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A New Beginning

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[AU] Was Naruto really all alone without anyone to care for him? He must have had someone to raise him at one time. He might not remember who but there was someone who cared what happened to him. S...

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Usual disclaimer applies: Don't own any character beyond Haya and other future characters.


A once proud village stands in mostly ruins; its huge wall collapsed in parts from the attack of the Kyuubi no Youko, which caused Konoha Village to lose hundreds of shinobi during the battle. Standing in the midst of rubble that stretches into the distance, is a young teen with braided hair reaching down to her knees. As the wind blows, her red bangs move yet the rest of her stays stock still as she just stays in place. The expression on her face is one of pure heartbreak, her clothing torn from the battle she was in earlier as she struggled to help her fellow ninjas in their life and death struggle against the fierce Kyuubi no Youko.

The twelve-year-old turns away from the hole that pierces the wall towards what remains of the village she calls her home and suddenly it dawns on her what she was forgetting. A slightly worried look flickers over the sad, heartbroken expression she still wears as she leaps into action. Her braid lashes out behind her as she sprints forward to a tall, tower-like building in the direct center of Konoha. She lands lightly on a roof then skids down the slanting angle to a balcony and hits it into a crouch before barreling into the candle-lit room.

Her footsteps are loud in the silent room where a tall, blonde man stands holding a cooing newborn. In the center of the room rests an altar of a kind surrounded by candles. Her brown eyes land on the much taller person as she frowns lightly. "Arashi…?" The concern grows as does the fear, something hammering inside of her as if she senses the death of this proud yet weakened man. "What are you doing with Naruto?" Her eyes land on the blonde child then flicker back up to the Fourth Hokage, her brother-in-law.

"Haya-chan…I need you to do something very important for me. The Kyuubi is not yet sealed but it will be soon and I have to seal it into Naruto. I won't ask another parent to give up their child for such a thing." He licks at his dry lips then places his son, his only child, down on the altar then starts to draw symbols on his stomach, the man not looking at his younger sister-in-law. "I want you to watch over Naruto, raise him if you can but keep him from harm. He has no one else. His mother is dead and I'm dying….." Regret seen heavily on his face as he finally meets the short redhead's sad gaze then shakes his head slightly. "Don't be sad. I have sacrificed myself for the good of the village, Haya-chan. I don't do this to my son lightly either, it pains me to destroy his chance at a normal life but there is no other way. Tell him…that his mother and I love him very, very much and we will never stop, no matter what." He looks back down at the infant then smiles sadly and leans forward to press a kiss to his son's forehead. "Rest well, my son. Even though you won't remember me, I love you. Your aunt will care for you well."

"Arashi….I promise. I won't let him grow up without someone to love him. He's my nephew, I couldn't turn my back on him. I'll raise him." She vows quietly to him as she steps back towards the wall, putting space between the Fourth and herself, watching the man she loves like a brother. He steps forward and his hands start to move slowly then he places his hand against the still damp seal on the child's stomach and light blazes in the small room, blinding all of them. Haya yelps as she turns away, throwing her arms up to try block the light then she lowers them as the light fades and blinks back tears. She rubs at her eyes as she squints, trying to see then through her blurred vision, sees Arashi slumped on the floor. "Arashi!"

She drops to her knees next to him and shakes him but the man's head just rolls to the side as tears form, sliding down her face to drip on his. "Arashi…." She swallows hard and very gently closes his eyes then rises and approaches her now bawling nephew. With very tender movements, she scoops him up and holds the newborn to her then turns to face the Third who just entered the room. "It's over, Hokage-sama…the Kyuubi has been sealed and the Fourth is dead." Somehow, she manages to keep her voice from cracking and nods to the man as she turns and leaves from the balcony. Her movements fluid as she darts across the rooftops of buildings still standing, heading towards the buildings nestled between trees that her clan claimed. The girl lands on her feet in the dusty street then trots the rest of the way to the gate, which blocks her clans' lands from the rest of the village. She opens it then shuts it behind her and heads for the house.

At that moment, Naruto decides that he has been quiet long enough and starts to wail at the top of his lungs just as his aunt slides the door shut behind her. The screams start to echo throughout the empty building as Haya heads for the kitchen to feed him. She cradles him in one arm as she digs around the cabinets, praying that she can find something when suddenly her instincts kick in. With a fluid movement, she spins; yanking a kunai free of her hip holster then sends it flying and leaps up as a line of shurikens embed themselves into the wall behind her. "KAKASHI! You IDIOT!" Haya lands in a skidding crouch, one hand touching the floor as she clutches her screaming nephew to her chest, brown eyes furious. "I should disembowel you for that!"

