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Written in first person.

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Disclaimers: I do not own nor make a profit from this. Rightful owners are Josephson Entertainment and Far Field Productions in association with 20th Century Fox Television.

Author's Notes: Possible spoiler if you have not seen episode 1.02, "The Man in the SUV". This is a missing scene told through Angela's eyes, written in first person.


My reflection is still ashen as I stare into the bathroom mirror. I can't believe that Tempe can look at those melted, charred remains without flinching although I know that she has seen far worse. I could feel my stomach begin to churn and just knew I had to get away from the crime scene.

I caught a glimpse of Zack photographing the victim and the body parts, but he didn't seem upset. Why did I have such an amateurish reaction to the scene? I see bones all the time. I've seen partially deteriorated corpses, but this was different. It was fresh. It was raw. The air still held the distinctive, lingering smell of burning flesh and smoldering rubble.

I remember glancing at Seeley's face as I indecisively toyed with the evidence bag before practically tossing it back into Tempe's arms. I expected to see him frown disapprovingly at me, but he didn't. His expression looked sympathetic and concerned. I thought I even caught a similarly matching twinge of repulsion on his face, regarding the task before them, but I surely had to be mistaken. He has seen this before, right? He was use to it.

I just hope he stayed to help my friend. I'm sure he did. I know Tempe was counting on me, and the look she gave me was a mixture of hurt and understanding. She knows that I'll do just about anything for her, but I couldn't stay and watch her sift through what was left of the victim. Not this time. Maybe next time.
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