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The Bone Yard

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I wrote this towards the end of October, so I gave it a little bit of Halloween flair.

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Disclaimers: I do not own nor make a profit from this. Rightful owners are Josephson Entertainment and Far Field Productions in association with 20th Century Fox Television. Also, I make no profit from the mention of Michael Jackson's song, "Thriller", nor Vincent Price's rap voiceover.

Author's Notes: No spoilers, and I had a blast writing this one. It doubled as a challenge in a
Bones/ community to use the title phrase in the story./

The Bone Yard

"Where are we going again?" Seeley asked as he and Temperance drove down a hilly mountain road in Virginia. The storm outside raged against their vehicle as lightening streaked ominously in front of them, cracking sharply and making both of its passengers jump in their seats.

Temperance glanced at him before she answered, "It's called The Bone Yard. I've told you this a dozen times."

"Yeah, yeah, I know what it's called. I've never heard of it. What is it?" As an afterthought, he quickly added, "You have not told me twelve times."

"Yes, I have," she calmly answered before asking, "What do you think it is?"

"Well, knowing you and your sense of humor, or lack of," Seeley paused for a moment, chuckling as Temperance shook her head at his comment, "I'd say that it is a cemetery."

Temperance's smirk widened and the lightening flashed again, reflecting off her amused eyes. "A cemetery? Well, I speculate you could call it that if you were so inclined."

"I could call it many things, I suppose. Graveyard. Burial grounds. A final resting place."

"Don't forget necropolis," she added.

"Or, it's a dark, stormy night," Seeley continued, ignoring her interjection, "so we could be raiding a crypt, tomb, morgue..."

"Catacomb, mausoleum, sepulcher," she finished, annoyed by his various names for places where bodies are sometimes buried. "Turn at the next crossroad."

Seeley began to slow down, flicking on the brights so that he could see the reflection of the road sign. He could hear a crunching sound as he turned onto the gravel road. A huff of displeasure escaped his lips as the stones from the road stuck in the tread of his tires and pelted the underbody of his SUV.

A sly smile graced Temperance's lips upon hearing his unspoken exasperation. "There's a drive on the other side of the bridge. It's on your left. Turn there."

"You're loving this, aren't you?" Seeley asked, creeping up to the old, dilapidated wooden bridge that looked like it would cave into the waters below it under too much weight.

"It'll hold us, but I wouldn't take your sweet time crossing it," she matter-of-factly answered.

His black SUV coasted onto the bridge, and Seeley could feel the bridge sag under the weight of the vehicle. The structural object seemed to groan tiredly. He gave it some gas, and the SUV suddenly lurched forward as it cleared the bridge. "Next time, maybe we should bring something lighter," he suggested, turning onto a winding driveway.

"You're the one that always insists on driving," she smugly replied. She could see the cabin, hidden behind all the trees. The flashing lightening added to its foreboding appearance.

As Seeley pulled up to the cabin, he read the words over the doorway.

Welcome to The Bone Yard

He chortled as he glanced over at Temperance. "This is your bone yard?"

"For the thirteenth time, this is The Bone Yard," she emphasized the correct name of the dwelling. "This is where I come when I need certain 'supplies'," Temperance quipped. She slipped out of the passenger seat.

"Supplies? What kind of supplies?" he asked curiously, reaching for his door handle.

"Just stay here. I'll be right back," she instructed before slamming the door shut and walking up the path to the cabin's entrance.

"Sure. That's what they all say," Seeley mocked inside the quiet SUV. How many movies had he seen when the actor or actress said, /I'll be right back/, and they never returned? Reaching over, he turned on the radio. The sound of Vincent Price, reading the voiceover from Michael Jackson's song, "Thriller", filled the SUV. The FBI agent felt a shiver creep up his spine as another lightening bolt snapped and thunder loudly clapped above him. He remembered this song from his childhood but hadn't heard it for many years.

Suddenly, it was quiet, except for the light rain outside. The silence was abruptly interrupted by Vincent's maniacal laughter at the end of the narration as it echoed threateningly inside the SUV. At the same time, a burst of light illuminated the night sky.

Seeley jumped unexpectedly and apprehensively looked out into the temporarily brightened night. "Very funny, Bones. Very funny," he muttered under his breath.

"What did I do now?" a voice inquired as the car door opened and shut, and Temperance slid into the passenger seat.

"You heard me?" Seeley asked.

"Read your lips. The lightening lit this place up like an Alaskan summer night," she answered. "And don't call me Bones anymore."

The FBI agent smirked. "Anything you say, Doc."
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