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010-- Frank Ireo

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One shot for a writers group on quizilla.

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I stared out the window, and there he stood, surrounded by his usual entourage of girls swooning over him, like he noticed them, like he noticed anyone, myself included. In fact not many people noticed me, why should he be so important. I guess it's the fact that I fell for him the second I saw him./ Love at first site./ I always thought it worked both ways, you fell for them, and they fell for you. I guess I was wrong.

The bell rang, signaling the end of another day of torture. I pushed my headphones into my ears and turned to music up so loud that it hurt. The familiar tune drifted into my head: "Back in school they never taught us what we needed to know, like how to deal with despair or someone breaking your heart" How true is that statement. School is a waste of time. They say they are preparing you for the world, they say you need these skills. Tell me, do they teach you how to deal with depression, insomnia, heartbreaks, peer pressure, love? Do they teach you how to make friends, how to be popular, how to be liked, how to be noticed? No, they don't.

I slowly walked threw the halls of my high school, graduation was only a few short days away. Then I would never have to come back here. I could leave all the memories behind, I could start fresh. I left the building and started the walk back to my house. As always I'd have to walk past him, face the high pitched giggles of the sluts girls that surrounded him, stare at my feet, pretend I don't notice and keep walking. But something was different today, as I strode by his attention turned from the girls to me, something that happened once in a purple moon.

"Hey Helena!" he called, his smooth silky voice ringing in my ear drums. He left the group of girls, with shocked faces, and ran over to me. "Hey can I talk to you for a minute." He smiled his prize winning smile. I nodded and he smiled again. "Ok so you know that calculus exam coming up" he asked me, I nodded again "I was wondering if maybe you could come over and help me study" This was an odd request, how does he know that I'm good at math? I don't ever remember him talking to me in class, looking at me in class, hell I wonder if he even knew I was in that class. I thought about it for a minute, a night alone with him was all I had ever wished for.

"Sure." I finally answered.

"Great! So come by tonight around 7. Is that okay?"

"That's fine."

"Ok, thanks Elle." He smirked at the nickname and started to walk away.

"Jesse, wait!" I called after him, he turned around with a peculiar look "I don't know where you live." I mumbled just above a whisper. He chuckled and scribbled something down on a piece of paper and handed it to me.

"See you tonight." He smiled and walked away. My heart was racing; I had a date with Jesse, the Jesse Iero. The heartthrob of our school, the boy every girl wanted, the boy of my dreams. Even if it was just studying calculus, it was a start. I ran home and screamed with glee. I ran around my room decided what to wear, an incredibly girly thing to do, and something I wasn't accustom to but this was a major event in my life. I settled on my favorite black dress. It tied up the back and was strapless. It had a bow on the hip and it flared out at the bottom. I put on my lace up black leather boots and my black fishnet gloves. I did my make up dark as usual and let my long black hair fall loosely down my back. Just breath I told myself, you can do this. When 6:30 rolled around I set out on my journey. It took me about 45 minutes to get to his house, but it was well worth the walk. I knocked on the door and Jesse answered.

"Hey Elle." He smirked again "Come on in." He pushed the door open more and I walked into a posh looking house. Another boy sat on the couch strumming a guitar, my smile fell. I thought we were going to be alone.

"Elle, this is my identical twin brother Frank" Jesse told me. I nodded and looked over to the boy, he looked nothing like his brother. Short spiky hair to Jesse long and straight, dressed in black jeans a band tee shirt and chains to Jesse's American Eagle shirt and brown shorts. He looked up at me and our gaze met, he looked at his brother and cocked an eyebrow. Jesse shrugged. I wish I knew what this sibling sign language meant.

"Make yourself at home" Jesse finally said to me and I sat on the ground. Jesse gave me a look and Frank cracked a smile. Just then the phone rang.

"I'll just be a minute." Jesse said and left the room, leaving me in an awkward position. I looked back over to Frank and he looked at me, oh gaze met and a spark of electricity ran threw my veins. What was this, I loved Jesse didn't I? The minutes ticked past, 5 ,10, 20, 30, Jesse hadn't returned yet. I think Frank had the same uneasy feeling I did because we both stood up at the same time.

"What is he up to?" Frank questioned

"Why are you asking me? I came over here to help him 'study' for calculus." I said with finger quotations. Frank laughed lightly and put a hand on my shoulder. The warmth of his touch sent shivers up my spine. We crept closer to the kitchen door and listened.

"Yeah it worked beautifully babe" Jesse voice sang into the phone. "They are in the living room right now. I can't believe she fell for the let's study scheme. Now all I have to do is get Frank to ask her to prom and then we can go together. Yeah my parents rules are messed."

I stumbled away from the door, tears filled my eyes. A set up it was a set up. He was just using me to give his brother a date so he could run around with some other girl. This can't be real this kind of thing doesn't happen in real life, it happens in movies. A felt someone wrap me in a hug.

"Get away from me Frank" I spat

"I swear I had nothing to do with this."

"Why me, why me?" I cried.

"Well I may have told Jesse, I had a crush on you" Frank blushed.

"I hate you" I sobbed into his chest "I hate you I HATE YOU"

"That's good" Frank smirked "Hate is a passionate emotion He lifted up my chin looked into my eyes and kissed me. "I've wanted to do that, since the moment I saw you. I never thought Love at first site was real" he smiled at me. Then in clicked, all this time. I can't believe I didn't see it. He was there, in my classes, in the hallway, the cafeteria. All this time I thought it was Jesse, it was actually Frank.

I looked up at him "Love at first site, is plenty real." I smiled and his him.
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