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I wish that I had Jessie's girl.

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Andy squinted his eyes as he glanced up at the mid day sun. He groaned in annoyance as he once again checked his watch, he didn't expect that waiting for Joe to finish in the bookstore would take this long. He already doubted the guitarist's ability to read so what could he possibly be doing for 30 minutes in Borders?
They only had limited time off in between Live Earth and Uganda and he wanted to go home, he wanted to see his Mom damn it. Andy cursed himself for not just taking a taxi but Joe offered to drive him and Joe didn't cost anything.

"Dude I'm so sorry but I got into it with this retard in the bookstore that claims that Boba Fett is alive." Joe apologized while walking out of the Borders bookstore.

"Boba Fett isn't real, he is a fictional character in the Star Wars universe." Andy replied while rolling his eyes, Joe of course only glared at the drummer fully taking offense at the claim that Star Wars wasn't real.

"Boba Fett was a bounty hunter hired by the Empire and Jabba the Hutt to track down and capture Han Solo and Chewbacca. Pshh until he died. The Sarlacc ate that bitch right up." He explained while scratching his head not seeming to mind the fact that he messed up his unmanageable fro.

"Thank you Joe but I know who he is." The drummer rolled his eyes sarcastically. "Can we please be on our way now?"

"Dude, there's the motherfucker now!" Joe pointed at a man coming out of the bookstore. Andy looked over and saw the man in question. He was fairly tall, dark brown hair, thick-rimmed glasses, looked like he spent way too much time in front of a computer.

"Joe seriously?" He questioned with a reprimanding sigh, "At least get into arguments with people who have friends or with people who have moved out of their mother's basements."

"Don't even dude, he has a girlfriend, a hot girlfriend." The guitarist nodded eagerly while widening his eyes for emphasis. Andy shook his head in disbelief but immediately started laughing when Joe whistled loudly to get the 'retards' attention.
"Hey bitch, don't have much to say now that you don't have your girlfriend to impress do you?"

"The world is going to end soon if he can impress his girlfriend with Star Wars facts." Andy mumbled before covering his mouth to stifle a laugh while Joe waved him off.

"It doesn't matter if she's here or not," The guy replied with his back facing the boys as he held the door open, waiting for his girlfriend. "Boba Fett is alive, if you would have read the books you would know that."

"Joe can't read." Andy piped up with a laugh as Joe glared at him.

"He's so fucking dead - no one escapes the all powerful Sarlacc. The Sarlacc burped after it ate him." The guitarists huffed while crossing his arms over his chest.

"Jesse hold my bag for a second." A redheaded girl responded while handing the guy fighting Joe her purse. Jesse grabbed the purse but still didn't turn to face Joe.

"Fett is alive, Chewbacca however is dead." The tall boy shrugged in gesture while ushering his girlfriend ahead of him.

"Why don't you say that to my face?" Joe challenged while gesturing for him to 'bring it on.'

"Are you idiots still fighting about that stupid movie?" Samantha responded while taking back her purse, ignoring the gasps of both Joe and Jesse.

"It is not stupid!" They both said in unison.

Samantha rolled her eyes as she kept walking, Jesse stopped momentarily to look behind him and glare at Joe who hit his chest in gesture trying to prove his toughness. Jesse turned back around and was surprised that he had been left behind.
"Sammy wait up." He called after her while jogging to catch up.

Once they were far enough away Joe huffed,
"I hate that stupid fucker, can you believe the nerve of that guy?" He glanced at Andy who stared wide-eyed at the couple.

"Shit Joe." The drummer exclaimed while running his hands over his face in amazement.

"I know." Joe agreed while pulling out his phone and smiling when he noticed a text in his mailbox.

"No Joe, shit. That was Samantha. Patrick's Samantha." Andy pointed in the direction the couple walked off too.

"No Andy." The curly haired boy responded while typing a response to his girlfriend's text, "Patrick's Samantha has red hair and is dating a guy named Jesse."

