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Getting Snape

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Peter and Sirius get Snape !!

Category: Harry Potter - Rating: G - Genres: Humor - Characters: Peter, Sirius, Snape - Published: 2005-12-21 - Updated: 2005-12-21 - 266 words

Okay this is the 2nd Chapter and I hope you like it :)
"Ah... Snape" Peter said sounding scared

"What do you want Pettigrew?"

"Uhmmm... I was, I was wondering if you could help me with my potions homework...." Peter said crossing his fingers

"Why, what are you up to ?" Snape said looking Peter up and down

"Why would I be up to something , I'm not up to anything .... I mean your the smartest person in potions class and I need help ...PLEASE" Peter said sounding desperate.

"Oh yeah I know" snape said as he was slicking his hair back "What can I help you with"

"Okay well I want to know how to make a love potion" Peter said and gave a signal to Sirius to come and get the potion set off of the desk behind them.
Sirius tiptoed and grabbed it and then just as he walked to the door Professor Dumbledor was about to walk in.
Siruis dove under the desk and waited for them to leave.

"Ah , Severus, helping a fellow schoolmate I see ,carry on " he said and walked out the door.

Sirius got up and crawled toward the door as quickly and quietly as he could.

"Ah , Thanks Snape, I think I could figure the rest out" Peter said and ran out the door.

That night Sirius and Peter snuck into the Slytherin tower and put the potion into Snape's tooth paste and around his cup just in case he didn't brush his teeth.
They walked out smiling and ran back to there tower and got a good nights sleep.

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