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Honesty is such a lonely word.

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Chapter Eight

"I don't have AIDS baby I swear." Joe whined as he followed his girlfriend around the house.

"Joe just because you went to Africa doesn't mean you automatically get AIDS - I just can't right now Sweetie I'm sorry. I have to make sure everything is ready for the party." Marie cooed as she turned around to face him, she kissed him briefly before the opportunity to reach the bowl behind him became available; she took quick advantage of it pulling away from him and clutching the large bowl to her chest.

"That was mean, I feel so used." He huffed while continuing to follow her around. "What's this party for anyway?"

"Well this new girl just started at the boutique and I was snooping around the office," She paused to glare at Joe who began to snicker, "Anyways," Marie rolled her eyes and continued, "I found out that her birthday was today, her 21st, I mean she didn't say a thing and you know how I feel about birthday's."

"Yes I know, but maybe she, unlike you, doesn't like birthday's." Joe spoke up while gnawing on a celery stick that was part of the party spread.

"I don't care, she's turning 21 for God's sakes and I'm throwing her a surprise pretty in pink party if it's the last thing I do, damn it!" She stomped her foot in protest while trying her hardest to re-stick the pink streamer that had fallen down from the ceiling, "She's so obviously not from around here and she doesn't have any girlfriends only a weird boyfriend and a gay man. I just want her to feel included, I mean she's quirky and so sweet, just a great girl."

"Uh oh, I think I smell a lesbian crush." He laughed while walking over to her and easily sticking the pink paper back to the ceiling.

"No Joe, geeze I'm just trying to be nice." Marie squealed before sighing in frustration causing Joe to laugh out loud.

"I know, I was just teasing. You're doing a really great thing here, is there anything I can do to help?" The curly haired boy replied while pulling his girlfriend towards him. The brunette sighed before resting her head on his chest, inhaling deeply.

"Oh God yes, you can take a shower." She groaned while pushing him away from her, "I love you but you smell like ass." Pinching her nose in gesture as she tried to wave the stench away from her.

Joe pretended to be offended before lifting his arm and smelling, he quickly pulled his nose from under his arm with a disgusted look on his face. Marie laughed before shaking her head at the boy she had fallen hopelessly in love with.

"After I shower," He replied while taking his shirt off and walking down the hallway towards the bathroom, "Do you want me to stick around or is this a girl thing?"

"No, no you have to stay." Marie yelled over her shoulder from the kitchen while she mixed pink Jell-O and vodka together for the Jell-O shots. "And if you could call people to come, I want this to be really big."

"I can do that." Joe replied before starting the shower, he stuck his head out of the bathroom once more to listen in case she had something else to say but immediately heard the sound of other female voices. He nodded to himself before shutting the bathroom door and getting into the shower.


"Wear the pink one." Zac instructed from the mirror as he tied his hot pink tie.

"This is ridiculous, we're not all wearing pink." Samantha protested while glancing at Jesse, who was wearing a light pink shirt, and then Zac who tonight had certainly met his quota for wearing pink as his shirt, hat, tie and belt were different complimenting shades of the color.
"I didn't even know you owned anything pink." She replied to Jesse who shrugged.

"Borrowed it from Zac."

"That's slightly weird," She furrowed her brows together but was ignored by her boyfriend who was in the middle of a 'very intense' computer game. Samantha focused her attention on Zac who was now applying his lip gloss, "I really don't want to go anywhere for my birthday." She whined while clutching her bathrobe to her body.

"You are turning 21 missy." The gay man swiveled on the balls of his feet as he turned to look at her, pointing a finger as he did so. "We are at least going to go to a bar so you can buy a drink." He lied, knowing full well that where they were going was no bar.
"Now you put on that pink dress with those amazing shoes that will make your legs look like sex and then come back out here so I can put on the make up that you are most certainly wearing."


"No it's for some girl Marie works with." Joe responded into his cell as Marie held up different shirts to his chest trying to decide which one she liked best.

"Light pink, dark pink or stripes?" She questioned while doing her best to hold up all three shirts at once.

"They all look queer to me babe so just pick one." He replied with a roll of his eyes as he took the phone away from his ear.

"Well if you wear the dark pink one then you'll match me." The brunette thought out loud fully ignoring the fact that Joe was on the phone.