"Yeah, I know." Andy groaned frustrated while gesturing to the redhead and her boyfriend named Jesse.

"Oh shit that's Patrick's Samantha!" Joe exclaimed as if he had just come up with the brilliant observation. "Dude her boyfriend is a douche bag. I'm going to call and tell Patrick. I fucking told him he should have come home to Chicago, but no he was all like 'fuck Chicago, I'm staying in L.A. where I won't make an idiot of myself.' Pshh stupid." The guitarist rambled on while scrolling through his contact list.


"That guy was so stupid Sam, he was all like Boba Fett is dead, if he would have read the books it clearly states that he is alive, I mean honestly who doesn't read the books?" Jesse huffed; his little spat with Joe had left him visibly flustered.

"I can't possibly imagine anyone not reading the Star Wars books sweetie." Samantha yawned as she lazily looked in the windows of the shops that they passed.

"Oh my God, I know." He agreed not noticing that she was being sarcastic or the fact that she wasn't even listening.

As he continued to ramble on about the Jedi Council Samantha let herself space out.
What was she doing?
She should have never agreed to let the next boy who asked take her out, but then again she never imagined that Zac would have held her to her promise.
And now she was with Jesse who was nice, cute well . . . he wasn't completely unfortunate looking, tall, smart, a little bit strange, but really who isn't a little strange?
She could handle the Star Wars obsession; after all he didn't talk about it constantly.
And what made an obsession with music any better or different then an obsession with Star Wars?
An obsession is still just an obsession.
But when Jesse kissed her she kind of wanted to vomit, which wasn't entirely normal.
And when he held her hand there was no spark, she just felt his hand, which was cold, slightly damp and clammy.
This is the way she needed it to be though, she would never love Jesse and if she never loved him he could never hurt her.
The logic was flawless.

She nodded her head robotically when he asked her if Chili's was ok for dinner, she felt bad to be so disconnected from him but as she watched him inform the hostess that they were a party of two she couldn't help but wonder how much longer she could keep this relationship platonic.
He was a nice boy and all but c'mon, she couldn't keep it going forever - which was horrible to even think about. If she wanted to vomit when they only kissed, having sex with him would probably kill her. She just wasn't attracted to him, not like she was with ...
Then again who was she to judge sex?
She only had sex with one other person and it was wrong to judge sex by one horrible experience.
Maybe Jesse was amazing in bed.
But who was she kidding?
Jesse could only be amazing in bed if they made sex into a computer game.

Samantha shook her head trying to rid herself of the thoughts that were fluttering freely about in her mind, she focused her attention back on her boyfriend who still hadn't of noticed her lack of attention towards his topic of conversation. Maybe he wasn't as smart as she thought.

"And then he said, 'No I'm a priest!'" Jesse exclaimed with a laugh as he slapped his hands on the table. Samantha stared at him wide-eyed and confused, he laughed for a bit before noticing that she wasn't laughing with him. "Get it? I'm a priest!" He started laughing once again but stopped once more when she still didn't laugh, "No? Maybe I told it wrong." Jesse ruffled his brown hair before starting the joke over again allowing Samantha to once again disconnect herself from reality.

Her attention however was immediately brought to her phone that began to vibrate in a circle on the tabletop.
She stared at it intently, was it really 6 p.m. already?
Samantha couldn't prevent her eyes from turning glassy as she watched it tremble and spin, knowing exactly who was calling.

"Well aren't you going to answer it?" Jesse questioned like he did at this time most nights.

"Nah." She routinely responded as she sniffled while forwarding the call to her voicemail. Jesse shrugged and continued to speak but Samantha couldn't tear her eyes away from her phone, she was waiting for it and seconds later the tiny screen on the outside of the phone lit up.
1 missed call: Patrick
New Voicemail

Dinner passed slowly after that. It seemed like the clock was actually ticking backwards as she waited for Jesse to finish. Samantha couldn't remember exactly what she had eaten but remembered that it wasn't very good, finally when she couldn't stand to watch him pick at his empty plate anymore she stood up.

