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If I crash on the couch, can I sleep in my clothes

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Luckily my mum had made pizza, and so there was enough for us all to share.

“What shall we do now then?” Frank asked, finishing the last bite of pizza, “I’m getting bored.”
“I’m not,” Gerard laughed into my mouth.
“What do you wanna do?” Frank turned and looked at Jamia.
“I don’t know, what do you usually do?” Jamia asked.
“Well, it’s like this. Gerard and fatty over there make out, whilst Frank kills Ray on video games, I laugh at Ray, and Mikey drinks coffee. But cos you’re here, I say we do something different for a change.” Bob smiled.
“Oh, okay. Well what do you wanna do, I’m no good at thinking of stuff to do.” Jamia looked around for an answer.
“Spin the bottle?” Mikey said, drinking the last mouthful of his juice and placing the empty bottle on the floor, “shake hands, hug, kiss on the cheek, lips, make out. Yeah?”
Everyone nodded.
“Right, Ill spin first, whichever two it lands on have to shake hands, okay.” Mikey spun the bottle on the floor.
“Gerard…” he spun it again, “and Bob.”
Gerard and Bob shook hands.

The game went on for ages.
Already I had hugged Jamia, made out with Gerard, kissed Mikey and Bob on the lips and kissed Frank and Ray on the cheek.
It was Ray’s turn to spin. “Frank and…” he spun again, “Jamia.”
Frank turned pale. He had already shaken her hand, hugged her and kissed her on the cheek…
Aww, I thought, as Frank took hold of Jamia’s hand and softly kissed her lips.
As soon as the kiss had ended he let go of her hand and turned away, embarrassed.
“Okay.” Gerard broke the silence, “what now?”
“Do you wanna continue?” Jamia placed her hand on Frank’s shoulder, making him turn around to face everybody.
“Sure,” Frank smiled.
“Sarah and…” Jamia spun the bottle, “Mikey.”
“Fuck.” Bob pulled a face.
Mikey and I looked at Gerard, “Do you mind?” we said at the same time.
“It’s just a game. Go ahead.” Gerard smiled at Mikey, and kissed my cheek to let us know he was okay with it.
Oh crap. I though, as Mikey leaned in to kiss me.
It only lasted about 5 seconds then we both pulled away at the same time.
I could tell he was related to Gerard. Good kisser.
“Next up is, Jamia again, and…” Mikey spun the bottle, “Frank…”
Frank looked nervous, but eventually he placed his hands on Jamia’s face and they began to make out.
They were so sweet together.
I could tell Frank was enjoying it, he ran his fingers through her hair. She put her arms around his neck.
They just had to get together after this.

Their lips parted. The kiss had ended.
Both of them looked extremely satisfied, but nothing was said.

“Don’t wreck my house!” My mum called, as she and dad left through the front door.
We all laughed.
It was a Saturday night, and they always met up with friends and went out for a drink or ten.
The guys regularly crashed here on Saturdays too, but Jamia had never stayed over.
“You crashing here tonight too, Jamia?” I asked, looking over at her.
“I don’t know, Id have to ask my mum.” She looked ashamed.
“Call her,” Frank smiled at her, passing her his phone.
“Thanks, be right back.” She left the room and called her mum.
“She says I can stay,” she smiled as she re-entered the room and sat back down.
“Good,” Bob laughed.
“I’m going for a cig, anyone coming?” Gerard said, looking around.
“Yeah” Frank, Bob and I said together.
“You smoke?” Jamia looked at us, her eyes wide.
“Umm, yeah.” Bob said, looking confused.
Jamia looked horrified. I couldn’t help but laugh to myself, in my head.
“That’s my fault Jamia,” Gerard raised his hand and laughed, “I was the first one to start.”
“Oh,” she smiled.

We went out onto the back yard and sat down on the step. Jamia followed us out.
“Why have you come out?” Frank asked
“I just wanted to,” Jamia replied, shivering.
Frank put his arm around her to keep her warm, and blew smoke in the opposite direction to her.
“Can,” Jamia began, “Can I?” she stuttered, “Can I try it?”
“You sure?” Frank raised his eyebrows.
“I’m sure,” Jamia smiled.
“Okay then, if you really want to,” Frank handed her his cigarette, “have a drag off that first before you have a whole one. See if you like it.”
“Okay,” Jamia held the cigarette to her lips, and took a deep breath in. She handed it back to Frank.
“Alright?” Frank rubbed Jamia’s back.
“Yeah,” she smiled at him.
He handed her a cigarette from his packet and lit it for her.
“Do your parents know you smoke?” Jamia asked.
“Mine do,” Gerard leant forwards to talk to her, “They found out last year.”
“Aren’t they bothered?” Jamia looked shocked, “What did they say?”
“They said it’s my choice. If I wanna smoke then I can.” Gerard took a drag of his cig, “Anyway, I wouldn’t give a fuck if they were bothered. I’d do it anyway. Too hard to stop once you’ve started, and plus, I wouldn’t want to stop. Too damn good.”
“Our parents don’t know though, so keep it quiet.” I said.
“Okay. I wouldn’t say anything anyway, I wouldn’t want my parents finding out, and you guys are my friends, right? So I wouldn’t drop you in it.” Jamia laughed.
“Do you ever swear?” Gerard asked. Strange question, completely irrelevant to the conversation.
“Umm,” Jamia stuttered, “I…”
“Its okay, you don’t have to answer that, just a random question.” Gerard put out his cigarette on the floor, then picked it up and walked over to the bin.
“All of the people who I normally talk to never seem to swear, so I’ve just got used to not doing it.” Jamia joined Gerard, and put her cigarette end in the trash.
“Not meaning to offend you or anything, but if you start hanging around with us, we swear all the fucking time so you’ll have to deal with it.” Gerard laughed.
“No offence taken, and yeah, that’s okay.” Jamia followed us back inside the house.
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