"Yeah you have to wear pink." He responded into the phone with a sigh, "Because it's a pretty in pink 21st birthday party." The curly haired boy faked enthusiasm while rolling his eyes.

"Here just wear this one." Marie handed Joe the dark pink shirt.

He grabbed it without a second thought and slipped it over his Iron Maiden shirt, buttoning it up as he cradled the phone with his shoulder. Joe nodded while absentmindedly chewing on his bottom lip and scratching his bearded chin. She signed as she cocked her head to the side before bringing up the skirt of her dress to try and match it to his shirt. Once satisfied with the match she nodded and exited the room yelling for one of her friends to answer the door.

"Patrick you were supposed to wear pink." Marie frowned as the singer walked into the kitchen wearing black. He looked down at his shirt before shrugging and stealing a carrot.

"Sorry." Patrick replied while chewing.

"Don't bust his balls Marie, I called him before I knew that everyone had to wear pink." Joe's voice preceded him into the kitchen, but only barely.

"That's ok, I suppose." She sighed while smacking Patrick's hand away from the vegetables, "Those are for the guests."

"I'm a guest!" He argued but she shook her head while taking the tray into the other room. "Who's this party for?" Patrick questioned before moving out of the kitchen doorway.

"I have no idea, some new chick that works with Marie." The curly haired boy shrugged, "She's trying to be nice but I figured I'd mostly just stay in the kitchen and drink beer, there's plenty of it too, 21st birthday party and all."

"All the drinks are pink." The singer pointed out with a raised eyebrow.

"Look around dude, everything is fucking pink." Joe commented while opening the fridge quickly and pulling out a beer before his girlfriend could notice.


"Where are you taking us Zackary?" Samantha whined as her heels clicked on the sidewalk.

"You know that if we put all of our yearly salaries together that we still couldn't afford one of these town houses in Lincoln Park." Jesse replied in a melancholy voice as he continued to be dragged along by Samantha.

"Well thank you Jesse for being so depressing and Sammy we're almost there so don't even worry your pretty little head about it." Zac replied while excitedly turning the corner onto Southport Avenue and pulling out his phone to send a text.

"Almost where?" She groaned while stopping abruptly, "It's my birthday Zackary and I demand that you tell me what's going on!"

"Ok, ok." Zac sighed, "I got in touch with some of the girls you work with and they wanted to come out with us, so we all decided that we would meet at Marie's house - which I don't even know why she works there if she lives in Lincoln Park. I mean 'hello' these people wipe their butts with $100 bills." He lied, but only slightly.

"Really?" Samantha seemed surprised, "I didn't think anyone cared."

"Everyone loves you Samantha, when are you going to realize it. You're a catch." Jesse piped up as they neared a dimly lit building, it seemed as if no one was home.

"Well this is it." Zac tried his hardest to hide his smile as he gestured for Samantha to open the door.

"What? Your arm isn't broken, you're fully capable of opening the door." She laughed at the laziness of her best friend, but Zac only groaned in response as he pushed her towards the door. Samantha hesitantly stood close to the door as she eyed Zac and Jesse over her shoulder; this was beyond weird. She opened her mouth to protest but Zac simply twisted the knob from behind her and ushered her into the dark house in front of him. The three of them stood in the darkness for a few seconds before Samantha sighed.
"Well this is fun, nice going Zackary."

"Joe!" Marie harshly whispered at her boyfriend.

"What?" Joe replied rather loudly as he glanced around the pitch-black room trying to look at least in the direction of his girlfriend.

"Dude, lights." Patrick whispered into the guitarist's ear.

"Oh, sorry." The curly haired boy replied still not bothering to whisper before flipping the switch allowing light to flood the room.

'Surprise' echoed loudly throughout the room once the lights were on, Samantha covered her mouth in utter shock as tears brimmed the corners of her eyes.
"Aw you guys shouldn't have." She smiled while uncovering her mouth and hugging her coworkers tightly.

"It was all Marie." A short blonde yelled over the noise and commotion as she gestured to Marie, who shook her head 'no' as she smiled.

"Thank you, this was really nice." Samantha embraced the brunette.

"Oh shit man." Joe replied to Patrick, "That's your Samantha." He glanced down at his friend but was surprised when he wasn't there anymore. Immediately he began looking around the room, in all technicality Patrick should have been easy to find, he was the only one not wearing pink, but before he could do an extensive search he was being bombarded by Marie who was pulling along an all too familiar redhead.

