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It's a battle you can't win. It's a battle you can't lose.

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Samantha tossed and turned in her bed, her body was physically asleep her mind however, was not.

“No, it can be a little tighter.” Samantha tossed over her shoulder at her mother who was doing her best to tie the corset style bodice on her wedding dress.

“Is it too much to ask for a god damned zipper?” Her mother groaned while finally tying the bow at the bottom.

“Mommy you can’t curse it’s my wedding day.” Samantha scolded while turning to face her mother with a huge smile.

“I can because I’m the mother of the bride.” Her mother returned the smile as tears brimmed at the corners of her eyes, she cupped her daughter’s face with one hand and Samantha brought her hand to cover her mother’s as she leaned into the touch.
“You look beautiful Sweetie.”

“Stop it!” Sam laughed while waving air into her eyes to prevent herself from starting to cry, “You’re going to make me ruin my make up Mommy.”

“I’m sorry.” Her mother inhaled deeply while trying to compose herself. “But my baby girl is getting married today!”

Samantha blotted her eyes gently as to not ruin her make up while finally turning around to look at herself as her mother fixed her veil.
In the mirror she could see her bridesmaids stop whatever they were doing to look in her direction all of them eager to see her fully dressed. Samantha frowned and turned around slightly to look at all the girls,
“Where’s Chloe?” She questioned confused causing everyone to take notice that the maid of honor was no longer in the room.
Their attention was diverted however when a tall redhead boy walked shyly into the room.

“What’s wrong?” Samantha quickly asked him and for the first time in her life she felt uncomfortably small as her younger brother stepped close, easily towering over her.

He touched her shoulder gently and didn’t even flinch when she brushed his hand off of her.

“Alaster spit it out.” She didn’t mean for it to sound so harsh but he was making her nervous and that’s the last thing she wanted to feel on her wedding day and the fact that Chloe had suddenly gone missing was also not giving her a good feeling.

Brushing his red hair from covering his eyes he reached inside his tuxedo jacket and pulled out a folded envelope, handing it to his sister carefully.

She furrowed her brows together in confusion while ripping open the letter quickly, she didn’t need to read it, she only managed to skim it unable to focus on anything other then ‘I’m in love with Chloe’ and ‘She’s the one I’m supposed to be with, I’m sorry it has come to this.’

As the paper fell from her hand she could do nothing but collapse into her brother’s arms as she sobbed.

Patrick shook her lightly causing her to awaken abruptly. She sat up quickly and gasped bringing her hand to her forehead she looked at him confused.

“I could hear you from across the room are you alright?” He whispered almost afraid to ruin the silence in the apartment.

“Oh my God.” Samantha mumbled to herself before nodding, “Yes, I’m so sorry I woke you.” She tucked her hair behind her ears as she looked at him apologetically.

“Are you sure you’re ok?” He continued to whisper as he looked at her concerned.

“I just had a bad dream is all.” The redhead smiled to reassure him that she was ok and he nodded, content with that excuse for the time being. “Was I really that loud? I thought you were a heavy sleeper?”

“I am.” Patrick smiled while standing up, “You weren’t that loud I just wasn’t asleep.”

“Oh.” Samantha sighed, “I told you the bed would have been more comfortable, I could have taken the couch –”

“The couch was fine Sam, I can sleep anywhere really.” He laughed and she furrowed her brows in confusion.

“I’m confused.” She confessed which caused him to smile though she couldn’t see it with his back facing her.

“You’re a really talented artist, you know that right?” The singer questioned while turning his attention from a painting to her.

“Uhm, thank you?” Samantha laughed slightly while scratching her head, she was completely lost.

“Is this all you have?” Patrick gestured to the paintings in the corner.

“I have my others at the gallery, but you’ve seen those.” She shook her head not understanding where he was going.

“But is that all?”

“All the paintings, yes.” Samantha confirmed while finally standing up and crossing her arms over her chest. “I have a sketch book, but why?”