The silvery haired fourteen-year old jounin watches Haya from where he's standing, a barely visible frown seen from under the mask covering the entire lower part of his face. Only one of his eyes are visible as he regards the younger teen. His eyes land on the infant she is holding protectively. At seeing the seal on the child's stomach, he seems to sag. "It's true then?" Sadness flickers across his face as she nods then moves forward to place a gloved hand to the blonde child's head. "Poor thing."

"He died for the village, Kakashi, and sacrificed Naruto's chance at a normal's my job now to raise and protect him. The villagers won't be too happy that he's still here even though it's not his fault for having the Kyuubi inside him." Her voice is soft as she rocks the child, trying to get him to calm down then tilts her head back to glare up at the taller teen in front of her. "Since you're here, go make yourself useful and go buy some formula for me. And diapers, while you're at it." She shifts the child in her arms again and shoves several bills into his hand before turning away, bouncing him to try and keep him calm while Kakashi goes to get baby supplies. She doesn't bother to turn around, sensing and hearing him vanishing. "I promise you, Naruto, that I will always be here for you, we're all the family each of us has left. My entire clan died tonight but for me. You are now Uzumaki Naruto."

Soundlessly, she moves out of the kitchen and to the living room where she spent such happy times and remembers this is where Arashi asked her sister, Miharu, to marry him. She smiles sadly then glances down at the quiet baby she holds close before lifting her gaze to a picture hanging on the wall. A smiling, brown-haired woman with bright blue eyes stares out of the picture. "Miharu…what would you do in my position? I'm only twelve, a child myself! How can I raise your son without help?" Her voice breaks for the first time that day as she finally gives into the emotions swirling around inside of her and sinks to her knees. She having refused to let herself break down and cry over her lost friends and family yet then suddenly being the only one to watch her beloved brother-in-law die by his own hand having shattered something inside of her that begs for no more death.

A pair of warm yet wonderfully solid arms wrap around her shaking form as a soft voice mutters behind her. "You won't do this alone, Haya. Not while I'm here. I promise that I'll help you raise him." Kakashi crouches behind the girl, holding her to him as he rubs at her back, making a promise that will bind them both together for many years to come no matter what happens. He rises; pulling Haya up with him then takes the infant from her. "I'll feed him, you need to shower and change your clothing." He pauses and then swiftly kisses her on the cheek before vanishing into the kitchen. A very shocked and stunned redhead stands there, staring after him.

She very slowly touches her cheek then shakes her head and turns to go to her room to get some clothing to change into then shower off all of the blood, dirt and mud covering her body. She unbinds her hair, it matted in places from the fight and grimaces but sighs heavily. Thank you Kakashi…I need someone to help me now and I never expected that you would be the one. But I'm glad that it is you and no one else. Arashi was important to you too….not just as the Fourth but as your sensei. I've never needed a friend as much as I do now.

My life has changed dramatically in such a short amount of time; was it only yesterday that Miharu and I were laughing as we waited for the birth of Miharu's and Arashi's child? Haya presses her forehead against the wet tiles, bangs matted to her forehead as she inhales deeply, struggling to banish the tears that threaten again. Swallowing hard, the girl trembles as the water beats down on her, knowing that she has to be strong to raise her nephew who is just as alone in the world as she is. Kakashi's face suddenly appears in her mind's eye then a very faint smile crosses her face. No..I'm not alone. I have some friends still alive and Kakashi is my best friend. He won't abandon me. I have my nephew too. He needs me, he has no one else to love and care for him. My life might have shattered but I am…no, I have to be strong enough to pick up the pieces. One way or another. For Naruto. For Miharu and Arashi too. I promise all of you.

She lifts her head away from the tiles, smiling softly, but smiling nonetheless and she finishes her shower before turning the water off and dries her hair and body. She knows that her life won't be at all easy; with the weight of being twelve and caring for an infant on her shoulders but made three very important promises. The redhead dresses in loose shorts and a t-shirt before she heads for the kitchen; hearing a baby's giggling floating down the once cold hallway and her smile grows as she heads for the start of a new life that is emerging from the ruins caused that day.

Goodbye, Arashi, Miharu. Everyone. I will never forget you ever. You live on in people's memories and in Naruto himself. I will take good care of him, the last gift you ever gave me.
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