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Times of Happiness

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[AU] Was Naruto really all alone without anyone to care for him? He must have had someone to raise him at one time. He might not remember who but there was someone who cared what happened to him. S...

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This is eventually to be a shounen ai story. That means boy/boy love. If you don't like that then either ignore it or just don't read. Flanes will be ignored. This warning is just an advance notice, the actual part where it turns shounen ai won't be for awhile yet.

Still don't own. Haya, however, is.


"Naruto!! Get back here!" A small blonde blur sprints down the hallway, squealing as he runs away from the bathroom he was just in. His little legs taking him as fast as he will go; the small, nude toddler escapes his aunt's clutches, leaving behind a trail of wet footprints. Behind him, a redhead soaked head to toe pops out of the bathroom, she skidding some on the wet floor then steadies herself before tearing after her nephew. "Naruto!" Her only answer is giggles and she rounds a corner of the hallway as her bare feet pound on the wood.

She slows down and slides open a door, sticking her head inside to glance around as she spreads her senses out to locate her wayward nephew. The short, slender redhead shuts the door after a moment before she turns and keeps moving down the long hallway, her eyes focused on the wet footsteps that are starting to diminish. She plants her hands on her hips, knowing that the toddler won't be able to leave the house without her knowing and goes back to tracking him. She stops suddenly as a warning tingles at the edge of her senses and whirls around.

Her trot lengthens as she races forward only to skid to a halt as she approaches the front door then flings it open. Haya's eyes narrow dangerously as she levels a glare on the much taller silver haired jounin before her. "Hakate Kakashi, you do that to me again and I will murder you. Don't think that I can't." She growls at him then plucks her still nude nephew out of his grip, ignoring his grin and smoothes out the spiky blonde hair. "Naruto. Youngster, remember what I said about leaving the house without me?" Her gaze turns gentle as she reenters the house, letting the sixteen year old follow her as she heads for the bathroom to dry the toddler off then dress him.

Two big blue eyes focus on her as his lower lip quivers then he throws his small arms around her neck, burying his face into her neck as he whispers. "Gomennasai kaasan…" He clings to his aunt as tightly as he can manage while she strokes his back then lifts his head to stare up at her, placing a wet kiss on her cheek. "Na'to loves kaasan." He knows that no matter what he does, his kaasan will love him forever and nuzzles close to her, secure in the knowledge of her love. A yawn escapes him but he just cuddles closer to Haya as his eyes drift close, the afternoon of playing finally catching up with him and falls asleep in her arms.

A fond, loving smile spreads across her face as she gently holds him close then carefully towel dries him before just sliding an oversized shirt on his small frame. She pulls him back into her arms, pressing a kiss to his forehead. "I love you too, Naruto." She glances over a shoulder to meet Kakashi's gaze then shakes her head before letting her eyes focus back on her nephew, carrying him to his room. She places him down then tucks him in before turning to face Kakashi fully. Her eyes narrow very slowly as she steps away from the bed holding Naruto towards the taller and older ninja. "Do that again, and I will castrate you, Kakashi. You are the only one that Naruto would let pick him up, besides me, without screaming his head off." Her voice drops as she gives him a dangerous smile; somehow, a kunai appeared in one hand as she twirls it lightly. Without any movement showing, the weapon embeds itself squarely into the wooden frame next to the jounin's head as strands of silver hair drift to the floor.

"Remember what I said." She ghosts pass him, making no sound as she walks away, leaving her friend standing there with wide eyes. Small for her age but a very fierce fighter and uses her small size to her advantage, one of the fastest ninjas Konoha has. The female ninja pauses to look over her shoulder, seeing her friend staring at her then flashes him a grin before she vanishes into the living room. Her feet guide her to the kitchen as she starts to clean up the mess made earlier by Naruto and starts to wash the dishes leftover from lunch and breakfast.

Kakashi pulls the kunai out of the frame then slides the weapon into his hip holster before turning and heads for the kitchen where he knows that Haya will be. He pauses to watch her then goes to make both of them green tea while she finishes the dishes, placing a pot of water onto the stove to heat up. "Haya, you know that I won't do anything to harm Naruto. He's my sensei's son." He pauses as he stares at the pot of water, not looking at her as a faint blush creeps along his cheeks slowly. "And, I like you, Haya. I like spending time here with you and Naruto. I feel like I have a family when I'm here."

