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009-- Andrew Usenik

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Ten Second Epic Singer: Andrew

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"Cam!" The voice called. "We're home!"

That voice, I know it, I haven't heard it in months but I know it. I heard footsteps but continued to stare at my ceiling trying to figure out whose voice was calling my name.

"Camille Lovering where are you?" The voice yelled again. Next I heard a loud pounding on my frail oak door. "Cam I'm sorry please come out" The voice pleaded. I looked to my bedside dresser. An empty bottle of anti-depressants stared back at me. I sighed and shoved them into a drawer. My memory still blurred from the pills started to come back. I was mad at the voice, but I loved the voice. I sighed once again and ran my hand over the scars on my arm, another failed attempt at suicide. The reasons avoided me, but I knew they would come back eventually.

"Cam please I love you, I was an idiot I'm sorry"

I opened the door and threw my arms around the figure which the voice belonged too. Andrew, his name was Andrew. Andrew Usenik and he was my boyfriend.

I looked around and it all started coming back to me. Patrick, Daniel, Sandy and Craig stood around us; they were our friends and Andrew's band mates in Ten Second Epic. Nine months ago they got singed to a record label and went on tour. The other guys invited their girlfriends along but Andrew didn't even tell me. I found out a month later on TV. They were doing an interview on Much Music and he claimed he didn't have a girl friend and was better off without one.

"Cam, what's this?" Andrew asked me running his finger over one of the scars on my wrist. It made me shiver.

"It's nothing" I said pulling my sweater back over the eight month old scars. "So how was the tour guys?" I asked desperate to change the subject. "I saw you on Much" I glanced toward Andrew and he froze. The rest of the group stared at him. He took my hand and looked into my eyes.

"Camille I'm sorry I told the whole world before I told you" He said his eyes pleading. "I was just so excited."

I snatched my hand away disgusted. "You're damn right you should be sorry!" I yelled at him, he stared back at me confused. "If you wanted to break up with me so badly, all you had to do was call."

I heard Patrick chuckle and I glared at him, "What?" I spat.

"You didn't watch the whole show did you?" He chuckled again.

"No I turned it off after the 'I'm better off without one' line" I replied turning my gaze back to Andrew.

"Well if you had kept watching" Andrew told me "You would have heard me say that I didn't want a girlfriend.... Because I wanted a fiancée"

He got down on one knee and produced a velvet box from his pocket. My eyes swelled with tears at the thought that only moments ago I was praying for death, to avoid this boy.

"Camille Lovering, will you make me the happiest man alive and become Mrs. Camille Usenik?"

"Oh Andrew" I sighed "Of course I will, your arms are my only safe ground."

"Hey no quoting the band" He laughed kissing me and slipping the ring on my finger.
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