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/Matt's P.O.V/

We all walked into the cabin and found Andy crying on the bed. A piece of paper was in his hand. I recognized the hand writing on it, it was Andrea's. The designs embedded on the outside were familiar too, but it can't be. She said she had let go, she said she didn't carry it around anymore; she said it was false hope, /she lied/. "What's that?" I asked. Andy's gaze shot up and he wiped his eyes.

"Guys wh- what are you doing here?" He stammered trying to cover up the fact that he was crying.

"We followed you." Ryan told him

"I knew it!" I screamed "I knew you knew more about where Andrea was then you were telling us!"

"That... that's not true! I had no idea she was here!"

"LIAR! Then how did you get the song she wrote about you! She carries it with her everywhere!"

"I-I-I" he stammered

"You're disgusting" Sonny spat at him. "Why would you do these things to your own sister?"

"To protect us." He said

"WHAT!" we all yelled

"Tyler and Cindi, their real names are Vanessa and Joshua Hines. There were Andrea's best friends before I left. I guess when she got depressed and wouldn't talk to anyone they gave up. Finally when she met Matt they tried to talk to her again, but Matt was always there and she hardly noticed them. They thought she abandoned them when really it was the other way around. So they have a grudge against her. I overheard their plan to make Andrea write them a song. They saw me and threatened to reveal everything about mine and Andrea's past if I didn't pretend to hate Andrea to take the heat off them"

"What's so secretive about your past?" Pete asked Andy.

"I can't tell you."

"I don't believe you." I glared at Andy, "Why should I?"

"Because he is telling the truth."

We all turned to see a blonde boy and a blonde girl.

"Cindi, Tyler what are you two doing here?" Joe asked them

"Hello Vanessa, Josh" Andy said through his teeth

"Oh Andy you ruin all the fun" The girl squealed.

"Where is my sister?" Andy asked them

"What you mean Andy was telling the truth?" I asked bewildered

"Yes he was, but we'll spare you the humiliation of you 'friends' finding out about you because we've done something much better" Josh smirked

"Where is my sister?" Andy asked them again

"It gets dark in about an hour" Josh chuckled looking out the window

"Where's my fucking sister!?" Andy screamed at them

"I don't know" Vanessa smirked "But good luck finding her"

She took the paper out of his hand, winked and left the cabin with her brother. We all exchanged knowing glances and ran from the cabin.
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