The redhead just stares at him in shock as the words sink in then a matching blush appears on her face then glances away from him as she taps her bare foot on the floor. "I..don't know what to say, Kakashi. I'm honored but shocked too…I've never thought of you as anything but my friend, my best friend." She swallows hard then steps over to him and wraps her arms around him firmly, pressing her cheek to his back, not moving as he tenses up. "I do love you, Kakashi, as my friend and whether or not it can be anything more will depend on how serious you are about this." She knows that Kakashi isn't one to go around sleeping with girls but knows that he has a wandering eye at times. "We have time to work through this."

"I'm serious, Haya, very serious about this. I don't know if I'm in love with you yet but I know that I like you a lot. I just don't want this to destroy our friendship if this doesn't work out between us." His voice drops to a murmur into her hair as he turns around to wrap his arms around her slender form, having to lean forward slightly to press his face into her hair since the top of her head only reaches the middle of his chest but doesn't care. "You're my best friend too, Haya."

She's silent for a long moment, cheek resting against his chest as they just stand there with their arms around one another then nods. "I promise that our friendship won't be destroyed if we try a relationship and it doesn't work out. I don't want to lose your friendship, Kakashi, I don't have many friends left. They only see Naruto as the kitsune and me as the person raising the hated kitsune." Her voice lowers and becomes softer: a sure sign that she is angry.

He places his hand on her hair, stroking lightly as he frowns under his mask then smirks and slides his hands down to start tickling her along her sides. He knowing how ticklish his friend is and ducks under her wild swing, knocking her flat onto her back then crouches over her as he keeps it up.

"K…KASASHI!!!!" She sputters out his name as her eyes grow wide as she feels him start tickling her and wildly swings at him. However, the laughter is already bubbling up from her throat then curls up on her side after he knocks her to the floor. Her slender body starts to shake with laughter, struggling to hold it back as she convulses on the floor, drawing her knees up to her chest. Tears flow down her face as she begins to laugh even harder as the person she calls her friend keeps darting in and out, as he tickles her merciless. She gasps as she tries to draw in a breathe to yell at him but only howling laughter comes out instead.

A sudden giggle is heard from the doorway then a small body crashes into both of the teens to wiggle between them and bounces on his aunt's stomach then stares at both of them with large blue eyes. "Play?!" He tilts his head to the side as spiky blonde bangs fall across his eyes then throws his arms into the air before he looks from his aunt to Kakashi then squeals. "Tousan!" The child beams happily up at the sixteen year old.

Two pairs of rather shocked brown eyes meet over the child's head, as the laughter dies very fast then both teens focus their eyes on Naruto before glancing at one another again then back at the toddler. Nothing said for a long moment as a slight tension fills the room but Naruto is blissfully unaware what he just caused between the two teens.

He runs a hand through his silver hair as he focuses both eyes on Naruto then grimaces a little but the mask covers up the expression that is on his face. "Naruto….I…" He goes to tell him that he isn't his father when he looks up at him with those blue eyes of his and feels his resolve cracking. After a moment, he looks at Haya again then very slightly shrugs one shoulder before looking down at the child. A rueful and resigned look crosses his face as he scoops up the toddler, sitting down. "I'll be your tousan." As he says that, his eyes drift in Haya's direction to see what her reaction will be to that.

Her eyes are locked on him as she stays on her back, unmoving then very slowly, sits up to nod at him as a grateful look spreads through her eyes. She mouths to him, 'thank you,' then gives him a smile as she shifts, an unholy smirk takes the place of the smile as she suddenly pounces on both him and Naruto. "This is for tickling me!" She starts to tickle him back ruthlessly, getting her nephew to help her as the two of them attack Kakashi. Haya holds him down to let Naruto in on the fun of tickling the other teen.

"S….stop!" His laughter fills the room as he squirms under them but doesn't try to escape or teleport away from them then grins and knocks Haya over as he grabs Naruto around his middle. He whispers something into the child's ear then the two of them goes after Haya who shrieks and scrambles away from them. He gives chase after the redhead, cornering her in the living room as he advances on her, smirking at her. "Time for revenge! Get her Naruto!" He places the toddler down then smirks as the blonde child tackles into his aunt's leg.

He stares up at his kaasan then squeals and clings to her leg, his arms and legs wrapping around her limb as tries to figure out why his tousan told him to get kaasan. Confusion appears in his eyes as he hangs his weight on her leg as he tilts his head to the side before he giggles again. "Kaasan!! Play! Play!" His head twists to the side as he hears muffled laughter to stare at his tousan.

