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Put Some Clothes on !!

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Your find out what happens to snape

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Peter and Sirius woke up to an empty common room.

"Crap. what if we missed the look on there faces?"Sirius said

"We won't if we hurry" peter said getting dressed

They got dressed and ran to the great hall, Snape wasn't there.

"Okay, good hes not here" Sirius panted and went to go sit by Fizz.

"Yeah" Peter replied as he sat down by Cherri.

"So, how was your guys' dates last night" Asked Fizz , looking rather upset.

"Date..."Sirius said and then the date that she was talking about clicked in "Oh my god , I'm so sorry but we played a prank on Snape and it took us basicly all night, we'll take you out tomorrow...Okay?" Sirius said in on breath

"Okay" Fizz smiled and kissed him on the cheek "So what was the prank?"

Sirius just pointed to Snape walking in the door to the great hall.

They all burst out laughing.

"Oh god" Said Cherri holding her mouth"I think I'm going to be sick"

"Me too " Said Julie

"Me three"Lily said looking away

"Hey,Snape"Fizz said

He looked at her. He couldn't believe that she was talking to him, the love of his life was talking to him.

"Keepit in your pants...."Fizz yelled "Oh wait your not wearing anything"

The whole hall cracked up even the teachers.

"Wow my dad's in visible clothes potion did work " Sirius siad laughing "He put his clothes on and then brushed his teeth or just drank out of his cup and then his clothe turned invisible,but he could see his clothes until he lookes in the mirror then he will see that he was really naked"

They all laughed and finished eating.


That night Snape was trying to figure out a way to get them back for what they did.

"I'll get you Black, and Pettegrew. if it's the last thing I do" Snape yelled

"SHUT UP" Yelled the rest of the Slythrin commen room.

and the went back to sleep



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