“Can I see it?” He inquired while walking closer to her, she however took a step back.

“I guess, they aren’t very good I’m not really good at drawing.” The redhead brushed past him to the desk, grabbing a notebook and clutching it to her chest before hesitantly handing it to him.

“Thank you.” He replied with a nod.
Patrick knew that he was acting strangely but it was as if he was on autopilot, completely not in control of his actions. He supposed it was his way of defending himself – he had already confessed that he was in love with her earlier there was no need for him explain to her that he wasn’t sleeping so he could watch her, that had restraining order written all over it. The last thing he wanted to do was scare her away, a task that seemed almost impossible for him to do however because even after he had been shot down earlier in the evening she had still asked him if he would like to stay because she was afraid of him driving at the late hour.
“I thought you said that you weren’t good at drawing?” Patrick smiled as he turned the pages; she only looked at him as if he was insane not to see that those sketches were crap. Shaking her head in disbelief she made her way into the kitchen to get herself a glass of water.
As he was looking through the notebook a red and white envelope on the counter caught his eye and he stopped momentarily to reach for it. Samantha was too preoccupied in the refrigerator to notice him scanning the letter she also didn’t notice when he stood up and covered his mouth in disbelief as he re read the letter over.

Dear Tenant,

You are hereby notified to vacate the premises described in the address above within five (5) days of the date of the delivery of this notice to you. Your lease was terminated when you failed to pay the current rent when due. If you fail to vacate within this period, court proceedings will be taken IMMEDIATELY to evict you from the premises.

“What?” She replied curiously as she eyed him.

“Samantha what is this?” Patrick held up the letter as he raised his eyebrows inquisitively.

“That is a piece of paper.” Samantha replied with a smile before noticing exactly which piece of paper he was holding, “That happens to inform me of my eviction.” She bit her bottom lip apprehensively.

“Why didn’t you tell me that you needed help?” He frowned clearly upset with her predicament.

“Because I don’t need help.” The redhead huffed for effect while crossing her arms over her chest, “And what, do you just go through mail that isn’t yours all the time?”

“It was on the counter and you’re getting evicted!” Patrick tried his best to emphasize the word ‘evicted’ as he shook the letter, “How is that not needing help? Where are you going to go?”

Samantha only stared at him in response.

“This letter was dated two days ago Sam, where are you going to go? How much do you owe?”

“I was in between jobs for a few months.” She shrugged unable to think of anything else to do at that very moment. Patrick opened his mouth but Samantha put her hand up instructing him to stay quiet, “No you’re not.” She told him already knowing exactly what he was going to say.

“Yes I am, I don’t care what you say I’ll go down to the landlord myself.” The singer started for the door fully prepared to march down to the landlord and wake his ass up at 5 in the morning.

“No Patrick.” She reached for his shoulder, “They already rented it out to someone else.”

“Well if you would have informed me sooner . . . ” He let his voice trail off before turning to face her, “Does Zac know about this?”

“Yes of course, he offered to let me live with him.” Sam started but stopped when she saw Patrick sigh in relief, “But I told him no thanks.” She finished.

“What?” Patrick questioned but didn’t wait for a response, “Fine then you’ll move into my house.”

“I’m going home.” Samantha stated quickly before realizing what he had just said.

“What?” The two replied in unison.

“I’m not moving into your house, are you insane?” She raised her voice slightly completely unable to believe what he had just proposed.

“Why not? It’s not like I’m there all that much it would be like living by yourself most of the time.” Patrick replied nonchalantly.

“Because it’s your house!” Samantha threw back, “I can’t live in your house!”

“You can’t go home.” He firmly stated.

“Yes I can.” She shook her head confused, “My Mom said that I could go home whenever –”

“No, please don’t go home.” Patrick stopped to take a breath, “Live with Zac.”

“I’m not going to live with Zac, his apartment is about as big as mine, that would just be ridiculous.” Samantha sighed while tucking her hair behind her ears.