Two pairs of eyes; one brown and the other blue focus on the teen, who is doubled over in laughter as the brown set of eyes narrow very slowly. Kakashi doesn't notice the danger that he is in yet as he just laughs harder from Naruto grabbing Haya's leg and the expression on the girl's face.

Suddenly, before Haya can smack the taller teen, a loud grumbling noise catches both her's and Kakashi's attention. They stare down at the child gazing right back up at them before he pokes at his stomach after lifting his shirt to show them his stomach, stating to them in his childish voice. "Tummy hungry!!" He lets go of his aunt's leg and toddles for the kitchen, leaving them in the now messy living room.

Haya buries her face into her hands, shoulders shaking as she breaks down in laughter from Naruto saying he's hungry with a look that can only be called goofy on his chubby face. She wipes at her eyes as she lifts her head, still snickering quietly as she meets Kakashi's concerned eyes before giving into the childish urge inside of her. She sticks her tongue out at him then darts around the other teen, vanishing into the kitchen before she can start laughing again at the indignant look on his face.

He stares after the longhaired girl even after she vanished from his sight and shakes his head before moving for the kitchen. He pauses in the doorway leading to the kitchen, watching as Haya places Naruto on the counter to help her cook. His eyes soften, as he stands there, unmoving as he just watches them instead of going to help his friend.

"Stay right there, Naruto. Kaasan is going to boil water but don't touch the pot, alright? You'll hurt yourself if you do." She smoothes his hair back as he nods and fills the pot halfway with water before placing it on the burner, turning it on. Her long, hip length braid sways as she moves, opening a cabinet and pulls out a jar full of a powder. She places it down to pull another jar out to place it next to the first one. She turns and checks the water before turning the heat back up and reaches out for the jars. The girl picks one up then puts it down and grabs the second one. She flips open the lid and scoops out rice, pouring it into the boiling water, adding two more scoops before closing the top. Once the rice is cooking, she places some chicken into a pan on top of the stove to cook.

Her movements are fluid as she fixes dinner for all of them. She stirs the rice, keeping a close eye on it so that it doesn't burn and become inedible. After the rice is finished, she lifts the pot carefully and removes it from the burner so that it doesn't end up burning. She goes to get the bowls when Kakashi holds them in front of her face and she smiles at him before taking them and starts to scoop rice into each bowl. She hands him back the bowls of rice then checks on the chicken cooking.

Kakashi places Naruto into his booster seat, tucking a napkin in his lap before starting to set the table so that they can eat. While she cuts the chicken up, starts to make the tea for them to drink. He pours Naruto a small cup of apple juice, placing a lid on it then puts it in front of the toddler. "Don't touch your food yet, Naruto. Wait until the rest of it's ready to eat first." He smiles under his mask as the child nods and pats him on the top of his golden blonde hair.

"Go sit down, Kakashi, I have the rest of this." Haya walks over with a plate of chicken, putting it down in the middle of the table then goes back to fetch a second plate for Naruto. She places a few pieces of chicken onto the plate then puts it down next to his bowl of rice and moves to her own seat, pulling it out before sitting. She picks up her chopsticks and nods at them as she starts to eat. Her attention on the food but every few minutes, her eyes flicker to her nephew to make sure he isn't making a mess.

The small child is making a rather large mess, half of the rice ending up in his mouth and the rest ending up on his clothing, skin and the floor. Somehow, he managed to get rice into his hair too. He sticks his hand into the bowl, grabbing a handful of rice to stuff it into his mouth, munching happily. His bright blue eyes cross as a few grains of rice gets stuck to his nose and tries his hardest to lick it off while grabbing another handful of the grains. He blinks up when he hears a muffled sound and tilts his head to the side as he stares at his kaasan and tousan curiously. He kicks his feet before giggling at them and stuffs the food into his mouth.

"Naruto….oi.." She just shakes her head in amusement, brown eyes regarding him calmly and struggles not to break out into laughter right then. She suppresses her laughter as she rises and crosses the kitchen, pulling open a drawer to remove a towel. She moves to the sink and turns on the faucet, holding the towel under the water for a moment before turning it off. The teen heads back for the table and crouches, working on cleaning up the mess that he made on himself and the floor surrounding his chair. "Silly boy." A smile appears on her face then smoothes out his hair as she takes her seat once more, watching him more carefully this time as he eats.

