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Early Life

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BodyDisclaimer: I do not own DBZ or any of it's charachters. They belong to Akira Toriyama. However, any characters that I make up are mine.

The Vegeta Chronicles

Book 1

Chapter 2: Early Life

A small saiyan ran through the halls of the palace. Behind him ran the King, and behind the Kings was the Queen who was chuckling about the predicament. It was bath time for the Prince and he thought he'd give his parents the run around.

"Vegeta! Get your tail here right this instance!" The king shouted after the young Prince.

The child giggled and picked up his speed. King Vegeta let out a bunch of curses that were enoigh to make a sailor blush.

"Vegeta dear, don't use such colorful language infront of your son." Arctica smiled as the King turned and looked at her.

"You catch him then. Because I am not going to do it." Vegeta stormed off in the direction of his throne room.


Younge Vegeta came to a halt outside the nursery. He climbed up onto one of the ledges to get a look inside the room through the large window. As soon as he grabbed the ledge, his mother picked him up and held close the her chest.

"Bath time young man." She smiled as the Prince giggled and tried to get out of his mother's firm grip. Arctica managed to teleport herself and her son to the the en suite bathroom of the King and Queen's chambers.


Vegeta walked into his throne room and abruptly stopped when he saw Lord Frieza, sitting on his throne. Frieza smiled and licked his lips.

"Vegeta, some very reliable sources have told me that my sister, and yourself have had a son. May I ask his name?"

"His name is Vegeta." The King managed to say between gritted teeth.

"I would like to train the young Prince. He may prove a valuable asset to my army when he is older." Frieza smiled, his tail swishing from left to right.

"Arctica won't like this, sire." Vegeta said, looking at the floor.

"Oh, trust me, she will." Frieza chuckled and made his leave. King Vegeta promptly bowed to the lizard.


Arctica smiled as she managed to finally get her son bathed, dried and dressed in a minature version of his father's armour. She turned round to see the face of her younger brother, Lord Frieza.

"Hello dear sister." Frieza smiled at his sister, his red eyes staring right into her sapphire ones.

"What do you want runt?" Arctica rolled her eyes as her brother raised an eye ridge at his sister's rudeness. His eyes then caught a glimpse of Prince Vegeta.

"My, my. What a strapping your prince. He looks just like his father." Frieza crouched down to the Prince's level. Vegeta quickly moved behind his mother's leg.

"I don't think he likes his Uncle Frieza" Arctica chuckled. Frieza stood up and looked at his sister again. He sighed deeply.

"I want to train him."

Arctica's eyes widened. "Excuse me?"

"Your heard me. I want to train him."

"No. Train your own child. Oh wait, you don't have one!" Arctica laughed as Frieza went wide-eyead at his sister's audaciousness to be so rude.

"Now baby brother, if you don't mind, I need to take the Prince to see his father." With that, she pushed passed her brother and headed in the direction of the throne room.

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