“Then live in the house!” He stomped his foot childishly as she shook her head.

“Patrick.” She warned but all he did was cross his arms over his chest.

“Fine.” Patrick sighed while glancing out the back window.

“Fine?” The redhead eyed him apprehensively not believing that he was finished.

“Yes fine. I’ll just buy this whole damn building then.”

“You can’t afford to buy this building.” She laughed at him but stopped when he raised his eyebrows, a gesture that clearly stated that he could. “Well, it’s not for sale.” Samantha retorted while crossing her arms over her chest as if she had just put him in his place.

“Everyone has their price.” He replied with a shrug as he turned to the door.

“Patrick you can’t buy the building.” She went after him as he pretended to leave. “I don’t believe you.”

“You don’t have to, just because you don’t believe me doesn’t mean that I won’t.” Patrick responded while reaching for the door handle.
He sighed inwardly as he fought not to look behind him, he was counting on her caving soon because he really did not feel like buying the apartment building.
It was then that he stopped, this was completely insane.
What in God’s name was wrong with him?
Buying an apartment building?
When did he even get to this point?
He could pinpoint the exact moment when he knew he wanted to be more then just friends with her, he could even pinpoint the exact moment that he fell in love with her but he did not know when he had gone crazy.
No wonder she didn’t want to be with him, no one wants to date a lunatic.

“Fine!” Samantha finally yelled as she threw her arms in the air.

Patrick almost smiled at the frustration in her statement as he turned to face her unable to wait for her to surrender.

“Fine, buy the damn building Patrick. I’m going home regardless.” She spat at him, knowing full well that she couldn’t possibly go home.

Samantha was thoroughly impressed with herself for sounding so strong when all she wanted to do was kiss him and tell him that she would go anywhere he wanted her too. But she couldn’t, she couldn’t let her heart go through that – not again – and she already liked Patrick too much to actually let herself be with him, which sounded a lot more complicated then it really was.
She was scared, plain and simple.

“Samantha please!” He surprised himself, apparently he wasn’t too proud to beg.

“Alright.” Escaped her lips and she immediately covered her mouth as she silently scolded herself for letting her guard down.

“Wait, what?” Patrick questioned just to make sure he wasn’t hearing things.

“I said yes.” She sighed before shaking her head and changing her mind, “No I can’t, this is ridiculous I can’t.”

“Why not?”

“What about Kelly?” Samantha rubbed her temples, she could already feel a headache coming on. “How am I supposed to tell her that I’m living in your house?”

“Seriously?” He groaned, “You don’t even talk to her unless she needs you to baby-sit something.”

“I have been Patrick, ever since she introduced me to Jesse.” She defended her cousin but soon regretted her decision of telling him a little more information then needed.

“She would set you up with that dick face.” The singer mumbled annoyed.

“I can’t do that to her, I mean what would she even say?” Samantha was mostly talking to herself as she paced the small apartment. “Oh God, Aunt Vivian is going to have something to say about it.”

“Ahh she hates me.” Patrick laughed before realizing that him divulging that piece of information was not helping his cause at all.

“Of course she does, she hates everybody.” Samantha rolled her eyes before taking a deep breath and closing her eyes, “Patrick, you don’t want me living in your house.” She tried to convince him.

Three hours later they were knee deep in packing boxes as she sorted through her tiny apartment that held much more crap then it looked like it could.

“I don’t even know why I have this.” Sam groaned as she threw out some of her English composition notebooks from high school.

“What about this box?” Patrick questioned while he sat on the floor opening another box. “It says crap on it.”

“Well it’s probably crap if it’s labeled crap Patrick.” The redhead rolled her eyes with a laugh as she got up off the floor and walked into the kitchen letting her socks slide on the linoleum.