"I'm going to meet you outside, I need air." The redhead stated breathless, though she wasn't sure where her breath had gone.

Jesse looked up at her concerned and reached for her hand that was still resting on the table clutching her cell phone.

"No I'm fine I just need air." Samantha repeated before walking away from the table.

She went to push open the door to the restaurant but was surprised when the curly haired boy from before opened the door for her. Joe smiled slightly not wanting to embarrass himself anymore then he had already earlier that day, but Sam smiled and thanked him which made him relax some, maybe she didn't recognize him and hopefully her tool bag of a boyfriend wasn't around either.

"Doesn't your beard itch when you get sweaty on stage?" She questioned nonchalantly while slowly turning to face him.

Joe opened his mouth to speak but only ended up stammering in response, not only did she remember him but she knew who he was. Patrick was surely going to kill him if he found out about him giving her boyfriend such a hard time.

"Tell Patrick to please stop calling." Samantha nodded slightly before walking away from him. She waited patiently at the corner and soon Jesse was also walking out of the restaurant and past Joe, who was still holding the door open.


Later that night Samantha sat crossed legged on her bed trying her best to stay focused on the magazine in her lap. She had already tried one of Zac's yoga tapes, but it didn't bring her serenity it just caused her to slice her leg open on the corner of the table as she fell out of the Tree pose. She attempted to paint but only managed to knock over the easel, which created a beautiful multicolored blob on her floor, one that her landlord was sure to hate.
And now she was trying valiantly to read but was once again distracted by her cell phone that lay silently on the kitchen counter.

"This is just ridiculous." The redhead mumbled as she threw the magazine down with a frustrated groan.
She got up quickly and hobbled over to the kitchen counter trying her best not to upset the cut on her leg that seemed to have taken longer than necessary to stop bleeding. Grabbing her phone without a second thought Samantha flipped it open and pushed the talk button dialing the last missed caller. She was fine until it began to ring; as her breathing grew ragged she contemplated hanging up but somehow managed to fight the strong urge to end the call.


"Dude whose phone is this?" Gabe yelled over the rowdy crowd that had gathered at Pete's L.A. home.

"That's Patrick's." Pete responded while squaring his shoulders with the golf tee that he had stuck into the grass in his backyard.

"Oh, cause it's ringing like whoa." He laughed as he stumbled a little bit, spilling some of his drink as he tried to steady himself. The Cobra closed one of his eyes trying to focus on the name that was flashing in the screen.
"It's Samantha." Gabe sang while shrugging and preparing to drop the phone in the grass. Immediately Pete stopped mid swing and lunged to reach the phone.

"Answer it!" The bassist shrieked and Gabe did as he was told, flipping the phone open with gusto.

"Hello?" He questioned while giggling and putting a finger up to his lips 'shhh-ing' as he did so urging everyone to shut up.

"Hi," Samantha stated nervously, "Is Patrick around? Maybe? Please." She stammered slightly, before closing her eyes and silently cursing her inability to speak.

"Uhm, please hold. Por favor uhm, holdame." Gabe laughed before looking around the patio for Patrick.
"It's for Patrick." He whispered loudly while covering the mouthpiece with his hand.

"Where is Patrick?" Pete's eyes widened in realization that he didn't know where Patrick had run off too, "Shit where is Patrick? He's going to die if he misses this call." He glanced around the backyard but was only faced with the drunken members of Cobra Starship, two fifths of a more then tipsy Academy Is, and one plastered pop princess.

"Maybe he's inside with VickyT? Yeah Boy!!!" Ryland yelled while laughing and thrusting his pelvis forward, humping the air energetically.

Victoria however cleared her throat and waved her hand slightly, informing everyone that she was not inside with the singer of Fall Out Boy.

"Maybe he's just inside." Ryland corrected while sitting down with a pout at the thought of something less juicy going on.

"Crap, is she still on the phone?" Pete pointed at Gabe who was doing a poor job of covering the mouthpiece as he laughed loudly with William.
"Gabe, the phone, is she still on the phone?" He yelled a little bit louder causing Gabe to jump slightly.

