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Special Day

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Ville recieves a present from Master

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Chapter 2: Special Day

Ville awoke in the same position he had been in before he had fallen asleep. He gently turned onto his other side to face Master who was watching him. Master pulled him into a kiss before giving him a smile and stroking his face again.

"Good morning Gorgeous. You look quite lovely when you sleep. But today is a special day," Manson told him, watching as Ville melted into his hand. "And today is special because I have something for you"

Manson stood and walked over to the dresser when he beckoned Ville to come to him. Ville awkwardly approached him, staring at his master. Master reached into a drawer and pulled out a beautiful collar. It was soft black leather and dark red rubies encrusted around the edges. There was a silver hoop to which a leash could be attached. Ville could see that the silver tag on the collar read 'Ville - Property of Manson.'

"Turn around pet so I can fasten this on you," Manson told him.

Ville turned and Master fastened the collar on. It was snug but comfortable on his neck. Then he turned to face Master again, who had a smile on his face.

"It looks beautiful on you pet. Now go into your room and change into something sexy for me, Love. I am taking you out later and I want you to look as lovely as you always do."

"Yes Master," Ville replied as he always did.

Before Ville knew what he was doing, he wrapped his arms around Master's neck and leant in to give Master a kiss. It turned heated as Master took dominance, gently shoving his tongue inside Ville's mouth and tangled his hand into Ville's hair. But soon Master pulled away.

"I would love to continue, but I have things to do. And normally I wouldn't allow such freedom, but that was much appreciated," Manson purred. "I will come for you at sunset. Remember - something sexy for me."

Manson left and Ville retreated into his room. He knew he had plenty of time before he had to change. He ran over what just happened in his head. He really didn't know what had happened. The passion had just washed over him. And the collar, it must mean something right? It was so beautiful. Master wouldn't just give one to everyone.

Before he knew it, Ville saw that the sun was soon to set and that he should dress. He wanted to look exceptionally sexy for Master so he dug around the drawers. Ville chose extremely tight black jeans and a black mesh, fishnet shirt, if you could count it as a shirt. He tugged on his black converses too and perfected his makeup, adding more eyeliner and a little red eyeshadow to accent the dark red rubies on the collar.

Master appeared at the door soon after this, waiting to see his pet. Ville walked out, giving a timid smile at his master's direction. Manson gave his usual greeting of a chaste kiss and looked over Ville.

"You look positively sexy Ville. You do me proud. Now we have to go though," Manson said to him, pulling out a black leather leash.

Manson properly attached the leash to the silver ring around the front of the collar, some of the leash draping against Ville's chest. Manson gave a smile and headed out the door, tugging at Ville's leash so he would walk a few steps behind him. Manson led Ville down winding hallways and eventually to the main door. Outside the mansion a black limousine was waiting. Manson led Ville inside and as soon as he closed the door, the limousine started moving.

Manson pulled Ville into his lap and began stroking his head. It was a bit rough for Ville, but it was still sweet. Ville's eyes closed from the contact, enjoying the moment. Master then pulled Ville's head to rest on his shoulder. Manson watched as Ville's eyes closed. Manson softly kissed Ville's eyelids over and over until they reached their destination.

"Baby doll, we're finally here," Manson purred into Ville's ear.

Ville opened his eyes and stood when Master did. They exited the limosuine. As Master led him on the leash, he could see that they were outside someone else's mansion. They were let in by some maid and Master led him into a finely decorated living room where a man was waiting. He was a slim, blonde haired man with a smile on his face.

"Nice to see you Manson," the man greeted Master warmly, the two men embracing briefly.

"The pleasure is all mine Ginger," His master replied.

"I see you brought your new pet. He is as beautiful as you said," Ginger replied, smiling at Ville.

Ginger gestured for them to sit on the fine leather couches. Ginger sat on one couch and Manson sat on one opposite him. Manson had Ville sit as his feet on the floor. As Ville listened to them talk, Master stroked his head, a bit as roughly as before but still satisfying. Soon the conversation shifted over to about Ville.

"That boy of yours is incredibly sexy I must say. I wish I had him," Ginger said as Master beamed with pride. "I just got a new one about a month ago. Not as pretty as yours of course, but still lovely."

The conversation soon switched over to various subjects. It was boring Ville, but at least he wasn't sitting alone in his room. Ville was surprised to see that the clock on the wall read two o' clock in the morning. As by chance, Manson soon saw the time too.

"I'd really love to stay, but I must get home now," Manson told Ginger as he stood.

"Well then we must get together again soon," Ginger replied, pulling him in for another embrace.

Manson tugged on Ville's leash, signaling for Ville to stand and follow him. After another round of goodbyes, Manson led Ville back into the limousine and soon they were off. Manson pulled Ville into his lap again, resting Ville's head on his shoulder.

"We will be home soon pet. You behaved well, not that I expected any less from you", Manson said softly.

As soon as they arrived home, Manson led Ville into his bedroom and snapped off the leash. Manson climbed onto the bed much like the other night and Ville soon followed him. Manson pulled Ville close and wrapped one arm around him and began softly nipping at Ville's neck. Without realizing it, Ville let out a soft moan, making Manson smile.

"Have a little biting fetish, do we pet?" Master cooed to him with a smile. "I'd love to play on that, but we will have to leave it to another day."

Manson watched as his pet soon fell asleep.
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