The singer shrugged as he began going through the box curiously.
“Is this your mom and dad?” Patrick smiled and raised the picture slightly to show her. She nodded while screwing the bottle cap on and then changing her mind and unscrewing it to take another sip.
“Your mom is beautiful.” He studied the picture carefully and didn’t notice when she came up behind him. Samantha gently leaned over his shoulder as she pointed to her mom’s belly.

“And that’s me!” She stated excitedly, Patrick could do nothing but smile at her.

“Ah so that’s where that hair comes from.” He gestured to her mom before once again looking at her.

“Well it comes from my grandpa.” Samantha corrected, “But yeah, my mom and my aunt. Me, my brother … Kelly, all red heads.” She shrugged before smiling and looking down to meet his gaze, valiantly ignoring the fact that their faces were only centimeters apart.

“Oh is that it?” The singer joked while bringing his attention back to the picture flipping it over to see if there was a date on the back, May 1986.

She laughed while straightening up; Patrick nodded subconsciously while shuffling through the small stack of old pictures.
“They look happy.”

“I think they were.” The red head replied nonchalantly while stacking a few boxes trying to make the space a little less cluttered.

“Were?” He frowned while looking up from the pictures.

“Yeah.” Sam sighed while dusting her hands off on her shorts. “He died when I was five, car accident.”

“Oh my God.” Patrick choked out surprised, “Samantha I’m so sorry.” He went to get up but she motioned for him not too.

“It’s alright really, it was tougher on my brother he was three – I at least remember some of the time I had with him.” She smiled reassuring him that everything was all right.

Patrick nodded and turned back to the picture immediately taking notice of a little redheaded boy,
“Wow, besides the hair he totally looks like your dad.” He observed while looking up in time to see her nod.

“Yeah it’s really actually pretty ridiculous, especially now – he’s like gigantic, slightly bearded and ‘so punk rock.’” She laughed at herself before showing him her bicep, “And last year her got these three nautical stars tattooed, so above everything else he’s all inked up. Everything is just so surreal, like he’s a man now.” The redhead shook her head in disbelief before rummaging through a box and pulling out a picture and tossing it in Patrick’s direction.

“Shit Sam,” Patrick laughed while glancing at the picture, “He could –”

“Totally kick your ass, I know.” She laughed at the look on Patrick’s face that clearly stated that he was nervous about even speaking her, much less trying to court her with someone like her little brother looking out for her.

“Remind me to not be in town when he comes to visit.” He sighed while placing the picture in the box and continuing to sift through it.

“Fully noted.” Samantha smiled while picking up a box. “Hey throw me the keys I’m going to start bringing stuff down.”

Patrick rummaged through his pocket before leaning back and handing her the keys still completely engrossed in the box.

“Gracias.” She nodded while walking out the door.

“De nad– your welcome.” He mumbled while picking up a letter that had haphazardly fallen out of a photo album and into his lap. He glanced behind him to check the door before unfolding the paper and beginning to read.


I never thought I could one day be writing you these words.
First, let me start by saying that I am truly sorry and I hate myself for hurting you. Of all the people on the planet you were honestly the last person that I would ever want to wrong in any way, but I can’t keep this inside any longer. I can’t marry you Samantha, I just can’t. I’m in love with Chloe; she is the one I’m supposed to be with. I’m her match. I know that I was wrong to do this to you on many levels, but I am also hoping that this is something that we can deal with.
I know one day you will look back on this and realize that it was the best decision for us both, I know that you will find someone better than me.


“Are you fucking kidding me?” Patrick whispered as he stared blankly at the letter. He quickly folded up the paper and went to put it back in the exact place it had fallen out of but stopped short when he noticed the pictures that were inside the album. The singer marked the page as he flipped to the front cover running his fingers over the raised print, Our Special Day.
Placing the letter back on its original page he started from the front stopping immediately at the first picture in the album, Samantha in her wedding dress, he inhaled sharply as he let his fingers graze on her face. He closed his eyes momentarily before shaking his head in disbelief and flipping the page. The next page was littered with happy girls dressed in classy ruby colored dresses, one in particular stood out only because she was the only one photographed with Samantha, she was tall and blonde, The caption at the bottom of the picture wasn’t needed because he already knew it was Chloe.

