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#2: A meaningless drabble. Ratigan briefly reflects during a battle with Basil of Baker Street... Rated PG-13 for a brief moment of language just to be safe.

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Ratigan: And once again this rouses from your mind!

Me: Hey, I let you take off the Frank-n-Furter clothes, didn't I?

Ratigan: I know, but they could be replaced by something worse!

Moriarty: There are things worse than that?

Ratigan: Absolutely. Tarzan's loincloth and /nothing else/, that old Victorian dress... The possibilities are terrifyingly endless.

Me: (dryly) The mind explodes at the thought.

Ratigan: Bleh, just get on with the story already.

Disclaimer: I do not own Ratigan or Basil. They are the property of Eve Titus and Disney. This was originally gonna be a GMD/Hellsing x-over, but when Ratigan's opponent refused to stop varying between Anderson and Alucard with the one not fighting observing with popcorn... I decided to ditch it and just make it into this. I might write that up for myself with both men being his opponents, but I might not. Either way, this story was also partially inspired by a fleeting thought of Ranma ½ volume 1. So enjoy.

Anyway, #2 of 19.


"Now what exactly did I find out too late?"

Ratigan growled. There it was again with that cheerful impudence of Basil's again. Even becoming the slightly insane leader of a now known about, very illegal organization bent on putting him behind bars permanently hadn't changed that.

For a moment, he was back in his lair in 1897 instead of being pinned down on the ground, Basil sitting on his back as casually as anyone would on a park bench. How things had changed since then...

But there wasn't time for retrospection.

"You dare... to push me... to my /knees/?!"

Without another word, he had pushed himself into a one-handed handstand. In the next moment, he was on his back and Basil was flying through the air.




Ratigan: (blinks) That was short. And weird. (to author) So you were inspired by this Ranma 1/2.

Me: Yep.

Ratigan: (looks at pictures of boy and girl Ranma) Huh. (passes out)
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