob Smiled and walked away.

"Ok lets see. Frank and Jess are probably having kinky sex in her room." Mikey Said. Ray smiled and started to crack up.

"WHAT!!!" Mikey Yelled.

"Nothing." Ray said.

"fucker."Gerard Whispered.

"I HEARD THAT!!!!!" Frankie Yelled.

"How the hell did he hear that and not the rest of the stuff we said?" Gerard Asked everyone.

"IDK My BFF jill."Ray said.

"Wheres Bob???" Mikey Asked.

"IDk My Bff Jill." Ray Said Again.

"What The Fuck?" Gerard Asked.

"IDk My--"

"Ok We Get It!!!!!" Frankie Yelled.

"OHEMGE!" Jessica Yelled." Frank Just Fuck Me already!!!!"


"Ok You guys this movie sucks!" Kelsey Whispered loudly.

"SHHHHH" Everyone yelled.

"Im going home. Maybe i'll be lucky and Gerard Way Will be sitting on the doorstep." She said While getting up.

"Yeah Right Kels. He is Famous. Like he's Gonna Be on our doorstep!" Michelle Whispered Loudly. Kelsey Walked out of the theatre and Walked over to the car. When She got home she noticed the limo in her drive way. She shook it off and Parked in her space. She took her keys and Waklked up to the 3rd floor. When She Turned the corner She heard Familiar Voices. She looked in the direction they were comming from and Screamed.

"WOAH!" Gerard Yelled.

"h-h-h-h-h-hii" Kelsey Studdered. "Can I get in my apartment please Mr. Way's and Mr Toro and Wheres Mr. Bryar?!?!" She asked.

"In The limo." Mikey Said.

"Oh. Do You guys wanna come in?"

NO!" They all yelle din unison.

"Why?" Kelsey asked.

"Go find out Yourself!" Ray Said.

"Ok well you guys are welcome in anytime. I will leave the door open. Ok?" Said Kelsey

"OK!!!!" Mikey Said. Kelsey Walked inside of the apartment and heard noises coming from jessica's room. Kelsey Walked toward her room and looked through the keyhole. She Screamed When She Saw Jessica And Frank Having Sex.

"Holy Shit Jessica I didn't Know You Fucked Frank Iero!" She Yelled. Kelsey Ran To the door and Screamed.

"OMG! I need To text the girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" She Screamed.
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