“Unbelievable.” He mumbled with a groan, growing upset.

“What’s unbelievable?” Samantha questioned curiously while walking back through the door twirling the keys around her finger.

Immediately Patrick dumped the album in the box and stood quickly as he began to cough,
“Nothing, no one. I didn’t do anything.”

Sam stopped abruptly as she cocked an eyebrow at him watching as he shifted nervously and wiped his palms on his pant legs.

“Right.” She put her hands on her hips as she studied him, “Let’s have it.”

“I should get the rest of these downstairs.” Was his only reply as he grabbed a few more boxes and quickly scurried out of the apartment.

“Oh did you hear?” Samantha took her gaze off of the passing scenery to smile at Patrick as he shook his head ‘no.’
“After I left the party last night some chick kicked Jesse.”

“Like with a foot?” He glanced at her momentarily, confused.

“Yeah.” She replied hastily ignoring his brain lapse, “Zac told me about it, he made friends with her, Jessica, I think he said her name was.”

“Serves him right, he deserved a lot more then what he got.” The singer mumbled before sighing, ignoring the look Samantha was giving him.

“Why don’t you like him? I mean technically you don’t even know him.”

“Well first off, I’m genetically programmed to not like dick heads, secondly I mean it was inevitable for me and him not to get along just based off of the fact that he merited affection from the person I wanted affection from and thirdly no one should be able to say the things he said regardless of who they were being said about.” He finished before taking a rather large breath.

“You thought about that for a long time before hand didn’t you?” She smiled at him and Patrick could do nothing but laugh as he turned onto his street and pulled into his driveway.

It didn’t take long for them to unload the car and to get all her things into the room that would now be hers.

“Patrick what is wrong? You are being depressing.” Samantha whined while tugging at the bottom of his shirt .

“I’m not being depressing, I just don’t feel like talking.” He corrected while trying his best to avert her gaze and pushing her away from him.
Though the truth was that ever since he had found the album and the letter and then hid the entire fact that he had found the album and read the letter he felt like crap, almost as if he was deceiving her by not telling the truth.
Granted he didn’t lie about anything, but if that was so true then why did it feel as if he had?

“Is it about me living here?” The redhead sighed while she followed him into the kitchen, “Because I told you that it was a bad idea from the beginning but you were all like –”

“It’s not about you living here Sam!” Patrick spat at her cutting her off completely. He sighed heavily before turning to face her.
“I’m sorry.” He apologized, “I didn’t mean to snap at you.” His voice was barely auditable as he whispered.

Samantha nodded as she turned to leave the kitchen.
“I still think this was a bad idea.” She mumbled while shuffling into the hallway.

“It’s not a bad idea.” He went after her cornering her in her room.
“It’s just . . . ” Patrick groaned loudly, upset at himself for not being able to hide anything from her for more then a few hours. “You think she’s better then you don’t you?” He raised his voice slightly.

“Who?” Samantha questioned while furrowing her brows together confused.

Sighing he turned around immediately spotting the box he was looking for, opening it and pulling out the album.
He flipped the pages until he found the picture he was looking for,
“Chloe.” He pointed at the picture before meeting Sam’s gaze.

“How?” She cocked her head to the side perplexed while taking the album from his hands.

“She isn’t better then you Samantha.” He stated firmly, completely ignoring her question.

“How would you know?” The redhead countered while turning her back to him clutching the album to her chest protectively, though she wasn’t really sure which she was protecting more herself or her memories.

“Because I do.” Patrick sighed.