The silver haired teen finishes his food and starts to collect what empty dishes there are on the table to carry them over to the sink so he can wash him. Placing the dishes into the sink, he ignores her protests saying that she can't allow him to do them. "You cooked and so I'm going to clean, Haya. Now sit down and finish your food. It's only fair that I help with the chores. Besides, Naruto tends to make messes and you need to focus on him." Two brown eyes focus on her as he looks over his shoulder to smirk at her from under his mask as goes back to washing the dishes. He places the now clean dishes into the other half of the sink so they can rinsed and dried.

Behind him, she's cleaning up yet another mess made by said messy child, shaking her head as she eyes him, wondering how anyone can make such a mess in a short amount of time. After thinking that, it comes to her that this is Naruto, a natural messy person, and just rolls her eyes as she finishes cleaning up and throws away the rice and chicken he dropped. "You, mister, need another bath. What will I do with you" Her question not really a question as she picks him up and heads for the bathroom to bath him again. He giggling as she carries him back to the same place they were earlier, it still bearing the look of some place a bomb went off in.

The girl places him down on the rug to pull off his clothing and drops it into the laundry basket as she leans over to turn the water on, placing the plug in to keep the water from running out. She checks to make sure that it isn't too hot for him and scoops up her nephew to put him into the tub. Her eyes flicker to the clock that she placed in the bathroom and notices it's already after seven pm. With a shake of her head, she goes back to bathing Naruto, making sure to wash his hair first before his body.

One blue eye stare up at her as his kaasan washes his hair, his other eye closed and knows to behave while she is doing this but starting to get restless. He wanting to play with his tousan even as he knows that he must get clean first before his kaasan allows him too. He splashes in the water as she holds her hand above his eyes to keep soapy water from flowing into his eyes. He giggles happily, as she makes faces at him, running the towel over his body to remove all traces of supper.

Once he is completely clean again, she picks him up after pulling the plug out to let the water drain. Turns towards her nephew, wrapping a towel around his small body, briskly drying him off before rising as she holds him close and heads towards his room. She lets him wiggle free of her arms as she opens a drawer, removing clothing for him and turns around, dressing him with swift, efficient movements. "There you go, sweetie." She smiles down at him and scoops him back into her arms, heading for the living room.

Another giggle comes from him as he squirms in kaasan's arms and manages to get free to tear across the living room to where his tousan is sitting on the couch. "Up! Up!" He holds his arms up in the air, waiting to be lifted up and placed on his 'father's' lap. He wiggles around wildly once he is on tousan's lap and cuddles up to him but his eyes focused on the television as this is one of the few times during the day that kaasan allows him to watch it. "Tv! Tv!" He turns his head up to his tousan with bright blue eyes, wanting to watch television now that he has had his bath.

Sleepy brown eyes land on the child cuddling up in his lap as a smile spreads underneath the mask covering the lower half of his face and lifts a hand, lightly running his fingers through the messy and damp blonde spikes. Barely looks at Vicky as she sits down next to him with the remote in her hand and starts to rub at the toddler's back to help calm him down.

"Yes, sweetie, we can watch some television but once it's time for you to go to bed, I don't want you to complain about having to go sleep." Her eyes focus on his chubby face as she speaks calmly to him, voice firm, as she isn't going to give in if he starts to whine about having to go to bed despite the fact that he is usually exhausted when he is doing that. Her gaze softens when he nods and wiggles out of Kakashi's lap to crawl into hers' instead.

The two jounins share a glance before Kakashi just rolls his eyes and settles against the back of the couch while Haya shifts Naruto on her lap before tucking her legs under her body. The sound of the television filling the large living room as the three of them just sit there, enjoying one another's company. She starts to doze off as her head rests on Kakashi's shoulder when a snore catches both hers' and Kakashi's attention. He snickers at the image while she just shakes her head at him. "Oh quiet you." Her words lacking any harshness to them as she looks at him and makes a face at him instead.

Her eyes flicker down to the child in her lap who is slumped over against the arm of the couch, dead asleep. A smile spreads across her face as she holds back a laugh then shifts under him as she scoops up her nephew in gentle arms, rubbing at his back as she shifts him. His head drooping down against her shoulder as she carries him towards his bedroom. With careful movements so that he isn't woken, she changes him into his pajamas and tucks him in, leaning over to place a kiss to his forehead. "Goodnight, my little one." She smiles down at him, straightening then turns and heads for the door, pausing to turn on his nightlight. She glances over her shoulder at him once more before quietly shutting the door behind her.
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