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My fanfic drabbles for the new Fox television show. I joined a challenge where I was given 100 prompt words. In exchange, I need to write 100 ficlets. It's been fun and challenging so far. Enjoy!

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Disclaimers: I do not own nor make a profit from this. Rightful owners are Josephson Entertainment and Far Field Productions in association with 20th Century Fox Television.

AN: Possible spoilers for the pilot episode.


As the Boeing 757 landed on the runway in Washington DC, Temperance looked out the small, dingy plane window at the freshly mown grass and leaves rustling in the light breeze. The two months she had just spent in Guatemala, identifying genocide victims, had been a unique and unforgettable experience. She had even safely tucked a very interesting specimen into her duffle bag. Thoughts of studying it under all the resources and microscopes available to her at the Jeffersonian Institute danced in her mind.

When the plane taxied to a stop at its assigned gate, Temperance immediately stood and retrieved her bag and laptop. She had flown first class, like she always did, but not because she craved the extra attention. Truthfully, she would be much happier if the attendants just left her alone. Her reasons for traveling first class amounted to simplicity, a quieter atmosphere, more space, better handling of her luggage, and the enticing perquisite of being one of the first ones to deplane. After a more than twelve-hour flight, all she wanted to do was be on solid ground for longer than an hour, find Angela, and go home.

Home being the Jeffersonian, of course. Temperance spent more time there and in her laboratory than at her apartment. She knew she was secluding herself from society, but she loved her work. She lived for her work. Besides, at the moment, she had total writer's block. Many nights in Guatemala had been spent staring at the menacing computer screen and keyboard for hours before giving up and going to bed. Her readers were already demanding a sequel to her recently published best selling book. She had explained in a rather lengthy email to her publisher that she had ended the novel for a reason. Plus, she didn't write sequels.

After the flight attendants opened the door and the ramp was securely moved into place, Temperance disembarked and walked briskly towards the lobby. She glanced from side to side, looking for Angela. When her eyes finally located her dear friend, she shook her head in disbelief but couldn't hide the knowing smile. By the look on the male airport employee's face, he was receiving a very revealing show. Little did Temperance know that this was just the beginning of a very interesting chain of events.
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