“No you don’t.” Sam fired back while finally turning to face him with hot tears now streaming down her face. “If she isn’t better then why did he marry her? Why does he love her and give a damn about her child?” She cried, “If I’m not lacking something why was I the one left on my wedding day and why –” Stopping abruptly she backed away from him while throwing her palms up letting the album fall from her grasp and collapse onto the floor.

“Samantha.” He pleaded while taking her hand and pulling her towards him desperate to comfort her.

“Just don’t Patrick.” She whispered while pushing him away from her, “I can’t do this.”

“Do what?” He lowered his voice also, “We’re not doing anything.”

“I’m going to take a shower.” Samantha stated suddenly unable to think of any other way to get herself out of the situation. She wiped at her eyes furiously wanting nothing more then the tears to stop.

“Uhm, alright.” Patrick stated solemnly while turning to leave, sighing heavily as he pushed the door shut behind him not bothering to fix it when it didn’t close all the way.
He realized then that he should probably stop pushing her, though he didn’t know why he couldn’t bring himself to do so.

Opening the door 20 minutes later he was very surprised to see Pete leaning on the doorframe looking a little less then amused at the singer.

“Pete, what are you - you’re supposed to be in L.A.” He stated confused while moving aside to let his friend in before leaning down to pet Hemmingway’s head.

“Yeah and you were supposed to be in New York as of this morning.” Pete retorted while walking briskly into the kitchen not paying any mind when his dog ran off in the opposite direction.

“I know, I had – something came up. I already called Gabe and the guys and let them know I was going to be a day late.” Patrick fidgeted while scratching the back of his neck nervously.

“Things just don’t ‘come up’ Ric. Unless someone is dead, what is wrong?” The bassist genuinely looked concerned as he studied his friend.

“I just, nothing – something came up.” The singer tried to explain while ignoring the dog that was now rubbing up against his leg.

Pete glanced down and immediately his mood changed as he laughed and grabbed his dog, prying something out of the animal’s mouth.
“Yeah something definitely came or should I say someone?” The dark haired boy smiled as he held up the little black lace panties.

Patrick cocked his head to the side as he studied the underwear,
“I, uhm, no!” Was all he could manage to say.

“Let me just say that I want to meet the owner of these panties because they’re kind of sexy.” Pete replied with another one of his infamous smirks before a familiar voice caused his mood to change slightly.

“You already have.” Samantha replied while placing a hand on her hip and extending the other, opening her palm awaiting her undergarments.

“What?” Patrick turned his attention from the towel clad Samantha to Pete who was already shaking his head.

“She’s just kidding, we’ve never met.” He laughed while patting his best friend on the back reassuringly.
“Tell him we’ve never met.” He glanced at her pleading with his eyes, before smiling at Patrick once again, “Girl I’ve never met before standing right over there in a towel.” The bassist laughed and went to point in Samantha’s direction but immediately remembered that he still had a hold of her panties. “These are the panties of the girl I’ve never met before.”

“Pete.” Patrick warned and the dark haired boy started laughing nervously once more before frowning and stomping his foot like a child.

“Ok, so I went to every damn art studio in the downtown Chicago area looking for her just so I could hit on her and make sure she wasn’t a gold digging whore, forgive me for being such a great friend!” He waved his arms around in the air dramatically before tossing Patrick a cheeky smile. Pete poked his best friend in the stomach a few times before realizing that he was still far from amused.

“Right, so. I’ll be on my way now.” He coughed while walking quickly past Patrick who only glared at him, “I’m sorry my dog liked your panties.” Pete mumbled to Samantha before placing the underwear in her hand and bending down to grab a hold of Hemmingway’s collar. “Oh and just so you know,” He whispered into Samantha’s ear, “Though I think you don’t really give a damn, you passed.” The bassist pulled away from her and smiled, “And that doesn’t happen very often.”

Sam couldn’t help but smile as she watched the strange boy with bangs walk away while pulling along his disobedient dog.

Stopping abruptly Pete turned to look at Patrick.
“Your ass better be in New York tomorrow.”
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