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Will they find Andrea?

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/Andrea's P.O.V/

I opened my eyes and it was pitch black, something heavy was crushing into my stomach. I tired to yell for help but no sound came out of my mouth. I racked my brain for some kind of explanation for this, but the last thing I remembered was fighting with my two best friends, Vanessa and Josh Hines. They thought that I had been spending too much time with my friend Matt and not enough time with them. It's not my fault my mother had taken my license away from when Vanessa and I went joy riding and hit a stop sign. But they would hear nothing of that. I have to remember to call her in the morning. I squirmed to get myself out of the iron grip on my chest but it seemed to get tighter the more I tired to get out. Surely I must be dreaming. Pain this intense could never happen in the real world. I must be having a nightmare, I would never willing go out at night, I'm terrified of the dark. I heard a sound to my right and spun my head to get a better look. Which was a bad idea, whatever was holding my snapped and I started to fall until something hard collided with my chest, knowing my breath out of me. Whatever I hit I grabbed onto and held onto to keep myself from hitting the ground.

"Hello?" an unfamiliar voice asked. "Andrea is that you?" How does this person know my name? I have to be dreaming, I must be dreaming.

"Ryan did you find her?" a voice begged.

"I thought I heard something over there." A beam of light pointed to my left. They don't know where I am, for the time being. That's good, that gives me sometime to get away. This is what I hate about the dark, you can never tell what's right in front of you, or in this case what's bellow you. I have to get away from these people, even if it's just a dream.

I waited until I couldn't hear their conversation anymore, and the flashlight seemed like a distant twinkle. I prayed that I wasn't that far from the ground, and let go of whatever I was holding onto. I fell for what seemed like forever before hitting the ground with a hard thud.

"What was that?" a voice to my left asked.

"I don't know" another answered.

"Pete go check it out."

"Why me, it could be a raccoon or a skunk or something,"

"You want to find Andrea don't you?" the first one asked him.

"Well yes,"

"Then go!"


A bean of light swept of my legs and I quickly pulled them close to me. I started crawling along the ground keeping an eye behind me at all times. I was looking behind my when the earth beneath my hand gave way and I began to tumble down a hill. I rolled until I landed with a splash into the water. I had hit my head pretty hard when I had fell out of what I'm guessing was a tree. I must be in a forest; this can't be a dream then. But how the hell did I get here. I crawled out of the water and laid down on the grass. My head was throbbing and I was freezing down to my bones. I decided a small nap couldn't hurt, and I shut my eyes.

/Andy's P.O.V/

"Pete is there anything over there?" I yelled to the darkness.

"I don't know but I heard a splash." Joe commented from beside me.

"Yeah I did too!" Pete called from somewhere in front of us. "You don't think they stashed her in the lake did they?"

"Pete they don't want to kill her." I shouted back, "At least I hope not."

"Let's go find the others and check the lake side then." Joe suggested.

"Hey guys you should come look at this" Pete said emerging from the forest with a worried look on his face. In his hand he had a hoodie, he had Andrea's hoodie. The one she had on the day she disappeared.

"Pete where'd you find that?" I asked him.

"It was on a tree branch, pretty high up."

It was Andrea's favorite hoodie, I had given it to her before we left home. All of us had signed it and written crazy quotes on it. I thought she would have gotten rid of it.

"There you guys are." Patrick panted running up to us with Matt Ryan and Sonny at his heel. "We were here just a little while ago. What's all this commotion about?"

I showed them the hoodie. It was all ripped up and torn.

"That's Andrea's favorite hoodie." Matt gasped "Where'd you find it?"

"In a tree. They must have put her up there. She must have...fallen out."

"I told you I heard something!" Ryan yelled.

"Well then why didn't you check it out!" Matt screamed punching him in the chest.

"Guys calm down!" I hollered at them. "Fighting isn't going to do us any good. Now we heard a splash so I suggest we check out the lake."

"What how long ago? What if she's drowning?" Matt said frantically running towards the edge of the lake.

"Man he's edgy" Pete said under his breath.

"There's something not right about him." Ryan agreed.

"What do you mean?" I asked as we all followed Matt to the lake's edge.

"Well he just randomly decided to come to this camp, that Andrea's mother sent her too with out consulting anyone else. The same camp that our parents sent us to because it's for 'troubled teens'. He only started dating Andrea after we got to this camp. He was never suspicious of Cindi and Tyler or Vanessa and Josh whatever their names are, he was the only one that didn't believe you when you told him about them. He knew exactly what that paper Andrea had 'left' at that cabin said. And when I heard that noise which apparently was Andrea, he is the one that suggested we look elsewhere. If you ask me, He's in on it." Ryan explained.

"That's a lot to think about." Sonny nodded as we reached the edge of the forest and stepped onto the lakes edge.

/Matt's P.O.V/

I ran out of the forest and say Andrea lying next to the lake. She was never supposed to get out of the tree. I don't know how she fell out. I can't let them find her just yet, I don't think she has learned her lesson. I picked her up and dragged her towards a canoe sitting by the waters edge. I placed her inside it and pushed it back into the forest. I called Vanessa and told her where she was. Then I walked back to the water and jumped in.

"Andrea!" I screamed slashing at the water, "I'm coming baby hold on!"

"Matt calm down." I heard Andy say and I spun around. The whole group was there. I smiled to myself at the deception I had created. They all approached me as I climbed out of the water.

"I- I don't know where she is." I sobbed.

"Save it." Andy hissed at me. I swallowed the lump in my throat. "Now tell us everything you know."
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