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Chapter 2

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'OMG! MCR was on our doorstep!!!!' Kelsey Text. Everyone was sitting in the House Just waiting for Jessica and Frank to come out of the Room. All of a sudden Kelsey Jumped up.

"1 New Text" Kelsey said to herself.

"Lemme See!" Gerard Yelled while taking the phone away from Kelsey.

"Yeah right. Once again there famous And if they are there send me a pic!!!" Gerard read allowed. He laughed and Sat next to bob Ray and Mikey.

"KELSEY! come here!" Gerard Yelled. Kelsey smiled and took a picture with her phone. She sent the picture and Waited for Them to text back. Right after she texted them Jessica nad Frank came out of the room, Smiling like Hell.

"Woah! im sure you two had fun." Ray said.

"Umm yeah we did. I missed that" Frank Said.

"DUDE! KELSEY!!!! HI!!!!" Jessica yelled whilst trying to hide the guys.

"Jessica I already know" Kelsey said.

"Okay then. Im hungry lets go eat." Jessica said.

"I know the best italian Bistro, Its just around the corner. We can walk through the park." Kelsey said.

"Ok that sounds cool." Bob said. They all walked down to the Bistro and Picked up some stuff to go. When they got to the park they set up a blanket and sat on it. After they got everything set up it was Sunset.

"I love you Jessica." Frank said.

"Woah. Really, I mean we've only been going out for 3 1/2 Years." Jessica Said.

"Oh" Franks Whispered.

"I mean, I love you to." She said while kissing him. He smiled into the kiss and Pulled her left hand towards him, He slipped A Ring on her finger. She answered his question my deapining the kiss.

"GET A ROOM!!!!" Kelsey and Mikey yelled at the same time. all of them started to laugh.

"Way to ruin the moment." Frank said.

"YES!" Jessica said while leaning on his shoulder
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