"Samantha, this is Joe my boyfriend." She introduced him proudly not noticing the way both Samantha and Joe fidgeted nervously.

"Hi Joe." Samantha responded politely before reaching behind her for Jesse.
"I think you've met my boyfriend Jesse?" She questioned with an arched eyebrow as both boys huffed in annoyance.

"Oh no way, you guys know each other?" Marie grew excited while glancing between Joe, Samantha and Jesse.

"He's Dead." Joe ignored Marie's question as he shot daggers at Jesse.

"Alive." Jesse retorted.

"Prick." The guitarist stepped forward slightly.

"Dumb ass." Jesse once more retorted in Joe's direction before stepping up to meet him.

Marie got in between them before looking at Samantha.
"Do I even want to know what they're fighting about?"

Samantha shook her head 'no.'
"Star Wars."

"Are you fucking kidding me?" The brunette's mouth hung open slightly before she turned around and smacked Joe upside the head.

Immediately Joe grabbed the side of his head as he cowered slightly.
"Ow." He whined while ruffling his mess of curls. Marie rolled her eyes before turning back to Samantha who was looking rather amused at the sight that had just played out in front of her.

"I didn't know you guys knew each other? Are you a fan?"

"I, uhm, no, not quite." The redhead smiled slightly embarrassed.

"That's Patrick's Samantha." Joe replied while raising his eyebrows in a silent warning to Jesse, informing him that there was someone better courting his girlfriend.

Marie furrowed her brows together slightly until coming to the sudden realization of who Joe was referring too.
"Oh my God." She brought her hands up to cover her mouth. "No Joe. Where is he?" She whispered mortified as she turned around to look at her boyfriend.

"I don't know he ran off, I didn't see where he went." Joe replied in a hushed voice as he bent down slightly bringing himself to her eyelevel. Marie jokingly brought up her hands to encircle his throat before turning around. She smiled at Samantha before excusing both herself and Joe.

"Patrick's Samantha?" Jesse questioned with a raised eyebrow as soon as Marie and Joe had exited into the kitchen.

Samantha shrugged innocently before grabbing his hand and kissing his cheek quickly.
"I'm really thirsty." She commented nonchalantly.
Jesse nodded and motioned towards the drinks before walking off in that direction, as soon as he was gone however she was immediately on her tiptoes glancing nervously around the room looking for someone she was only silently hoping was there.

"So Bitch, I just heard." Zac seemed to have popped out of nowhere as he wrapped an arm around the tiny girl's shoulders. "Who'd of guessed that coworker Marie would be Joe Troh's main squeeze?" He pouted his lips at his distraught friend before catching another glimpse at Joe and swooning, "He is looking utterly gorgeous is that ultra feminine color by the way, tonight I don't even mind his lumberjack beard."

"He's here." Was the only thing Samantha replied before sighing heavily.

"Awkward." Zac replied while trying his hardest not to bop his head to the beat, "Current flame and secret flame unite tonight." He sang while shaking his hips to Willa Ford's 'A Toast To Men (F*ck The Men).'

"What? Zac no, that can't happen." Samantha whispered harshly while pulling at his arm as he began to dance, urging him to pay attention to her.

"Sammy have a drink, have fun, it's your party." Zac paused to yell loudly 'Fuck the men let's drink to us y'all' along with the song. "Besides I haven't seen that sexy little man at all tonight, maybe he's not here." Was the last thing he commented before escaping into the crowd to bump and grind with the best of them.

Samantha looked around, with all the people around she could barely see the top of Jesse's head, but could tell just by his mannerisms that he was most likely talking to someone. She rolled her eyes, with Jesse engrossed in a discussion, Zac dancing and Marie occupied in the kitchen she was alone. She took advantage of the time with herself to once again scan the crowded room.
Maybe he wasn't here, she should have been glad after the way they had parted last but inevitably she wasn't anything other than disappointed.


"I wish I could do something so ridiculous like form a mediocre rock band and make enough money to live in Lincoln Park." Jesse mumbled to the person next to him without taking eyes off of the drinks he was pouring.

"As opposed to what?" Patrick eyed the unfamiliar guy next to him as he leaned on the snack table. "What is it you do that makes you better then the guy who owns this house?"

