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This is the best day ever

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“You done it yet?” I asked.
It was lunch time at school and it was also the last day before the Christmas holidays, we were waiting in our usual spot, for the guys to arrive.
“No, not yet. I’m waiting until the end of the day,” Frank smiled, “You think she’ll say yes?”
“Of course! After a kiss like that the other night, she won’t be able to resist.” I grinned, shutting my bag after taking out my lunch.

“What do you want for Christmas?” Mikey asked, looking at me, hoping I would give him some clues.
“I don’t mind, surprise me,” I teased.
“Fuck, I need Ideas! What do you want Gerard?” He turned to face his brother.
“Sarah on a sandwich.” he decided quickly, smirking.
Mikey sighed and threw his hands up in the air.
“Fine,” Mikey had an idea. He took out his sandwiches from his bag and took out the filling of one of them. He then squashed both pieces of butter soaked bread, onto the sides of my face.
”Eww, Mikey!!” I shouted, half laughing, half wanting to kill him.
“Well, now I don’t have to buy him anything,” Mikey smiled, happy with everyone’s reaction to his trick.
“See, that’s where you’re wrong..” Gerard started, in between fits of laughter, “You still have to buy me something; this is just a special treat for me.” He bit off some of the bread at one side, and then licked away the butter that stayed stuck to my cheek.

“Look, that’s her over there,” I heard somebody say. I turned around to see who they were talking about.
Stephanie and Maisy were showing another plastic coated girl somebody… that somebody was me.
I stared at them as they pointed, whispered and giggled.
“Just ignore them,” Bob patted my back.
Before I could even open my mouth, Jamia caught my eye, she was heading this way.
She stood right beside the girls and looked over at me for a second, which shocked them just as much as it did me.
“Yeah, that’s Sarah. Amazing… Why don’t you take a fucking picture bitches? It lasts longer!” she shouted, making them back away and stop staring.
“Hey guys,” she became her innocent self again, sitting down beside Frank, who smiled to himself because she accidentally touched his knee in the process.
“We’ve had a really bad influence on you,” Gerard laughed, “before you started to hang out with us, you were so innocent. Now you’re smoking, drinking and swearing.”
We all giggled.
“So, what are you guys doing later?” Jamia questioned.
“Nothing,” we all said at the same time.
“You wanna come over to my place? My parents wont be it, they’re going to a Christmas party.” she grinned.
“Sounds good,” Ray smiled, looking at Bob, waiting for him to speak.
“I have alcohol,” Jamia added.
“Sounds better,” Bob laughed.
“Sure, we’ll be there,” Mikey chuckled.
“Okay great, about 7 o’clock then,” Jamia took a bite out of her apple.

“I still need ideas people!” Mikey cried, as nobody else could think of anything to talk about.
“You still haven’t bought Christmas presents?” Jamia looked shocked.
“Babe, its Mikey, think about it,” Frank laughed, offering her a sweet.
“I can’t help it; I don’t know what the fuck to buy people! Cause these stubborn asses won’t tell me what they want!” Mikey folded his arms.

“Jamia! Wait up!!” Frank screeched, as he ran as fast as his little legs could carry him across the school yard.
“Oh, hey Frank, ‘sup?” she waited patiently for an answer.
Panting and out of breath, Frank began, “well, I was just wondering…” he loosed his tie a little.
“Go on, you were just wondering what? Tell me, I won’t bite,” Jamia giggled, as Frank’s cheeks turned red.
“Will, it’s just… I wondered if... Will you…” he stuttered, trying to find the right words.
“Spit it out babe,” Jamia smiled.
“Will you be my girlfriend, Jamia?” Frank finally had the guts to say it. He waited, gritting his teeth and crossing his fingers, hoping for her to say yes.
“Oh my god Frank! Of course I will,” she threw her arms around his neck, “Wow, oh my god, yes!” she laughed, overwhelmed and flattered by his question.

“I guess she said yes then, “Mikey laughed, as we walked into the yard and were greeted by a very happy looking Frank holding hands with Jamia.
Frank nodded. He couldn’t get the smile off his face. I ran over and hugged him. “See I told you she wouldn’t be able to say no!”
“So, you guys knew all along that he was gonna ask me?” Jamia squeaked.
“Yeah, but sworn to secrecy,” Bob smiled.
“Yeah, but somebody didn’t keep it a secret did they? No, they told everyone, including our fucking mum.” Frank glared at me.
Jamia giggled, “Well, at least she didn’t tell me.”
Frank shrugged his shoulders up and down.
“Oh, damnit I almost forgot..” Frank fished around in his school bag, and eventually pulled out the heart shaped box that he had bought on our shopping trip.
“Aww Frank! Chocolates too?” Jamia kissed Frank on the cheek and took the box out of his hand, “thankyou so much, this is the best day ever.”
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