Putting the phone back up to his ear he listened quietly for a moment before yelling a little louder then he actually meant to.
"Hello this is G-a-b-e. Gabe, the Big Daddy Cobra, the Biggie to your Lil Kim, who's this?"

Pete closed his eyes in frustration while glancing in between Gabe and Ashlee who was attempting to try Victoria's shoes on, this is why he didn't drink.

Samantha laughed at the realization that she knew the person on the other end of the phone line.
"It's Not Kelly." She smiled trying to help out the drunk man identify her.

Gabe immediately widened his eyes in excitement.
"It's Not Kelly!" He yelled to the patio, "Everyone say 'hi' to Not Kelly!"

Pete sighed before walking back inside yelling for Patrick.

"Yeah?" He responded from the couch, as he flipped the channels on the TV.

"You have a phone call outside." The bassist replied while gesturing towards the back doors.

"Ah well, you couldn't have brought it in?" Patrick sat up slightly and turned around to look at his friend.

Pete shrugged.
"Gabe was kind of talking to them, but I think you really need to go outside and just get your phone."

"Nah tell them I died in a freak Christmas light accident." The singer laughed at himself before turning around to once again face the television.

"Ok, I'll just let Samantha know then." Pete nodded nonchalantly while pivoting on the balls of his feet fully prepared to walk back outside.

"You let Gabe answer the fucking phone, what is wrong with you?" Patrick yelled while shoving past his friend and quickly walking outside.

"Not Kelly, Patrick is outside now I think he wants to talk to you, but you know if I just hold the phone over my head he can't reach it and maybe he'll get tired and go away so I can talk to you more." Gabe whispered loudly into the phone trying his best to prevent Patrick from hearing his brilliant plan.

"Gabe just give me the phone please." Patrick tried his best to keep the panic out of his voice, God only knew what this drunk man had been telling her.

"That's not fun." Gabe frowned while reluctantly handing Patrick the phone, "But dude it was so awesome I had everyone out here sing 'Jesse's Girl' to her cause you know how you've been singing it a lot lately, and we were all like 'he wishes that he had Jesse's girl.'" He paused as he tried to remember the rest of the words, he closed his eyes and thought hard but shrugged when he couldn't remember the rest, "It was so sweet you should have seen it."

"Heard it." William corrected while pointing and wrapping an arm around Gabe's shoulder.

"Pshh heard it, saw it, lived it, loved it." Gabe laughed before once again breaking into the chorus of 'Jesse's Girl.'

Patrick swallowed hard before bringing the phone up to his ear, he opened his mouth to speak but once he heard her humming 'Jesse's Girl' on the other end of the line he couldn't help but smile as his mortification slowly melted away.

"Hey." He nervously responded in the phone cutting her off right in between And she's watching him with those eyes and And she's lovin' him with that body I just know it.

"Crap now I have that song stuck in my head." Samantha laughed trying to break the awkward tension that was radiating between them.

"I'm sorry." Patrick apologized while flicking off everyone who was mocking him by making sex noises in the background as he slid through the opening in the sliding glass doors. Once safely inside he sighed deeply. "That's totally not true by the way, about that song." He lied and immediately blushed knowing that she wouldn't believe him.

"Ok." She stated simply before letting then fall back into awkward silence.

"I've called you . . . a few times."
"We need to talk." They both replied at the same time.


"Sorry, go ahead."

"No, no you go ahead." He replied hastily not wanting her to change her mind about saying whatever it is she called to say.

"I don't know, I don't want you to . . . " Samantha groaned frustrated unsure of how she was going to get out what she was trying to say. "I didn't want to do this over the phone."

Patrick held his breath, he had no idea what was coming next.
"Go on." He urged her to continue while shutting his eyes and balling his fists until his knuckles turned white.

"It's just, why are you doing this to me?" She covered her mouth immediately when a sob escaped her lips, she hadn't of even realized that she had begun to cry.