"It's not that. I'm just saying that America is in the shitter if a guy in a rock band, that isn't even that good mind you, can make enough money to live in a house like this." The tall boy laughed slightly while taking a sip from the drink he just poured. "It's actually really embarrassing that I even know who Fall Out Boy is, but my girlfriend has started to listen to them a lot more lately, I should probably be concerned." Jesse was more than amused as he turned to look at the shorter man next to him.

"Well we can't please everyone I guess." Patrick shrugged, he wasn't in the mood to argue, he actually didn't even know why he had stuck around.

"Oh man, I'm sorry I didn't know that you were." Jesse paused to gesture to Joe who was flapping his arms around trying to get someone's attention. "In the same band, or whatever."

"It's alright really." The singer reassured him while reaching for another carrot, "But I've come to the conclusion that your girlfriend is a lot smarter than you are." He joked while shoving the carrot in his mouth.

At this Jesse started laughing loudly causing Patrick to look at him strangely.
"Ahh I'm sorry." He replied while taking a deep breath, "But my girlfriend couldn't possibly smarter than me."

"Uhm ok." Patrick replied with a raised eyebrow.

"I know how that sounded," Jesse paused while taking a few more sips of Samantha's drink, "But any girl who passes up real school to paint is an idiot."

Patrick froze immediately; no this couldn't be, could it?

"I mean yeah sure quit school if you're a good at something, but don't quit so you can finger paint or whatever it is she does." Jesse wiggled his fingers around as he gestured to finger painting, "I mean the shit she does just looks like colors exploded on the canvas, my 3 year old niece can do that. It's nothing special. Hopefully," He sighed as he refilled the now empty cup, "she can get by because she's pretty that's about all she's got going for her, I think." Shrugging he took a sip of the drink, "She might be a good lay, but I haven't found that out yet. But hey, maybe tonight, it is her birthday after all, I could give her a belated birthday present." Jesse raised his drink in a toast to himself before turning to leave; Patrick's hand however instinctively grabbed his shoulder making Jesse halt and turn back around.

"Where the fuck do you get off even saying something like that?" Patrick spat while shoving Jesse slightly.

"Whoa whoa, what's it to you?" Jesse replied while raising his palms.

Patrick balled his fists up angrily as opened his mouth to yell some other choice words but before he could Zac swiftly scooted in between them.

"Jesse I think Sammy is still waiting for her drink, parched birthday girls are less fun then rejuvenated ones." Not knowing the reason for the scuttle Zac laughed nervously until Jesse was far enough away for him to let go of Patrick's shirt.
"And Muffin a way to a woman's heart is not by attempting to beat up her boyfriend Sweetie."

"That guy is a fucking asshole." The singer growled while shoving himself away from Zac and walking angrily towards the kitchen.

Zac of course, being nosey, shuffled quickly through the crowd following Patrick.
"Why? What did he do Sugar?" He gently placed his hand on Patrick's shoulder as the singer leaned on the sink and stared blankly out the window.

"Does he always talk so highly of her?" Patrick sarcastically questioned with a huff while shrugging Zac's hand off of his shoulder. He really didn't want to be touched at the moment.

"What's going on?" Joe's voice radiated from the kitchen doorway causing both Patrick and Zac to turn and look.

Zac swooned for an instant, sighing heavily as he stared dreamily at the guitarist before straightening up as best he could.
"Jesse and Patrick here had a little scuttle, just a teeny one." He replied while clearing his throat.

"God, that idiot just needs to realize that Boba Fett is fucking dead. You want me to kick his ass?" Joe groaned annoyed while walking closer to the sink.

"It was about Sammy." Zac whispered loudly while cupping one hand over his mouth in a horrible attempt to tell a secret.

"I'm not going to just let him talk about her like that!" Patrick raised his voice slightly startling both Joe and Zac.

"Like what?" Zac questioned while noticing that he was accidentally sandwiched in between the two Fall Out Boys, and though he had dreamt of this very moment with slightly different circumstances he focused very hard on actually listening to what Patrick was saying.

"That she's only getting by because she's pretty, she's a horrible artist and that he doesn't know if she's a good lay but he'd be trying to give her a 'belated birthday present' tonight, among other things." He spat angrily.

Zac was smiling and nodding until he actually processed what Patrick had said.
"Excuse me what?" The gay man yelled while taking a step back.
"Oh no he didn't." He shook his head furiously before stalking out of the kitchen.

"Yeah Patrick, did you hear that?" Joe laughed while excitedly following Zac, "Oh no he didn't."

Zac expertly weaved his way in and out of the crowd with Joe pulling along Patrick following closely behind.
"Hey asshole!" The gay man loudly screamed causing Jesse to turn and look behind him.
"Here's your belated birthday present." Zac grabbed the nearest cup and eagerly threw its contents in Jesse's face.

The brown haired boy gasped as he backed away slightly before running into a very confused Samantha who just stood speechless as she wiped punch off of her arms.
"What the hell?" Jesse yelled once finally coming to his senses.

"Zac what's going on?" Samantha asked quietly as Jesse shoved her in between himself and Zac.

"You'll fucking say those things to a stranger, huh?" Zac ignored her as he continued to yell at Jesse, moving Samantha out of the way so he could get in his face.

"Joe!" Marie yelled mortified from across the room, begging her boyfriend to stop the fight.

"Oh no." Joe sighed, "Stop." His voice was low and lacking enthusiasm as he 'attempted' to break up the argument.

Meanwhile Zac was shoving Jesse every time he gave the wrong answer.

"Zac, what's wrong?!" Sam tried to yell over the commotion but was ignored once more.

"I didn't fucking know that that guy was going to be such a girl about it!" Jesse threw back as he continued to do a poor job defending himself.

"She's only dating your sorry ass because of me." Zac yelled in his face before pausing and looking over his shoulder. "Sorry about that Patrick." He shrugged slightly as Patrick's gaze immediately hit the floor while the blush crept up his cheeks.

Jesse started laughing causing both Patrick and Zac's gazes to narrow in on him again.
"That's Patrick?" His laugher grew louder before he steadied himself, "So that's the guy she didn't want?"

"Everybody shut up!" Samantha screamed finally meriting the attention of the room.
"Now, somebody tell me what's going on?" She stated slowly while pacing her breathing.

"He's being a pussy because he can't have you." Jesse quickly stated while pointing in Patrick's direction.

"Please. You wish." Joe scoffed before noticing Marie's glare, "I mean, no guys, c'mon, stop it." He mumbled slightly while shoving his hands in his pockets.

"Why don't you tell her what you said Jesse?" Patrick responded evenly as he glared at Jesse.

"I said that you shouldn't have quit school." He stated nonchalantly as he finally looked at Samantha.

Almost immediately after those words left Jesse's lips Zac slapped him hard across the face.
"Stop being a little bitch and tell her what you really said."

His gaze stayed on the floor as he gripped his cheek tightly, he stammered, unsure of how he could twist the turn of events to make him look like the victim.

"You know what?" Samantha finally spoke, "I don't care, I don't want to know." She put up her palms in defeat as she backed up into the crowd.
"Thank you so much Marie, you worked really hard on everything and I'm so sorry things turned out like this." She choked out while hugging the brunette slightly.

"Sure Sam." Marie replied as Samantha walked out the front door.

The party stayed silent for a few more minutes before the music started back up again.
"You have three more seconds to go after her before I do it and if I do it all chances for romance are out the window." Zac took his glare off of Jesse for a few seconds to glance at Patrick who stood nervously unsure of what his best choice of actions would be.

"She doesn't want to talk to me." He mumbled before his face dropped.

"Dude go!" Joe yelled annoyed while gesturing to the front door.

"Ok, alright." He nodded, trying to convince himself that it was the right choice.


"I should have called a taxi." Samantha mumbled to herself as she paused to lean on a lamppost. She knelt down to take off her heels, there was no need for her legs to look like 'sex' anymore, especially since it was night time and she was walking home alone.
Grabbing her shoes in her hand she once again took off in the direction of her home, she did a fairly good job keeping her mind clear of any impending thoughts, she didn't want to fantasize of maybe a white knight who has a tendency of wearing hats and multicolored shoes chasing after her, she wasn't that optimistic, not anymore at least.
Suddenly, she realized she was approaching her apartment. She couldn't believe she had walked all the way back home without noticing it, but she was glad. Exhausted both mentally and physically, all she wanted to do was get inside, get into her PJ's and get into bed. And, hopefully, forget. Forget everything that had happened that night. If only she could be so lucky.
Throwing open the door to her building she sighed in relief.
Samantha pushed the elevator button and waited a few minutes before rolling her eyes and turning into the stairwell. After all if she could walk all the way home she could most certainly trek up the three short flights of stairs, of course that was only in theory because as she stared up the last flight she could do nothing but curse at herself for not waiting two more seconds for the elevator. With a groan she pushed her way up the few more steps, she tripped slightly out of the stairwell as she brushed her hair off her face and dug around her purse for her keys. She wasn't paying attention, which was why the voice calling out to her in the darkness scared her more than it would have normally.