"I'm sorry," Patrick confessed softly as he sat on the edge of the couch. "But I don't understand why . . . " He trailed off, regarding his confusion for a second. "I can't help unless I know what's going on Sam, I'm in the dark over here." Patrick finally choked out, choosing his words carefully. "What was Kelly talking about?"

Samantha took a deep breath as she tried to even out her voice,
"The summer before my senior year." She began but paused to collect her thoughts.

"Oh my God, you have Cancer?" He shrieked mortified.

"The summer before my senior year, what? Cancer? I'm not a fucking movie Patrick - Jesus!" Samantha yelled as she stood up from the stool she had been sitting on, getting worked up.

"Ok. I'm sorry, it's just, I thought you know since you made me promise like the movie, I'm sorry continue." Patrick shook his head in disbelief at himself, he was such an idiot sometimes.

"Anyways," She sniffled before composing herself and sitting back down on her bar stool. "The summer before my senior year, something happened to me and I don't even know, this leads up to the point of my story I promise," She laughed slightly before continuing, "I got my braces off and I lost all this weight and my hair started feeling bad about being a terror for my whole entire life and actually started too look like hair instead of a Brillo pad."

"I don't believe you." He smiled.

Samantha huffed and continued on ignoring him.
"Well everyone was so happy because I was no longer a freak," She paused to laugh bitterly. "And boys started to notice me, this one boy in particular Brody."

"You dated a guy named Brody?" He huffed, thoroughly disgusted with the names of the guys she chose to date.

"Oh, I'm sorry, is that not as cool as Patrick?" Samantha raised her eyebrows inquisitively as she sniffled.

He ignored her however.
"And he broke your heart." Patrick started getting annoyed, that better not be the reason why she can't be with him.
"Ok, Samantha so you got your heart broken - so did I, or do you not remembering me telling you that the second day we met?" He raised his voice slightly while standing up and throwing the pillow he was clutching to his chest across the room.
Patrick was upset, he was upset and he was hurt.
How was it that he could tell her something so personal the second day they met but she couldn't?
How was it fair that he should be punished because of something someone else did?

His sudden anger caught the attention of Pete who immediately excused himself and slid quietly into the room.

"Hey hey, calm down." Pete whispered quietly while touching his friend's shoulder lightly.

"Pete don't." Patrick warned while putting up his hands in fair warning.

"Just don't do this man, let her finish because I'm sure you haven't." The bassist replied knowingly before taking a few steps backwards.

"I'm kind of in the middle of something right now." He growled, Pete nodded in understanding while turning to leave.

"She's a nice girl," The bassist started with a sigh, upset that he actually had to admit that Sam wasn't a gold digging whore out to break Patrick's heart, she was just kind of doing it accidentally, and that he couldn't help. But before he could continue Patrick cut him off.

"Just go, God damn." As soon as Pete was once again outside Patrick placed the phone once again to his ear, he could hear her crying harder now.

"If you would just let me finish!" She yelled at him, knowing he was back on the line just by the sound of his breathing.

"Fine Sam, finish." He responded with a sigh, the guilt was pooling in the pit of his stomach. He knew that he shouldn't have flown off the handle and now she was crying.

"No you know what, forget it." Samantha sobbed freely now. "Just stop calling me, that's what I wanted to say."

"Samantha please don't. I'm sorry -" But before he could finish his phone beeped informing him that the call had ended.


"Whoa, who knew that little dude could do that." Gabe laughed highly amused as he pointed inside the house.

"After he's done knocking over all my chairs he's going to come out here and beg me to fix this, and I don't know how." Pete responded before taking a swing hitting the golf ball into the ocean and then frowning. "Crap, who wants to go fish that out?"

Gabe raised his hand excitedly.
"Can I go naked?"

"Go for it." The bassist sighed as he watched Gabe Saporta excitedly run down the back steps trying his best to strip as he did so. The rest of the occupants in the patio sat and watched quietly before smiling and taking off in the same direction, leaving a trail of clothes behind them.
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