"I can't believe you walked home Samantha. That's not safe." His voice echoed off the bare hallway startling her into dropping her keys.

As though she had conjured him with her obsessive thoughts, Patrick was sitting in front of her door; he looked at her concerned which caused her to grow defensive.
"What are you doing here?" she asked belligerently, trying to ignore her increased heart rate.

"I just wanted to make sure that you were ok." He responded shyly while pushing himself off of the floor.

"Well I'm fine." She sighed while bending down to retrieve her fallen keys.

"Happy Birthday." Patrick responded because it was the only thing he could think of to say.

"Thanks." She mumbled while shoving past him to get to the door. The redhead fumbled with the key, trying to push it in the lock even though it refused. She wanted nothing more than to slip inside and leave Patrick in the hall. She groaned frustrated as she subconsciously stomped her foot.

Thoroughly amused, he took hold of her wrist, removing the keys from her grasp. He sorted through the keys on the ring before choosing one.
"You're using the wrong one," He whispered. How he was able to select the right key and open her door with only one hand, Samantha didn't know. But he was able to, and he didn't let her go.

"Fantastic, thanks, goodbye." She responded once the door opened, hoping to dismiss him. But he pushed her inside before him.

"No I need to talk to you." There was urgency as well as panic in his voice as he shut the door behind him.

Samantha sighed loudly in clear warning that she was not in the talking mood but he continued to pace the small apartment planning in his head what his next move was going to be.
"I'm sorry about the way I acted, it was completely out of line and though I understand why you are so upset I can't have you be mad at me anymore." He sighed while slouching his shoulders in obvious defeat.

"Why?" She eyed him suspiciously while crossing her arms over her chest.

"Because I love you damn it!" Patrick yelled a little louder than he meant to before covering his face with his hands. "I'm in love with you." He mumbled while removing his hands from his face, shaking his head in realization and turning to leave.

"That's not true." Samantha finally replied as she watched him reach for the door handle.

"How can you tell me that it's not true Sam?" He sighed while placing his forehead on the door for a second before turning to face her abruptly.

"Stop looking at me like that!" She demanded, unable to bear the unmistakable glint in his eyes.

"Like what?" Patrick shrugged wearily.

"Like you love me!" Samantha yelled at him while covering her mouth trying her best to hold back the tears that were threatening to fall.

"But I-"He started only to be cut off.

"Yeah, for now, or so you think." She huffed sarcastically before turning her back to him.

"Samantha." Patrick began as he neared her but immediately she was pushing him away, keeping him at more than arms length.

"Just don't alright, please just leave." The redhead pleaded with her back facing him.

"Tell me what happened?" It was more of an order then a request, though he didn't mean for it to sound so harsh as he once again neared her.


"Please." Patrick begged while finally grabbing hold of her hand, squeezing it gently, "Please."

She finally glanced over to him with tears brimming in her eyes.
"I loved him."
He nodded urging her to continue and she sighed.
"And he loved me until he didn't anymore. Until he loved her instead."

"Sam I'm sorry but," Patrick was fully prepared to start his 'you can't let one bad experience ruin all the others' speech until she took her hand out of his.

"Who'd have guessed that the day I got to find that out was the day I was supposed to get married." Samantha laughed sadly as the tears fell from her eyes, "But you can't have a wedding without a groom and a maid of honor, that just doesn't work out that well."

"Sammy I am so sorry." Was all he could think to say as he immediately held her close to him, embracing her tightly.

Samantha knew it was useless to fight against him so she allowed herself to bury her face in the crook of his neck as she cried, that would be all she would divulge to him. She was pretty sure that vocalizing the rest would be impossible for her tonight so she nestled further into his neck enjoying the feeling of being so close to him.
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